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Asia » Singapore » Tiong Bahru September 27th 2014

It's not often I get to visit somewhere and do absolutely no planning or research in advance whatsoever. Faithful readers will know that my research is often a bit haphazard, but even so, there is a desultory effort at some point. However recently I had the good luck to be visiting friends, Lisa and Duncan who have recently relocated to Singapore, on my way to and from Cambodia. So on this occasion, I simply landed ready to meet Lisa at the airport. I realised how little planning I had actually done when I couldn’t find Lisa at the airport, my phone didn’t seem to be working, and it dawned on me I didn’t know her address. However any moment of concern was fleeting. Lisa had my itinerary well under control, and I couldn’t have hoped for ... read more
My lovely hosts, Duncan and Lisa
Little India
Near the Arab markets

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina September 22nd 2014

From 19th until 21st September there was a Formula 1 event in Singapore. Of course there was the race on the 21st and the qualifying the day before. But there was a lot more going on here in Singapore and I enjoyed the Saturday afternoon on the event. You already know how the qualifying went and that eventually Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) won the race, closely followed by Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo (both Red Bull Racing-Renault). You also know that Jenson Button, Adrian Sutil, Esteban Gutierrez, and Nico Rosberg could not finish the race because of technical issues. For Nico Rosberg this was particularly bad because he had been in the overall lead so far. Team Mercedes won, followed by Team Red Bull Racing-Renault and Team Williams-Mercedes. The official results are here. Anyway, you know all ... read more
Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Qualifying
Formula One Practice Race
Formula One Race Officials

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo September 18th 2014

Right these are Rachel's exact words.... We've had too many sangsoms so she can't type shes got a toad in her lug off a street hawker so Lisa's writing her crack doon. Where we starting from lis?? Erm hod on....right hod on we gets of wor plane gets a taxi driver to tEk wA to the hotel in little India....wasn't even in little India.... Turns out its a chain and we ..... Hod on me dress is stuck in the chair don't write that....right so it's a chain and we trip advisors the wrong cunt......but was canny anywaz bit like premiere inn. Went for a wesh n went on the open top bus for a bit round the city...loadsa tall buildings their man I think it's called business side where business.thennnnn wa seen ... read more

Asia » Singapore September 17th 2014

After a very long and boring 13 hour flight we finally made it to Singapore!! We arrived around 7:30am Singapore time and as neither of us managed to get any shut eye on the flight we were both pretty tired. We made our way to the hostel in little India and arrived about 9am, as you can see from the pictures our accommodation is pretty funny! Unfortunately we are top bunk so we have to be really quiet and try not to wake anyone getting up the ladder. After a 2 hour nap we ventured out into Singapore which is very hot very humid and very cloudy! We spent around an hour trying to work out the train system and deciding where to go when eventually we just settled for the food market right by the ... read more

Asia » Singapore September 6th 2014

Saturday, 6th September 2014 "She doesn't try very hard to become the next establishment overrun with tourists and visitors. What she does offer to her guests is a very comfortable environment with a friendly price tag and equally friendly staffs." My weekend staycation at the url= Hotel Katong was a pleasant one. Taking over the premises of the former Paramount Hotel, the Village Hotel was nicely refurbished under the Far East brand name. Even though the hotel is located at the heart of the charming (read: busy) Katong / Marine Parade neighbourhoods, it was never overwhelmed by crowds (read: peaceful). After a crazy week at work, short weekend breaks like this charged my batteries really well and it is the pe... read more
Where modernity meets comfort
Nice bathroom with powerful rainshowers
Katong Kitchen

Asia » Singapore September 3rd 2014

Got to spend almost a week in Singapore right after taking the Medical Board Exam, without knowing what the result was. Just imagine my agitation with the result plus venturing an unknown country! But I did enjoy my stay here! Got to spend 3 days with Bingkee (my college best friend) and another 3 days with Gian (my high school close friend) so imagine how much money I saved from hotel accommodation! Also their subway system is veeeery efficient and convenient together with the local buses. People here don't ride taxis but walk or ride their bicycles or utilize the subway. Food is a little expensive and water as well. Day 1 We explored (actually it is I who explored since they are already locals here) Marina Bay Sands, its mall where everything screamed EXPENSIVE!! I ... read more

Asia » Singapore September 1st 2014

Another weeks adventure to the the other side of the world and a few nights back on the island, Singapore. Landed about 6pm and on this first night we got there a few of us just headed to an outdoor food court called Glutens Bay, which I have blogged about before, for chicken satay. Was mobbed for a Tuesday night. There's a few stalls to go to that offer different Asian foods. After here we just popped to the local bar. The next day myself and two of the girls got a taxi to the beach at Sentosa. I always have a jaunt there when in Singapore as prefer the beach to sitting by the pool, just as it so humid. Got ourselves a good spot to bathe and literally just said how nice a day ... read more
Taxi driver making sure his passengers are safe
Here comes the storm!
Our place of shelter - Bora Bora beach club

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown August 21st 2014

Hey you guys!!!! Well, our fourth flight of the trip took us from Borneo to Singapore and all was fine with the flight :) We are staying in Chinatown (we always seem to be drawn to a Chinatown when in Asia?...) and it was such a good place to be based. Now, Singapore is famous for a few things, so we are told.... and boy!! Was those things true! Its known for being a "fine"city, we managed to avoid any fines.......what we did get was a massive dent in our bank account! Its bloody expensive! We knew it was going to be expensive based on what we paid for a room (and believe us when we say that was at the cheap end of the scale) but not that expensive! Anyway we did what any English ... read more
Tooth relic buddhist temple
The monks chanting
Inside the relic temple

Asia » Singapore » Tiong Bahru August 10th 2014

Singapore is Asia but better. It’s a well-oiled, sophisticated business unit, ready to extract every last Singaporean cent you exchange, but also full of free tourist treasures like wandering around admiring the amazing variety of architecture from colonial shop-houses to the futuristic Marina Bay Sands hotel complex. And it’s the perfect stop over to the UK – four or five movies away from Auckland and you’re immersed in tropical heat from the chill of a NZ winter. The reason backpackers avoided it in the early years of its reinvention by Lee Kwan Yew - harsh rules about eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum etc – is what makes Singapore such a beautiful place for baby boomers to visit. It’s clean, nearly litter free (unless you go to the ‘beaches’) safe and unthreatening. And you gotta admire their ... read more
Rhys with the Sentosa Merlion...he wanted to go there...
Event Plaza at Marina Bay Sands

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina August 10th 2014

The 9th of August is National Day in Singapore. Modern Singapore was founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819 as a trading post for the East India Company. That is why so many objects and roads are named “Raffles”. Our office is at Raffles Place, but when we tell a taxi driver where to go we usually say 6 Battery Road which is just across the road from our office building. When you tell him to go to Raffles Place he will usually not know because of the many streets, squares, and buildings named after Sir Stamford Raffles. Singapore declared independence from the United Kingdom in 1963, 49 years ago. When Singaporeans celebrate National Day, this is what they celebrate. Singapore has become one of the Asian Tigers since, with a rapidly growing economy and many ... read more
National Day II
National Day III

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