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Asia » Singapore June 17th 2019

This blog covers a two day period 17th and 18th June 2019 Well this time had to come eventually, we have been everywhere we planned, we have seen everything we wanted to (even if the lioness was shadowy), we have used up all the leave our bosses gave us, the only thing we didn’t use up was all the spending money we bought with us and it wasn’t for the lack of trying. Africa has been an inexpensive place for Kiwis to travel to and the sights to be seen and experiences to be had just can’t be found anywhere else we have been. But a little drama first and it was like history of 3 years ago repeating itself. As usual we did the check of all valuables that should be on our bodies somewhere, ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi May 23rd 2019

It seems we have been planning the BBA-V4 for ages and that we would never get it underway. But today was D-Day and the Great South African Adventure is on its way. A typical, beautiful, sunny morning greeted us after less sleep than usual as we woke early in anticipation of the day ahead. Our daughter Erin with grandson Brayden arrived ahead of time and we loaded up and headed for Tauranga airport and the first flight of the day, a short 25 minute hop to Auckland. After a tearful goodbye it was time to board and let the all women crew wing us to Auckland. It is a well marked walking route between the Domestic and International terminals at Auckland. The green line twisted and turned with most of the route under at least half ... read more
Singapre Airlines serves Kapiti Ice Cream(even in economy) !

Asia » Singapore May 23rd 2019

Rano problem na recepcii. V pc im svietilo, ze im vysim 18rm. Tak ukazujem blocek, recepcny to este kuka, no nakonec suhlasi. U indov si davam dve vajcove roti s cajom a sup ho na bus na letisko. Stiham 7.45. cul ideme 3ludia. Sikmacka nevi odkal jej to leti, malaysia airlines, tak jej vravim z klia 1. Prvy krat robim v kl ostry check in. Fasujem dve letenky, na oboch cislo 19d. Pracovnik chcel este vidiet odletovu letenku z berlina. Tak mu hovorim eu, ze netreba. Za securiti zacinam plnit novy mobil appkami. Let plny, dost cudzincov. Lietadle nam rozdali arrival karticky. Pero sa mi rozbilo tak pisem len tuhou. Po pristati sa mi dari po 3x opustit singapurske letisko. Prve dve som tu len prestupoval. Zastavka pri pultiku kde robia free tour do mesta ak ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo May 22nd 2019

Hey, sorry its been a while since I've done an update. Been on the job hunt since arriving in Australia. Anyway thought I'd add an entry and loads of pictures from our stay over in Singapore. Had 4 days there as a layover so we didn't have to do over 20 hours on the plane in one hit with the kids. We stayed at hotel boss which was fairly central. Did a little bit of exploring of the city as a day a Singapore zoo. The zoo is probably the best one I've ever been too and you definitely need the full day as its huge. So huge in fact I had to hire a cart to pull the kids around in all day. Anyway I hope this finds everyone well and i'll add another entry ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi April 2nd 2019

It is a typical "love-hate" relationship. I love arriving at the airport, in anticipation of leaving, on time, on a nice flight, to a place I really want to visit. I hate the flights with delays, bad food, rough flights, noisy seat mates, and uncomfortable seats. As for the airport itself, some are better than others. When I was a little boy, I fondly recall driving up to SFO with my Dad. We were picking up my grandmother, coming back from a trip to her homeland, in Japan. It was the most exciting event in my life, up to that point. Why? Because I imagined that it was me coming back from a far away land. I was probably 7 or 8 years old at the time. Maybe that was the moment I decided to become ... read more
Edo village at Haneda
More Haneda

Asia » Singapore March 25th 2019

If I have to vote for a city as the capital of the World, without any hesitation I would vote for Singapore. The city amazed me in all aspects - culture, planning, construction, environment, cleanliness, people etc. The best thing about this city is that it is a mix of both western and eastern culture, thus makes it very unique and distinct. You won't find any such city elsewhere, it is one of the most favoured tourist destinations by people around the globe and almost every holiday agencies have a special tour package for Singapore. When my tour representative in SATA , one of the top travel agencies in the UAE told me that Singapore passport is the second best in the world, I was perplexed. A tiny southeastern nation with no history or natural resources ... read more
Universal Studios
View from cable car

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road March 24th 2019

Hiroshima We arrived in Hiroshima an evening earlier than expected and as a result had to find a place to stay. We found the Matsui Garden Hotel on and once there were reminded what a pleasure it can be to stay in a decent hotel - nothing flash but a good business hotel. Good room and WiFi and good location at a reasonable price. Then off to find a close by restaurant with good reviews that we found online, Izakaya. We got close and asked some locals where it was as the signage outside was all in Japanese. They were very helpful and managed to take us back to our hotel before we persuaded them we were going in the wrong direction. Needless to say 15 minutes later we were back at the place we ... read more
Sake in a box
Jazz Mingus .
Three school uniforms from blast

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island March 1st 2019

Yesterday we went back to Sentosa Island. It’s quite small but also, until you get used to it, quite confusing, partly because it’s nice and jungly so you can’t exactly see where things start and finish. It’s best to do some planning in advance as individually activities are expensive, but there are ways to save a bit, like buying a pass which you can use to pay for some, or buying a bundle, like we did. Don’t go for the beach unless you are desperate. The water is murky and unless you pay for a wooden platform and parasol, there isn’t much shade. Apparently there are monkeys and monitor lizards but they must have been hiding in the jungle. We got the cable car trip, 35SGD for one round trip on the 2 lines, which kind ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay February 27th 2019

4th visit here, still finding lovely new things to do! After Gill came through off her flight we got a taxi from the rank as we couldn’t work out where the Grabs were allowed to pick up and didn’t want to not be able to find the driver. The taxi we did get went a longer route round to get to the hotel, but it cost 22SGD, so not too much more. A Grab would have been 18. 3rd time at the Holiday Inn Express, Clarke Quay. We are so over the walk from the MRT now, next time we’ll go to the Quay Hotel I stayed in a month ago. Gill was raring to go straight out so we walked along Boat Quay to the Merlion, took some pics, then went to the smart Fullerton ... read more

Asia » Singapore February 26th 2019

I'll start at the end - Singapore is an amazing city. It is now a candidate to be add on my short list of great cities together with New York and London. But Let's start at the beginning.. I have not blogged my trips since 2012. Not for lack of opportunity . We have traveled as a family in 10 countries on 3 continents. The immediacy of Facebook and Wattsapp defused my will to sit down a week or two after the fact and write down what I did and what I felt. We send photos in real-time, get the prompt likes and comments so sending something written in delay seems redundant. However, traveling alone with 2 children I find myself in need to share my experience not only through a few photos on an Instagram ... read more
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