Barbados February 8

Published: February 8th 2017
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Day 6 cont'd - Saturday 4 February 2017

Following our trip out, the rest of the day was quiet.

We had hot cross buns for tea.

Early to sleep again.

Day 7 - Sunday 5 February 2017

Another good nights sleep. Our plan for today was to try and visit a hotel to see if we could book an island tour through them and also take a look at the marina.

The internet was not working this morning!

We set off about 10 am and headed to the Almond resort just across the main road.

The security lady on the entrance approached us and we explained that we wished to visit reception to try and book a tour. She rang reception for us and the answer was no.

So we thanked her and moved on.

The Port Charles marina was now on our left and it was all closed off and there was nowhere for us to visit as such. So another question answered, as we had wondered if this was a touristy place with restaurants etc.

We walked along for a while just sightseeing. This was of course Sunday morning and the churches were full of people.

As we walked there were people standing waiting for a bus and as our next port of call was now going to be Speightstown, we decided that getting a bus was a very good idea. No time at all and a yellow bus came along - no name on this one - and also we didn't notice music, which may be a Sunday thing.

Off at the bus station and headed into town. We had another quest which we were offhandedly pursuing, which was to find the laundry. Pat had asked our apartment owner and been told that there was a laundry in Speightstown.

We realised that a laundry might not be in the centre of things, so we ambled up and down side roads when they came along and generally wandered around.

It had occurred to ask someone, but who? In our meanders we spotted a bar - Val's hideaway and what looked like a white lady serving. It was about 1130 am, but a refreshment stop was probably necessary. It turned out the lady was a patron, but she was also a long term visitor and knew her way around. She didn't know of a laundry in Speightstown, but there was one in Carltons (?) down the road.

So another failed quest, which we are getting very good at.

Lunch was going to be at The fisherman's pub, so off we went.

We had our fill for lunch with some drinks and ambled home, for a quiet afternoon.

It was a little cooler today, but in general temperatures up in the 30's mostly.
Today was cloudy and a couple of times there was a few minutes of rain. We were not outside at the time, so it didn't matter.

Another early night.

Day 8 - Monday 6 February 2017

Early awake again, we moved slowly this morning and left the apartment about 11 am.

We were off to Digicell to check out our internet status, possibly a visit to the Arlington museum and needed to get some shopping.

We ambled to town and popped into the Digicell shop. The amount we had purchased the other day had been used up. So we paid another B$60 for some more credit.

Whilst in the shop we asked about a laundry in Speightstown? and informed that there were three!

One was next to the Kentucky.

Off we went and found a place that had no signage and looked positively deserted. But at least we might be on to something.

In our ramblings around the town, we had spotted a museum and decided that now was the time to visit.

The Arlington house museum belonged to the Skinner family for two hundred years and was now preserved as a museum to show off the house itself and information and history about Speightstown.

The ground floor is free entry and the first and second floor have a fee of B$25 per person.

We viewed the stuff on the ground floor and paid the entrance fee to go upstairs.

There was a film show and various more exhibits.

The history of Barbados is greatly tied to the British empire, with the sugar cane and slavery being the two largest factors. So, obviously the museum featured highly on these two subjects.

Rum, being the alcohol spin off from the sugar cane industry also gets a big look in.

It was an interesting interlude and I certainly learnt a few things.

I asked the museum guide if she knew of any laundries and she gave us some directions.

We left the museum and tried to follow the directions given. Lo and behold we have found a laundry. It was shut for lunch. But at least we found one.

So, the Kentucky fried chicken was in view (Pat likes a KFC) and this was chosen as our lunch today.

As an aside, not sure if I have mentioned, but there are chickens wandering around freely all over the place. It was a trifle amusing to see them outside KFC though.

We ate our lunch and when we departed the deserted laundry place next door seemed open. Pat went in, but it turned out it was dry cleaning only. But we hadn't been given completely false information after all.

Next stop the supermarket, we spend as much time browsing and looking at the different items as we do actually buying anything.

Stocked up on a few supplies then off to Fisherman's pub for a pit stop on the way.

A beer and a coke and then ambled home for about 3 pm.

We had rolls for our tea whilst watching Death in paradise downloaded from iPlayer.

To be different we went into Speightstown about 6.30 pm for a stroll to see the nightlife and any sights.

We ended up in the Fisherman's pub and I had a coconut water just to try it. It was ok, but I probably wouldn't bother again.

We watched a cruise ship sail away slowly in the distance, but saw nothing else of particular note.

Back home for 8.30 pm.

We almost made it to 10 pm before settling down for the night.

Day 9 - Tuesday 5 February 2017

A good night's sleep.

Our plan today was to try and do a visit / tour of the Kensington Oval cricket ground.

We set off at 10.20, with a walk to the bus station. Straight on a yellow bus - no name - and off to Bridgetown.

Bridgetown was bustling with people and we headed off to the oval. We had a map and we did come across signs.

We struggled to find the tours start, but with some help eventually got there.

It turns out that there was a 50 over match between Jamaica and Guyana which was due to start at 1.30 pm. It was no later than 11.45 am so they said we would be the last tour for today. We paid USD10 for the two of us.

We waited a short while for our lady tour guide and were then led into the ground. At this point it started raining!

A short video was played and then we were shown round the ground.

It was for me very interesting as I enjoy the game of cricket.

There is also a game on this Thursday between Barbados and Jamaica and she advised we could just buy a ticket at the gate. So food for thought about returning later in the week.

The oval is not far from the cruise terminal and on the skyline we could see at least three large ships.

We headed back to town and went to the same place as the other day for some lunch, which was delicious.

Then more walking off in the direction of the Garrison.

The Prime ministers office and various government departments were some of the buildings we went by.

Eventually we read directions that said we were entering the area, but didn't see much evidence. We went passed the racecourse and the Defense force buildings and decided to head back.

Another box ticked as we caught a minibus back to town. chock full of people.

Dropped off, then a moment for refreshments on the way back at Waterside bar (?). Followed by a the the short walk to our bus stop.

Another yellow bus - called Change - which was also very full, but we had seats so were ok.

The schools had just finished for the afternoon, which is why the busses were so busy.

Back home for 4 pm.

We had done afair amount today, so didn't feel like moving again.

Cheese rolls and cake for our tea.

We almost made it to 10 pm before lights out.

Day 10 - Wednesday 6 February 2017

It through it done at one stage during the night, but sunny went we started moving, although breezy.

Plan for today was to drop off some laundry and some beach time.


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