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Asia » Singapore March 7th 2017

Arrived safely and have a great view over the river towards the city from our room at Park Hotel Clarke Quay. About to go out exploring and to find some supper.... read more

Asia » Singapore March 2nd 2017

I can honestly say that Singapore is one of my most favourite places I have ever visited! From the moment we landed everyone has been friendly and helpful, the place is clean and well maintained and it's peaceful. Despite being a city there aren't hoards of people getting in your way as you walk down the street, or people begging you to look at their menus and eat in their restaurants. When we arrived at our hotel we were a bit disappointed as it was quite small, that being said it's the only one I've given 5 stars to on Trip Advisor this whole time. We were in an excellent location, Clarke Quay where we spent our first evening drinking cocktails and making an itinerary for the rest of the week. We woke up early and ... read more

Asia » Singapore February 17th 2017

Geo: 1.28941, 103.85Well, our trip to India is coming to an end, we are up at 5am today so we can be at the airport by 6.30am, today is going to be a Looooong day, flying via Singapore to Melbourne, then Adelaide! Straight into the shower, no time for breakfast at the Hotel, the breakfast didn't start until I think 7am. We packed all our bags, looked like we were moving house, we had gained one extra big bag full of gifts, and then we bought a few bits and pieces, (like I had bought 5 pairs of shoes, Clint had bought 4!!) and we also had the extra addition of our Wedding outfits, which were actually quite heavy, and bulky. We went downstairs and checked out and they organised us a taxi for the airport. ... read more
Leaving Delhi Airport, very smoggy
Just leaving Delhi
Always lots of ships coming into Singapore

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam February 10th 2017

A 22 hour stopover! 10th Feb: My flight arrived in the early evening. I had booked with Scoot, but had received an email a couple of weeks ago saying that due to aircraft maintenance we were being upgraded to a Singapore Airlines flights. That was a score! It was nice to have a bigger, comfier plane and get a meal included (I had a lovely beef rendang curry), but they had took out all the magazines and there was no in flight entertainment. Instead I had almost 8 hours of kindle time. I also chatted to my seat mate, which is something I never normally do. It was nice to have some conversation to pass the time, especially during the turbulence. Immigration was fairly quick and painless, and I headed into the city by metro. The ... read more
Masjid Sultan
Masjid Sultan
Muscat Street

Asia » Singapore January 28th 2017

-SP- Los aviones de swissair han conocido mejores tiempos, hace 10 años seguro que estaban al día. Y para colmo el segundo vuelo, de zurich a munich ha sido en la lowcost de swissair, una cosa llamada edelweiss, lo mejor el pintalabios de las azafatas, rojo dracula a juego con el avión. Y ya estoy en casa a no se cuantos bajo cero. La he liado parda unas horas en la oficina (durante el resto de la semana he tenido que corregir unos cuantos fallos todos del lunes) y me he congelado los pies dos veces en el día. En los siguientes días he pillado la gripe y me he congelado la piel de los labios y nariz, bajo la piel congelada ha surgido unos días mas tarde un herpes... Como cantaban en Bali: "Welcome to ... read more
Cold cold
Western life: You are more than a prisoner in traffic jam (?!?)

Asia » Singapore » National Stadium January 28th 2017

Well you would think that was a bonus, but actually what it has meant is that most of the restaurants and shops have closed down so that families can get together for the celebrations. We are back in a hostel again after being in hotels for a few nights. So it is bunk beds and communal living. First day here we have been on the hop-on hop-off bus around the city, and I first 'hopped off' at the Botanic Gardens which were lovely. Very tropical (what a surprise) and although busy there was still plenty of quiet places. Then after 'hopping on' again I went to Raffles. Actually that was the second visit of the day. First time was on the way to the bus when we were lucky enough to see the Lion dancing, and ... read more

Asia » Singapore January 25th 2017

Many of you know how seriously I would take my birthday in years past. Celebrating the whole week, sometimes the whole month! My explanation was always that when I lived in NJ, my birthday party plans were contingent on the weather - is there a blizzard or not. Thus the reason I spread out the celebration over so many days - one of them had to be good weather and work. Everyone always thought this was "cute" way to justify getting extra birthday celebrations. Well, I reached Singapore on 22nd January. Starting that evening it has rained - every day. For long periods of time and heavy at times. It is now 26 Jan (though today it is clear so far). Apparently this is not normal for January (maybe in December). So yeah it's a TP ... read more

Asia » Singapore January 25th 2017

Geo: 1.28941, 103.85TUESDAY, JANUARY 24 - SEA DAYSo I got up at 5:30am, took a shower and left for the O'Sheehan's Bar and Grill to get a booth so I could cross stitch. I knew we would be crossing the equator between 6am and 6:30am. I wanted to see the dotted white line - equator. I had put a stickn note on the time to remind Glenn of our activities for the day. 10am - lecture by Peter; 11:30am - ice carving out by the pool; 12:00 - Equator ceremony out by the pool and then 2pm showing of Sully. I also reminded Glenn where he could find me.I had a very enjoyable morning cross stitching. Glenn appeared on the scene around 8am. He asked if Norma had found me. Norma was the 72 year old ... read more
Crossing the Equator ritual
Our friends Elroy and Irene - lots of fun
People by Pool

Asia » Singapore January 23rd 2017

Geo: 1.28941, 103.85MONDAY, JANUARY 23Back to finish our day on Sunday, Glenn and I had "reserved" a board room for the Sunday service at 7pm in the London and Paris room. We were sad that we couldn't advertise it in the Free Style Daily. We have talked with the cruise director and he seemed to think we might be able to this next week.We had 3 folks show up. Julian and Leslie, the lawyer from Alabama and Norma. Julian was a talker. I told Glenn, "next week, we can't let Julian take over the show." Just think Sid Morrison, and you know what I mean.There was a 9:30pm movie in the Stardust Theater. I started watching it, but could only last for 10 minutes and came on up to bed. Glenn was out until the end ... read more
Bread with coconut spread - pretty good
Unique Food
Unique Building

Asia » Singapore January 22nd 2017

Geo: 1.28941, 103.85SUNDAY, JANUARY 22This morning, I was up at 5am, so Glenn went to Deck 13 with me and we watched us slowly pull into Singapore Harbor. It was still very dark as we passed tanker after tanker. We started talking with a couple from Singapore that gave us some valuable information about tourism in the city. We also watched the airplanes on "final" as they approached the Singapore Airport. Awesome.We ate breakfast from the Cafeteria line and ate near the outdoor pool. We were docking at 7:45am. Around 9am, we walked off the ship, however we did have to present our passport at immigrations. This is completely different than when we've cruised like in the Caribbean. After clearing customs, we went to the Singapore Tourist office and got a map. We also used the ... read more
Sunday at the Botanical Gardens in Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Hotel - Amazing Race
Marina Bay Hotel = Farris Wheel

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