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November 3rd 2015
Published: November 3rd 2015
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Thursday 29 October continued

We had arrived at the resort and found our bearings. After playing my first game of pool on another continent on a free table in the bar with Pat, who had a couple of schooners, we settled in for the night.

The place is really busy, and I thought that it was going to be a noisy night.

Friday 30 October

We woke just before 7 am. We must have put the lights out about 10 pm. Not sure whether through exhaustion, but we both slept through the night and I never heard a sound from surrounding people.

It had all seemed to quiet down and everyone seems to respect other people.

So, after waking we went down to the boardwalk with a lot of other people to gather for the 7.45 am dolphin feeding. This is all very managed by the Park and Ranger service and the dolphins - only females - are fed a limited amount of fish.

The board afterwards recorded 130 people and 13 dolphins were present. Only 4 females were fed.

After the feeding was finished we returned to the van and sorted ourselves out. Our plan was to go down to the beach again to see the possible other two feedings.

As it happened the other two feedings had ocurred early, and we ha dmissed them so that was it for today.

We went up on the jetty and as we were looking around we saw a ray in the water. Then a turtle popped his head up and swam around for a few minutes.

It had been a while since we awoke, so we breakfast in the resort restaurant overlooking the sea.

Pat had eggs benedict and I had a bacon and egg sandwich.

Then back to the van and put everything away. Things are very bouncy if it doesn't have a home, so you have to be a little careful and stow everything.

We drove back South heading for Ocean Park, at the Denham junction we spotted an emu.

The road is straight off into the distance and eventually we turned right to Ocean park.

Entry was AUS$22 each and I have to say I was a little sceptical, but it turned out to be a really enjoyable and informative experience.

The had various sea creatures, including sea snakes, squids, all sorts of fishes, turtles, sharks, crabs and so on, during the tour we watched sharks being fed in a large pool.

As we were down this way, we went on to Shell beach, which is exactly what it is and there are countless millions of shells that form the beach. A sight to behold, with a white beach, a shallow sea and a blue sky. It was beautiful.

We paddled our feet and little fishes swam to pick at the sediment.

Then back up the road and stopped at Eagles Bluff on the way. A little inland this was a walkway for 200 metres overlookiing the coast on the cliffside.

We didn't see any sea creatures and the wind was really blowing, so we moved on.

Along the way we saw another Emu, with six chicks this time.

We went into Denham and looked at the Shark Bay information centre. Bumped into some Brits on the jetty and chatted for a few minutes.

Bought some new swimming trunks from a shop then picked up milk and stuff from the garage supermarket.

Back to the resort at Monkey Mia for about 5 pm. A cup of tea then headed to Monkey bar for a take away burger and chips for our tea AUS$50.40. As it was a little cool and breezy, so Pat allowed us to take the food back and eat it in the van

Our short drive around today was for 152 kilometers.

As per our usual we set the bed up in the van and lights off by 10 pm.

Saturday 31 October

We woke and started moving at 7 am.

Pat wanted another crack at feeding the dolphins and we had to leave the resort by 10.00, so we agreed that I would pack up the van and get us ready to go, Pat could then spend time at tge beach seeing the dolphins.

The dolphins first feed is at 8 am, there are two other feedings, but these are at the behest of the dolphins themselves, so have no definite time. You just have to wait and be there.

So Pat showered and went off to the beach. I aired the bed linen and packed everything away.

It was just after 9 am and I had gotten the van ready, so headed to the beach to see what was going on.

Pat told me that there had by now been two feedings, so one to go. Shortly after my arrival the dolphins came back in, so the Rangers came out for the final feeding.

We all lined up and did as we were told, the dolphins are just in front of you in the water no more than a meter from you.

Anyway, Picolo was the dolphin in front of us and the volunteer picked a lady to feed a fish. Then on to the second fish and he chose me, so I nominated Pat and she got to feed Picolo.

Swimming with dolphins is on Pat's bucket list, so this was really up there for her and really made her day.

Time had moved on, so sadly we moved off at a pace, back to the van, a final tidy and moved off at 10 am.

The rest off the day was mostly driving, then driving, then driving some more.

We headed South initially to get back to Highway 1, and stopped at Overlander Roadhouse for petrol and a pretty good bacon and egg breakfast.

This was us set for day and we left there at 12.00, now heading North.

We are heading for Exmouth and this is much further than we plan to drive today, so we are just trying to get as far as we can.

The roads are endless and just go and on, so we are driving in short spells, then changing, that way we are able to pay full attention.

The place where we were going changed because we were making good time so we decided on a place called Coral Bay!!!!!

We arrived around 5 pm, checked in - AUS$39 - and found our pitch. Opened up the van and plugged it in, then off for a walk on a beautiful white sandy beach.

Back to the van, a cup of tea and some tea.

We settled down about 8.30 pm as we were both travel weary.

Sunday 1 November

A reasonable nights sleep and awake about 6.45 am.

Exmouth was our destination today and only 150 kilometers up the road.

We packed up and I popped off for a final bathroom visit before leaving, when I returned, Pat had seen a lady carrying an orphan baby wallaby in a bag over her shoulder. Pat had stopped her and managed to stroke it's tummy. So when I returned she was a very happy camper. We left the site at 8.45 am.

The landscape is endless and mostly unchanging. It would be a lie to say it never changed, but it takes a long distance for it to do so.

What we do have a lot of on this part of the journey is termite hills.

We arrived in Exmouth and visited the information centre. They helped us with some information and location of caravan sites.

We headed to Grace's kitchen across the road and had some breakfast. Pat had prairie pancakes and I had bacon and egg burger.

Exmouth was underwhelming and we tried to find the beach, drove to a place called Bundegi beach looked around and it is a truly beautiful place.

At this stage we had a conversation as Exmouth wasn't doing it for us, and after discussing a few options decided that there wasn't enough to hold us here. We had liked Coral Bay and between us decided that we would head back there right now.

We topped up with petrol in the town and headed back South.

Coral Bay welcomed us back at 3 pm. There was another option as a place to stay and simply to be different we chose The Ningaloo resort, AUS$41.

Total kilometers 336.

We toured the area after settling in and had a cup of tea and some tea.

Just before 9 pm we settled down and had a good nights sleep.

Monday 2 November

There was a small rain shower during the night, but the ground was dry in the morning.

Having gone to sleep early we woke early at 6.15 am. We were planning as long as reasonably possible a drive back South today so an early start wasn't a problem.

We packed up and were on our way about 8 am.

Basically we drove most of the day. We picked up sandwiches at a Roadhouse, had tea and wee stops, but drove and drove. We passed the same cattle carrying road train at least four times.

We went through the Tropic of Capricon and the 26th parrallel on the drive.

We finally stopped at Northampton caravan site at 4.45 pm paid our camp fee of AUS$35 for the night and parked. We had driven 657 kilometers.

I had a quick wander in Northampton, bought some stuff at an IGA.

It rained for a very short time and it is definitely cooler here.

Another early night.


3rd November 2015

Long Drive
Hello Both - enjoying your blog. Have to say that unless you've actually experienced driving in Australia, it's hard to express the distances between towns. Bet you've played a lot of I-Spy! Loved the Dolphin feeding bit best. xx

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