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Asia » Singapore February 20th 2015

Spent most of this morning shuffling around from one room to another in the hostel - having a few reservations going into a mixed dorm. My reservations were completely quashed by 3 lovely chaps travelling around from Australia. So after sharing some tips i headed out this time my first stop was gonna be raffles hotel - an extremely prestigious hotel dating back from 1887, during WWII it became home to the Japanese officers and then a camp for liberated allied prisoners. After being left a bit dilapidated it underwent a 160 Singapore million dollar facelift returning it to its original colonial state in 1991. The raffles hotel is home to the Singapore sling - which is served from the long bar in a stunning terrace, it set me back 28 dollars - £15 but was ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown February 20th 2015

Originally thinking I would be leaving Singapore tomorrow I spent most of this morning trying to plan my trip out of here, though being advised probably best to leave it till Friday or the w,end as many people will be trying to leave after the new year. The advice was right - buses were full and flights double the price - so Fri it would be then, not that by any means it was terrible to be spending another day here. So I found a flight to kL for Fri evening, got some more cash changed and booked a further night at the hostel - but in a mixed dorm as my room was full - all sorted! Heading out about 1pm for some lunch ( not steamed dumplings!) and waiting for a non existent free ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown February 20th 2015

So over these next few blogs I'm gonna try and dazzle you with some facts about Singapore cause its a great little place that I knew nothing about, so here goes.................. Modern day singapore was founded by Thomas Stamford raffles in 1819 - a British lieutenant governor - changes he made are still apparent today. Much of Singapore is very British - most of the road names hill st, orchard rd etc. The buses are the same and are called buses and taxis called taxis, bridges are named after British generals and parks and museums also have British names to name but a few. So my day started with a map and an urge to go walking, i headed down to the river and followed it to the right passing a long row of 2-3 story ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown February 15th 2015

Final leg of my great trip! In Singapore for last couple of days. Very hot. We've done the usual tourist things like cocktails (nonalcoholic) in the Long Bar of Raffles hotel. Toured the town on the hop on/off bus.I went on the Singapore flyer. Very exciting- like the London eye but bigger. As its nearly Chinese new year there's a very buzzy atmosphere here especially in Chinatown. Saturday night was heaving in all the streets there. Lots of lanterns and more model goats in the centre of the main streets than could be counted. I thought it would be fun to have an authentic Chinese dinner. Not easy to find a table anywhere! We eventually found a restaurant that would have us foreigners!!. Maggie less than impressed with the food! I think it was the squid ... read more

Asia » Singapore February 15th 2015

I'm in Singapore for work, staying for 1 week. Sharing some work and sighteeing photos with you. Word of advise- never stay in Chinatown area during Chinese New Year! So crowded and noisy from 11 am till 4am... read more

Asia » Singapore February 14th 2015

I went to Singapore in February 2015 for my mother's 80th birthday. While I was there, I took some more food pics as a visual aid to help me explain Singapore food to my non-Singaporean friends. As with my May 2014 food porn entry, I have labeled the pictures and made an attempt to describe the dishes. Enjoy the pictures and try not to salivate too much. Better still, go to Singapore and try these dishes yourself!... read more
Mother's 80th Birthday Dinner Course #2
Mother's 80th Birthday Dinner Course #2
Mother's 80th Birthday Dinner Course #3

Asia » Singapore » Pulau Ubin February 5th 2015

Hi Followers and blog perusers, Today we woke early to have a nice breakfast of bananas on toast before heading out finally to Pulau Ubin. As its our last day we really wanted to get in as much as we could!!! We took the metro EW line to Tanah Nerah and then took the number 2 bus to the ferry terminal. Anyone doing this, the bus stop is right outside the exit for the metro and it's easy to find the right stop, they are every 10-15 mins and they terminate at the ferry terminal so no worrying about the stop. We headed down to the ferry ticket office and found you had to queue up till 12 people turned up then a ferry could leave, strange and it meant we waited about 20 mins to ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour February 4th 2015

Hi people, We started off the day with a swim in the parks pool. It was so nice to cool down in this heat, only problem was it was raining and the heat quickly disappeared and left us in a cold pool. Still was so good to have a swim and relax. We headed back to the condo for a shower and some breakfast. (honey on toast) We had planned to head to Pulau Ubin today but as the weather was so poor we decided to have a chilled day, we headed to have a look around chinatown, beth said it was good. We got there and found so many Chinese food stalls (made me a very happy boy) so we decided to have lunch there. I wanted something from one stall and vick another so ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi February 3rd 2015

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island February 3rd 2015

Hi People, So we started off the day badly!! I check my bag and found I have lost £700 of cash in different currencies :( Vick was not happy and I'm gutted so much money to lose!! I have phoned both hostels we stayed at and no luck but to be honest if you found it what would you do....pocket it probably!!!! So after that start we headed out to Sentosa Island, it was recommended to us by many different people. We got the MRT (Metro system) there, which is very easy to use and follow as it's all in English unlike Russia and China!!! We walked over the Broadway bridge which was nice and only cost $1 (1 Singapore dollar = 50p). There is loads to do here and great for families, however it was ... read more

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