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Asia » Singapore October 18th 2014

Singapore is old news for most folks around here…it’s the place we go to for VISA processing. Typically people have a stop over there before arriving to Jakarta for the first time. I didn’t have to as I had my paperwork all in order before I came, but after hearing about how amazingly clean and orderly the country is, my curiosity couldn’t be contained any longer! I had a friend from University who came to visit me for ten days. Indonesia was her first stop before continuing onto Australia and Fiji. Singapore was hosting the Grand Prix Racing Event the same weekend we wanted to visit. Initially we debated if it was smart to go on the same weekend the Grand Prix since we were not overly interested nor had tickets to this event. In the ... read more
Marina Bay Sands  (4).
Marina Bay Sands  (5).

Asia » Singapore October 17th 2014

Friday, October 17th A pretty quiet day today. After another lovely sleep in, we headed out just around the corner to 'Mr & Mrs Mohgans Super Crispy Roti Prata' for the perfect breakfast - fresh , crispy roti with fish curry and ikan bilis (anchovy) sambal! Yum! Even Mia loved it. This was on our list of places to eat and did not disapppoint... The day was a bit wet so we just chilled out and explored the closest shopping plaza - 'I12'. Not my usual thing to do, and not that exciting but quite relaxing. I managed to talk Mia into going to the movies with me that afternoon to see 'The Maze Runner'. I'd literally just finished reading it and as it was showing at I12, why not? Mia really wasn't keen but she ... read more
Swissotel Merchant Court
Mmm - yum cha!
View of Marina Bay Sands

Asia » Singapore October 16th 2014

October 16th Up reasonably early today as we'd decided to head out on the train for the 45 minute journey to Jurong East to go to their local water park. I'd found this place whilst researching - we could have gone to Wet 'n' Wild for about $20 each, or Jurong East Swimming Complex for about $1.80 for me and 80 cents for Mia! They didn't have the extreme rides like their counterpart, but they still had massive water slides and the lazy river etc - enough for us! It was raining when we set out but we weren't too concerned as we'd be getting wet anyway and it was so hot! We arrived around 1pm (ok, so we hadn't got up that early) and as we walked the 10 minutes or so to the water ... read more
The best chicken rice ever!
Jurong East Swimming Complex
Jurong East Swimming Complex

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam October 15th 2014

15th October Today we decided to try again on catching the bus into town and succeeded! We jumped off at Kampong Glam and just wandered around the local area - Arab St and Haji Lane. Lots of local artwork are really cool little cafes and shops. We were looking for somewhere to eat when we happened to walk past a restaurant with a queue nearly out the door. Peering in the open windows to see what was on offer, we saw it specialised in Prawn Mee soup - my favorite! Mia sat down to grab a place for us to sit whilst I lined up to order. We had the most amazing Prawn Mee soup I've ever had (We paid the extra couple of dollars for the massive prawns)! We'd learned earlier in our trip to ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Geylang October 13th 2014

13th October - Kathmandu to Singapore Mia and I left Kathmandu for the airport in the morning for our 1pm flight. It took us much longer than expected due to the horrible weather - the rain was pelting down which was very unusual for Kathmandu at this time of year. Our flight arrived in Singapore around 8.30pm and we had a quick exit through customs and grabbed a cab for the 20 or so min journey to our home for the next 5 nights - 'Betel Box Backpackers' in Joo Chiat. I'd picked here to stay for numerous reasons. First being that as we were staying in Singapore for so long, we couldn't afford to stay in hotels the whole time! Plus I thought it'd be good for Mia to experience the backpacker way of travelling ... read more
Only the Best!
'Eng Seng'
'Eng Seng'

Asia » Singapore October 12th 2014

It was off to the Chinese quarter this morning...Su fell in love with a $2400NZ white gold bracelet for her Medic Alert...needless to say we left with a $135 silver one and the price included attaching it to the disc. She now refuses to look at any other bracelets just in case she realises she'd been taken to the cleaners. It was then off to Santosa Island; monorail over and gondola back. Great views, amazing architecture but at 30degrees and 91% humidity Dick, who hadn't had anything to drink since one cuppa at 7am, almost collapsed, so it was back to the hotel in a taxi and into a cool shower. Needless to say, Su, who had bought bottled water and kept sipping, wasn't very pleased. The afternoon was spent in an air conditioned seven-level mall ... read more
Santosa Cable Car
Shopping mall display

Asia » Singapore » National Stadium October 12th 2014

Sunday, 12th October 2014 A Brief Overview:- After months of anticipation, the Singapore Sports Museum finally opened its doors to the public at the Sports Hub on 9th October 2014. The Sports Museum first started life in 1983 at the West Entrance of the former National Stadium. After the stadium was demolished to make way for the new Sports Hub, I was waiting patiently for the museum to re-open its doors again.... So on Sunday, 12th October 2014, armed with plenty of curiosity and excitement, I happily made my way to the museum. Admission to this fine venue is free to all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a massive Hall of Fame which paid tribute to our local sporting legends like Mr Ang Peng Siong who was crowned the World's Fastest ... read more
The Old Guards march home.
The first Seap Games in Singapore held at the National Stadium in 1973
Malaysia Cup Memories

Asia » Singapore October 7th 2014

Sabbath, 4 Oct - Singapore Arrived safely in Singapore on Sabbath arvo and met up with Mum and Dad at our hotel. We went to Little India to a restaurant recommended by a couple of articles that placed it in the top 10 Indian places to eat. The food was nice, but not comparable to some of the great Indian food we have had elsewhere. The first thing I noticed about Singapore is the overwhelming number of people. It makes Poland look positively empty! Especially when we wandered Little India, my disinterest in visiting India was confirmed. I understand why Aussie families come to Asia for cheap holidays, but Singapore isn’t cheap so I have no idea why so many of them are here. Still, it’s very much a cross between East and West – it’s ... read more

Asia » Singapore October 7th 2014

Zwei Sprüche zu Singapur, die ich gelesen habe: "Disneyland with the Death Penalty (= Todesstrafe)" und "The world's only shopping mall with a seat in the United Nations". Dem zweiten Spruch kann ich zustimmen, dem ersten wohl nicht, denn wie Disneyland kam es mir - in den kurzen zwei Tagen - nicht vor. Schon eher passt Folgendes, was ich unterwegs auf einem Plakat gelesen habe: "A popular Singaporean greeting is: Have you eaten?" Wow! Wer soll das alles essen? Mexikanisch, Portugiesisch, Irisch, Chinesisch, Koreanisch (Nord oder Süd), Indisch, Französisch, Indonesisch, Thai, usw. usw., was das Herz begehrt, natürlich auch Deutsch, mit dem dazugehörigen Bier, Erdinger Weißbier, um nur eins zu nennen. Mittags ist alles voll, die gesamte arbeitende Bevölkerung von Singapur scheint Essen zu gehen. Abends sind vor allem die Touristen Hotspots gut besucht. Wobei man ... read more
Temple Detail
Souvenirs in Little India
Botero  Sculpture at Boat Quay

Asia » Singapore September 27th 2014

Saturday, 27th September 2014 "Despite the individual challenges, we survived our 4 years relatively unscathed, along with some pleasant memories and friendships we forged as we graduated from there.... We took off to our alma mater, the National University of Singapore (NUS) during the last Saturday of September 2014. Having spent the final four years of our students' life on this campus, we haven't been back since we graduated some eight years ago. Three of us had been talking forever for some sort of reunion to reminisce our days as a student. Today, we were certainly thrilled to make this happened... On Saturday morning, I traced back on the very same route that I had taken during the time when I was still a student. I boarded the bus service 74 from my house before transferring ... read more
Our faculty
The School of Design and Environment
We had most of our classes here

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