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14th August 2011

about siros
hallo i want to travel to siros and i need some opinions about nice restaraunts and places to go....
From Blog: Syros Ermoupolis
31st May 2011

Hi Steve & Pat, Good to see you are both enjoying your travels. Lots of sun, sand and pork chops. Regarding your new headgear, from the photo above, including the shirt, it looks like you have sarted a new profession as an operating theatre technician or even a surgeon!! That said, the main thing is to keep the sun off your head and it is much better than a knotted hanky! Enjoy the next part of your adventure. Carol & Derek xx
From Blog: Naxos to Paros
27th May 2011

Lucky Luke Moved
Hello, we are glad to inform you that Lucky Luke moved across the road with a new name "Ψητοπωλείο Μάκης" or "Grillhouse Makis", with more tables, next to the sea and always the same food quality. We will be glad to see you to our new place!
From Blog: Crete Malia
18th May 2011

Hello you two, Sounds like you are both having a wonderful time, sun, sea, sand, no fixed timetable to have to follow. Love the blogs, can feel the sun and hear the seagulls :o) Dark, grey sky here today and on the v chilly side ! We are being promised sun and heat at the weekend so fingers crossed. Looking forward to the next blog. Take care Love Ang
From Blog: Crete Malia
2nd February 2010

From Blog: Bullet points
22nd November 2009

Where is Rosemary's Villas ???????
Loved reading your blog. We ADORE S.E.Crete and hope and plan to be able to retire there , though not just yet.Our kids are still 14, 16 and 18 yrs old and we would happily give them away at this teenage stage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However , we would love to get the exact name and whereabouts of Rosemary and Nico's Villas. Really, really enjoyed reading all you write, thanks !!!! Please keep going, wish we could do what ye are doing. Just came upon your page while browsing about Makrigialos. this is where we aspire to live some day. Would absolutely LOVE to correspond with you both , if you would like to. We live here in Cork, Southern Ireland and our names are Paula and Michael Moore. We would very much appreciate all the info you can pass on re. S/E/ Crete and we were ASTOUNDED at the temps there in early Dec !!!!!!!!!!!! We are wondering what the temps were like nearer to Christmas and New year ?? Do you know ? many Thanks to you both and kind regards from Paula and Michael Moore
From Blog: Makrigialos
31st October 2009

Hi there, I came across your very interesting and informative article quite by accident whilst trying to calculate how far apart Rethymno and Chania are (pre holiday planning!!) and I wondered if you could recall the distance involved. You mentioned 60K but it was not clear as to what locations that was between. Grateful for a reply regard Richard O.
29th July 2009

How's things in paradise
Steve, Not heard from you in a while and been as our summer finished in May!!! could do with an update. Hope all is well for Pat any yourself and it's everything you were looking for. Have you got a job yet or are you still living the dream? Keep in touch Sandy
From Blog: Parents Part Two
13th April 2009
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often. Sarah
From Blog: Paphos
10th December 2008

Welcome to Makrigialos
I think you're the first to blog Makrigialos! I hope you're enjoying it here, there's some beautiful countryside around. Have you checked out Pefki village yet, or explored further afield? The drive to Sitia is very scenic, and you can take in the ancient Minoan ruins of Praesos on the way. There's a little bit of rubble there, and some fantastic views. Do drop into the Gecko Bar if you get a chance - open during the day, and free wifi. We're right next door to the National Bank of Greece - look for the big palm tree out front.
From Blog: Makrigialos
6th December 2008

Welcome to Crete, you really will enjoy the island and the friendly inhabitants. Rosemary and Niko will explain all the places of interest and the wealth of history. Don't forget to visit the Dragon's Cave! (restaurant) and Pefki village on a sunday evening. Enjoy.
From Blog: Crete
15th November 2008

Spoke to Angie this morning and she e-mailed me how to access your blog. As we had a cancelled dinner party I have spent the evening catching up with your travel diary. Very interesting reading and what a coincidence, I actually "did" Verona and Lake Garda from 20-25 October. I did tell Pat that I might bump into you and I nearly did. I loved Verona, also used the Verona Card! Stayed in Juliet and Romeo Hotel right by the arena. Spoke to Gill yesterday and saw some of her safari photos. Another one of my dreams! Enjoy the rest of Italy. Safe travelling, Dorothee
From Blog: Agropoli
1st November 2008

Don't forget Pisa
As you are in Florence, do not miss Pisa, and Pistoia too. They are much smaller but incredibly charming
From Blog: Florence
20th October 2008

Enjoying yourselves then
Hello you two - been reading your blogs - sounds fab. Lots of talk about food making me hungry... I hope you continue to enjoy France. Keep photos coming too... Catch you soon x x
From Blog: Nice 2
15th October 2008

Good on you!
It's interesting reading what you've been up to - it sounds like you're going to have a good rest for a few days (at least from the long-distance driving). Keep the blogging up!
15th October 2008

If you're looking to book through directly through owners again, I'd recommend I've used them a few times and had good experiences. Just a thought.
7th October 2008

What Fun
What fun reading your blog and very informative. Enjoyed the foodie comments.
From Blog: Nemours
12th September 2008

Wish you all the best on your travels!! hope you had a nice Birthday and Anniversary! :o) will have a look at your blog now an again xx
From Blog: First Entry

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