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Asia » Singapore » Chinatown July 12th 2017

Our gateway to South East Asia was the beautiful modern and cosmopolitan city of Singapore. One of the highlights for us was the amazing lights show at the Gardens by the Bay! Unfortunately a backpacker budget doesn't quite stretch to the Marina Bay Sands 5 star hotel (despite Mau's protestations) but we did manage to make it to the rooftop bar on the 57th floor where we enjoyed some Singapore Sling cocktails. We were both taken aback by the grandeur of the city. And also the expense! However we were pleasantly surprised by its character and really enjoyed strolling through the charming neighbourhoods in Little India and Chinatown. It's a city we would definitely come back to given the opportunity. Ideally having won the lotto first. ... read more
Marina Bay Sands
A view of Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay with Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Asia » Singapore July 3rd 2017

After an emotionally tough start to the year, an escape from our Perth winter was the medicine needed to regroup, revitalise and refocus. (After all, winter in Perth is a ridiculously cold 15-20°C) So, where to go was the big decision – we came up with three options between us – Broome, Bali or Singapore. Webjet found us an incredibly cheap deal to the Mandarin Orchard in Singapore, so combined with our family need for sun, food and adventure it was a clear winner. As Bob becomes a fully-fledged adult in eight months time, we embarked on a five hour flight to what was potentially our last family holiday. (Who am I kidding? She’ll still be blagging free holidays when she’s thirty!) Arriving at our hotel following a death defying taxi ride, and strict instructions to ... read more

Asia » Singapore June 30th 2017

Après 4 jours de galère je trouve enfin un wifi valable !!! (Merci l'opéra house de Sydney) comme quoi on ne le dira jamais assez la culture !! (Cf référence à Dikennek et la ceinture bien-sûr ! ;) ) Singap avec Samy c'était des sunsets magiques, une ville moderne mais assez proche de Genève j'ai trouvé. Des sandwichs de glace avec du pain au Pandan, mais aussi de la chaleur +++ Dès session running dans le parc du réservoir au top, des règles à ne plus en finir !!!! Et de la nourriture intéressante ;) bref un bon moment de vacances entre potes :) Petite opération suricate le dernier jour pour aller dans la piscine roof top du marina Sands, superbe! Reparti après 3 jours pour Sydney. La fin du voyage ou du moins de cette ... read more
Sunset on marina sands
Ice cream sandwich time !!
Le Parc du reservoir

Asia » Singapore June 6th 2017

Geo: 1.35731, 103.989... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi May 2nd 2017

Here we go Again. Gaynor and I are off on a round the world jaunt (again). This is our 3rd circumnavigation, 2 in this direction heading west (2003, 2017) and 1 heading east (2015). We are as usual popping into the Mother Land to see relatives, they being Gaynor’s Cousin, her children and the last surviving sibling of Gaynor’s dad, Nellie (aged 90+). Also Betty’s side (Gaynor’s mum) which include her sister Gaynor and her children and partners. Last but not least our own Tabitha (our baby) who moved to London nearly 3 years ago and has settled in quite nicely. Living in Clapton and has taken on the task of organising our time in London for which we are very grateful as we are renowned for just sitting around and hoping everything comes to us. ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay April 4th 2017

What's the weather like? HOT. DAMN HOT. Landing in Singapore at 10pm, we stepped outside to wait for our shuttle bus and felt a brick wall of thick heat whack us in the head. Deciding this was not a good move, we go back inside the airport to wait for our shuttle. Repeat this experience several times over the next 24 hours and this kinda explains Singapore for us...but, not to be deterred we did see some cool stuff. We were taken on a tour of a vibrant area with tiny streets karaoke bars and many many food places bustling with people at 11 on a Monday night, before arriving at our hotel - The Scarlet, which is a small and gorgeous boutique hotel near the Chinatown area. BED! GOOD! SLEEP! Even better! In the morning ... read more
Scarlet hotel chair of beauty
Evie in her relaxing state
Markets - jade and trinkets galore

Asia » Singapore March 26th 2017

Geo: 1.28941, 103.85Today it is critical that we get up and catch our train, 6am the alarm goes off, then we even had time for breakfast, but quickly!We checked out, got a taxi to the train station, although it's only 650m down the road, getting there on time is more the reason. Our huge bags had to be tied into the boot of the taxi, just hope they get to train station with us!! We got there in good time and waited for the gate to open, then boarded the train. A trolley came along wit food and we bought 2 small tubs of icecrams, which cost 70 yuan, 30 yuan more than our whole dinner last night!!2 hours went by quite quickly. We now have to find our way to the subway. We found an ... read more
Reception desk
Lobby roof
Our suitcases tied in the boot!!

Asia » Singapore March 15th 2017

Partout sur le web, on stipule que Singapour ruine les touristes. C'est FAUX! Bien que Singapour soit un des pays d'Asie les plus riches, un voyageur paumé peut très bien y survivre. Moins de 25$CAD par jour? Transport, nuits, nourriture et activités incluses? Cath en Cavale a réussi! Voici quelques Trucs et Astuces: 1- Choisissez vos nuits. Visitez Singapour du dimanche au jeudi. Les vendredis et samedis soirs, les endroits où dormir montent leurs prix de façon faramineuse. Après tout, dans une ville, on peut trouver de l'action peut importe la journée de la semaine. 2- Oubliez les chambres privées! À Singapour, on ne peut pas se payer ce luxe. C'est le temps de retourner aux dortoirs! Plusieurs auberges de jeunesse offrent des dortoirs de 10 personnes assez spacieux avec casiers pour un prix bien raisonnable. ... read more
SINGAPOUR: 10 façons de découvrir la ville avec un petit budget
SINGAPOUR: 10 façons de découvrir la ville avec un petit budget
SINGAPOUR: 10 façons de découvrir la ville avec un petit budget

Asia » Singapore March 10th 2017

Sitting at the airport, waiting for our flight to Sydney, and we have time for a brief round up of our days in Singapore. It certainly is a clean and safe city and we walked miles. On our first full day we followed the river to Marina Bay, a reclaimed area where the Marina Bay Sands hotel is BIG focal point. The area includes gardens with futuristic trees, a cloud forest in a dome which was really worth visiting and a flower dome that we just didn't have time for. Yesterday was a day of contrasts - we visited the Botanic Gardens and the National Orchid Collection (so beautiful) and then wandered around Chinatown. In the evening we found a bar selling Singapore Slings at less than half the cost of those at Raffles Hotel and ... read more

Asia » Singapore March 10th 2017

Just before we board the plane there is time to upload a few more photos.... read more

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