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February 8th 2018
Published: February 8th 2018
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Friday 2 February 2018

We had awoken earlyish after our recovery nights sleep. A slow start to the day was in order. Pat sorted out our stuff, the UK heavy clothing certainly not required for the time being. We eventually left the room for an explore about 1100.

First stop, Starbucks for coffee. Weather sunny and hot.

We ambled along, looking at shops and people watching. Up to the coast, stopped for more drinks. Purchased an Aonang hat.

Lunch was at an Indian / Thai restaurant looking out to sea. Pat had the Pad Thai and asked for not spicy, I ordered Thai Green curry. Pat's came spicier than she likes, but not strong enough to not eat it. Mine broke through my sore throat and was excellent.

Our pace was definitely slow today, but it gave us chance to take in all the touristy stuff.

On return to the room about 2 ish, I slept for couple of hours. More catching up.

Early evening, later than normal for us, we headed out and went right, away from the sea. Ambling around until we found a restaurant that we liked the look of. There were lots to be fair. Pat fancied Pizza and I had Noodles with vegetable and chicken. I was drinking lemon and ginger tea which was lovely, and hopefully good for my throat.

A few supplies at the 7eleven next door and we returned to the room at 9.30 pm.

Saturday 4 February

A disjointed night's sleep for me. What with time change, sore throat, and catching up sleep, I slept on and off through the night and eventually woke up properly at 1130 am!

So another slow day to adjust. We ambled out at 1 pm with a plan to visit the next beach along the coast.

First stop was Starbucks for coffee, then the chemists for stronger medicine for my throat. Weather sunny and hot.

Then we stopped at the Black Canyon coffee place again for further refreshments.

We made it along the road to the Noppharat Thara beach. Very picturesque. More ambling and occasional sitting looking around.

Then more refreshments and returned the way we came. Neither of us were very hungry, but knew we had to eat, so decided the easy option was TJ'S Sports bar not far from home, where we ate the other day. Burgers.

So fed and more watered, we got back about 5.15 pm.

Pat wanted a massage so headed out again. Leaving me to relax.

Pat duly returned having enjoyed an hour foot massage.

Neither of us was particularly hungry, so we stayed where we were and had a quiet night.

Sunday 5 February

Slightly better night sleep, awake at 9 am ish.

At 11 am we headed out, picked up some water for the room, then up to the coast and turn right, which hadn't done yet.

This part of the coast was much more filled with people and what I had expected to see previously, but hadn't. Multiple nationalities in evidence.

We walked as far as we could, the turned round and stopped for beer and a lemonade. As we sat, we watched a guy controlling a small drone over the water.

We thought we would have a light lunch and maybe something bigger later.

I suggested The Coffee Club, which was nearby. We became familiar with this chain whilst in Australia, so was known to us.

We both had a chicken club sandwich and a drink. Very filling. Not cheap.

Then a further stroll back to the resort returning at 2.15 pm.

After a quiet afternoon we sauntered out for a walk about 6.30 pm. We turned right at the top, walking away from the coast. Perusing as we went along, we stopped and had a drink at a little bar. Pat had a gin & tonic.

Then more walking and stopped at a cosy little restaurant for our dinner. More Thai style food and then home, returning at 9 pm.

Monday 5 February

A slow start, we eventually went out at 1130 am. Weather hot and sunny.

No Starbucks or chemists this morning. We had decided to walk towards Noppharat thara beach again. We ambled along studying the shops and tourists. Refreshments were taken.

After moving on we stopped for a light lunch at he resort bar again and both had some Thai food for lunch.

Pat had said she wanted to try the tuktuk motorbike taxi, so we hailed one down on the road and asked to be taken to Starbucks.

We returned at 2.15pm.

A quiet afternoon and a simple stroll out with some drinks in the evening.

Tuesday 6 February

This was going to be a beach day. Up to the coast and then right. Awake at a reasonable time and left the room about 11.00 am

We packed towels and stuff and ambled off. We found some shade n the beach under trees and set ourselves up. There were a few people but not thousands.

The beach sellers were up and down with various items, but took no easily.

We soaked up the sun, popped in to the water to cool down now and again and generally chilled. Lunch was at a beach bar with Thai food.

Beers and Sprites consumed for hydration along the way.

At 4 pm we strolled back to the room. Later at about 8 pm we went out for a walk back to the tourist shops, and saw the beautifully dressed ladyboys in the street encouraging people into their show.

We ate at a rooftop restaurant and had a Pizza, watching the world go by.

Wednesday 7 February

The alarm was set for 7.45 am as we had a pick up at 8.30 am from the hotel.

We showered and were getting ready to leave the room, when there was a knock on the door at about 8.20 to say our transport was here.

We left the room and were the first people in the mini bus. There were stops at three more hotels and in the end a total of 10 in the bus.

We cracked along at a fair pace and arrived at the Emerald pool location about 10.30 am. Instructions were given to be back at the bus for 12.00.

It was about 800 metres to the pool and Pat went in for a swim. The place was busy but not jam packed. Very slippery.

There was another pool 600 metres further we went to look at as well, the Blue pool. Back to the minibus and we all arrived back and set off at 12.10 pm.

Next stop hot thermal water and waterfall.

It was about 12.30 by the time we got there and to be back at 1.30 pm.

We strolled to the hot water and there were lots of people so we looked around a little while, then returned to the carpark.

At 1.30 pm everybody was back so we headed home. We got back at 3.00 pm. A quick shower and off out for food as we were hungry.

Jose's was nearby and has good views of the street. We had Thai style food.

Back to the room and stayed in for the rest of the day.


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