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sue lim

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean March 5th 2019

So my journey home is nicely delayed by a three day stopover in Istanbul. The good news is that it’ll shorten my sitting in a plane seat time and slowly return my body clock to UK time. And the very good news is that friend Julie Dent from the Clover Mill Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat in Cradley is going to join me there for a few days of winter break. In fact she’d booked us into a little guest house near the Blue Mosque and had already been exploring Istanbul for a full day. Straight into the tiny reception office from the sleepy early morning street outside and phoned to see if Julie was awake. Of course she was! So after I’d dumped the luggage and jumped into a welcome hot shower, we climbed the steep marble ... read more
Fatih, Istanbul
Fatih, Istanbul

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 20th 2019

So now it’s everyday life at BaanSongJum , which means House of Memories in Thai, with sisters Nui and Kong. They’ve both retired from previous jobs and lives and now run this guesthouse in the old family home, where their grandparents lived. It’s a little time warp and haven from the busy world of the city outside. Around the wooden house on stilts there’s a jungle of plants, carefully tended by Nui, attracting birds , lizards and squirrels and there are three gentle welcoming dogs, Lanna, Frankie and BamBam. A constantly changing multi-cultural and inter generational set of guests who stay in the eight little rooms around the main house are made to feel at home. There are so many interesting stories to hear and thoughts to exchange every day, or you can just retire to ... read more
Baan Songjum
Baan Songjum

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 11th 2019

It was a good flight from Sydney to Bangkok, and I arrived late afternoon, with plenty of time to sort out my onward flight to Chiangmai at the Bangkok Airlines office at the airport before setting off in a taxi to find my air bnb “apartment with rooftop pool” near Pra Kanong one of the sky train stations. It’s sometimes difficult to follow the instructions for how to get into an air bnb apartment ( as Eunice and I had experienced on a trip to Japan) Many of the air bnb listings are in apartment blocks that prohibit the sub letting or letting like this. You can imagine why -noise, security.... lots of issues for the other residents . So the ‘secret ‘ check-in can be a nightmare when you’re tired and have to negotiate some ... read more

Oceania » Australia February 1st 2019

In real time, I’ve just arrived in Bangkok, but a few days here will give me time to catch up on some blog writing. So here I am, sitting in my favourite cafe in Sukhumvit Soi 61: Counting Sheep Corner. Back in Sydney I’m going back to a Monday when Eunice and I caught a bus to the CBD ( Central Business District!) and headed towards the National Art Gallery and a special exhibition by Sydney artist Brett Whiteley. I love walking around the streets and looking up at the architecture of the buildings. The Victorian fancy eaves and turrets and chimney pots cosy up to the shiny glass skyscrapers, the original pomp and importance of the former being reduced to that of elderly relatives, still at the table but not responsible for the dinner. Somehow ... read more
Brett Whiteley
Brett Whiteley

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 20th 2019

Eunice’s apartment is on the 6th floor with great views over The Bay. So it’s the high life .... but not too high! Modem and minimalist with big glass sliding doors onto a balcony, it attracts a gentle breeze ..... even on the days when temperatures are tipping over into the 40’s. Of course , arriving late at night in the dark, I have no idea where I am, so when Eunice asks me where I’d like to go on my first day, I have no idea, no Lonely Planet and my planning hasn’t gone beyond the train ride from Melbourne to Sydney ( and I’ve discovered that as the tennis was on in Melbourne I’d have been very unlikely to get a flight anyway and was quite lucky to get a seat on that train..... ... read more
Rozelle, Sydney
Bondi, Sydney

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong January 19th 2019

Ah, well I’ll explain the title of this blog later. Lisa’s parents , Ilva and Mike, had arrived in Australia at the beginning of December and after a suitable amount of sightseeing and exploring they’d settled down to more mundane pre-wedding tasks , like putting in a whole new bathroom ! and helping with the Air BnB units at the bottom of the garden. Lisa’s ‘little brother’ ( 6 ft 2inches) had arrived just that morning to stay for a week, and was already making arrangements to borrow a bike from friends and start the next morning with quite a few miles of biking. Nick’s daughter Jacintha, had given up her bedroom for me and little Evelyn was celebrating an extended birthday with eight birthday candles stuck in a chocolate bar. A busy household. Nick and ... read more
Geelong .
Wine tasting in Wallington.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Ballarat January 12th 2019

Getting to Australia from Singapore was not so easy! Friend Linda picked me up from Kathy’s to take me to Changi airport for a just-after-midnight flight to Melbourne. She’d just come back from visit her son who’s studying in Melbourne, so we hadn’t had the chance to meet up and it gave us an opportunity to natter on the way. She assured me that I’d love Melbourne and Ballarat. When we arrived at departures se pulled up outside and I ran in to check if I was in the right terminal. There was my flight with Scoot airlines on the board ...... but retimed to 03.30 in the morning. It was now only just after 9 in the evening. Linda lives quite near the airport so I jumped back into her car and went back to ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Commonwealth January 6th 2019

Blue-Ginger gallery closed for winter, as usual, at Christmas and during the three days after Christmas all the beautiful artwork melted away and we were once again left with bare walls and emptiness. However many times I do this, it’s always a shock to see it disappear before my very eyes. Kenji was home for Christmas and we had a lazy indulgent day at my sister’s house where we were spoiled with all the Christmas food and family without doing all the hard work. It always sets the scene for my winter break. Then in a whirlwind of a week the gallery was emptied, Lottie dog went off on her holidays with friend Tutu in Somerset, Pun and her family came to stay, and then Susan came down from Glasgow and we caught up on news. ... read more
Singapore Food
Singapore food.
Read in Singapore

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand February 18th 2018

Snow Birds -that’s what they are called here in Chiangmai........ the people who flee winter in the northern hemisphere and migrate to Northern Thailand. I don’t quite qualify as I’m only here for a month ......... but it’s certainly something to aim for. Over breakfast we chatted about the acupuncture. Nui thinks it’s really helping her to sleep well. I mentioned planning to have some sort of spa day treatment. But was told that Upin, the masseuse, can do coconut oil massage as well as Thai massage.....It will be booked! Michel and I express an interest in the Ayurvedic treatment centre ( Nui and Kung have tried everything!) We agree to have a nose detox and a foot detox. It is booked for us! It was the last day of my pottery class, so I got ... read more
Dear little BamBam at Baansong Jum
Chinese New Year in Chiangmai- I think this is the dog!
Dragon waiting to perform in Worarot market

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand February 12th 2018

That’s what it feels like -precious grains of time slipping through my fingers. And they slip through faster as I get closer to the end of the trip. There are so many new places to discover and familiar places to re-visit and so many interesting people to talk to. The icing on the cake is that I’m responsible only to myself and each day is a ‘jolly’! So on Tuesday morning I set off to the acupuncture clinic. I asked the acupuncturist how my pulse was performing and he said was about half, so I replied that I’d like 100% please. He was very amused by this so I’d like to know why. I’m still contemplating whether to go for a medical check up at one of the Chiangmai hospitals while I’m here.It seems like a ... read more
Chiangmai golden Wat doors
Chiangmai’s Wat
Painted shutters at the Nepal coffee shop

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