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Asia » Singapore September 16th 2013

This is my first entry... the start of my journey! I have made it to Singapore... not what I expected after coming from the clean tiled Dubai airport... Singapore airport is a bit hot and stuffy (although I did notice on the map on the plane on the way here that its very close to the Equator!) and it has granny carpet.. like the brown red green, spotty patterned carpet!! I am here for a few hours so going to have a shop around.. lots of Asian techno stores and kids toy stores... and on the other hand very expensive designer stores!.. Might try the food too but I am a bit worried because of the fish sushi situation! so I have spotted a subway.. nothing like getting a taste of the culture!!! Well my time ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road September 15th 2013

Today I had a well earned lie in after all the walking I had been doing. So at breakfast, I sat myself down next to Hayley. Dani was not with her as she had had a rather 'late' night (strolling back into bed at 6am anyway). We chatted and just chilled out. The weather outside was miserable, so actually a good day to just relax and do nothing. A bit of blogging also, in which we both attempted and I think I skyped a few friends back home. Into the afternoon, we were both getting hungry and the rain had stopped, so we ventured to our local food hall. I am happy to mention that Hayley was not a fussy eater and open to trying a few things, including; Popiah, Xiaolongbao, A selection of meat skewers ... read more

Asia » Singapore September 14th 2013

Today I wake up in a happy place. I am liking being in Singapore so I extended my stay for another night. Moving on every 2 or 3 days like I had been had taken its toll for a while so Singapore was my comfortable safety zone. This morning I met Hayley and Dani. A Canadian and an Irish. They had been teaching in South Korea and decided to carry on their travelling for a while. Their plan for the day was to head to Raffles Hotel for a famous Singapore Sling cocktail. This was also on my list of things to do today. But firstly I went to check out Little India to check out some of the temples and generally see the hustle and bustle of life there. I also needed to purchase a ... read more

Asia » Singapore September 13th 2013

A great day in all, however not too much to say. I had to get two tubes to get here and then walk to find the place. But it was just what I needed. A bit of nature and for some reason so far, I was loving the time I had to myself in Singapore. Walking round the initial gardens was pretty and the lake was huge. On my walk I came across a bunch of monkeys, a big lizard, the noise of frogs and other things I just wasn't sure of. I had decided to walk the Nature Reserve which in total is about 10k. There was also a treetop walk, but waited a little to do this (after the rain had stopped and I had finished my conversation with a monkey who had joined ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island September 12th 2013

Today, I wake up for breakfast. The hostel has free breakfast consisting of fruit, toast with pots of peanut butter, chocolate spread, butter and kaya (coconut jam) and a cuppa. I decided I was going to head for Sentosa Island today (an island resort south of Singapore). I got the tube to Harbour Point then caught the bus into Sentosa. It was a lovely sunny day. I did not realise it was going to be like a Disney World without the Disney, including Universal Studios. But still, it was nice just wandering around. I met a man named Ruhan from Sri Lanka as he asked me to take his photo, then got chatting and we ended up walking down to the beach together. I wanted to lose him after a while and I was getting antsy ... read more

Asia » Singapore September 12th 2013

This post covers our travel from Kuala Lumpur down to Singapore. It was really cool to spend some time back in large cities again, with a rest in Melaka on the way. We found a noticeable change in the friendliness of the locals in KL and Singapore with more people stopping to ask us whether we needed help with directions. Not that we often looked lost or anything, I hasten to add... We landed in KL airport and took the skybus into KL Sentral. We then took the monorail to our hotel which was next to chinatown, so well located for cheap eats (and Petaling Street Market if one was interested in purchasing fake designer watches or pants)! As the evening set in we rode over to the Bukit Bintang area to check out the main ... read more
Kuala Lumpur - Mederka Square
Kuala Lumpur - Masjid Jamek
Kuala Lumpur - waiting in queue with Starbucks helping us through

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road September 11th 2013

The bus driver took me to the bus station on the road where my hostel was. However, I chose to walk down the road in the opposite way (obviously not knowing this) and when I finally realised someone pointed out the hostel for me - right on the corner of road opposite the bus station. The Green Kiwi Backpackers. The staff were so welcoming and friendly and gave me a map of the city with the MRT lines. In the main communal/eating area there were laminated posters showing you all the possible things you could do in Singapore. However, for the time being I went to my dorm and had an hour or so sleep. I really wasn't feeling well and my nose would not stop running. I wasn't going to let this defeat me for ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi September 1st 2013

Just shy of two years ago I packed my bags and headed out on the most wonderful adventure......and right now I’m heading back to the country and people that stole my heart !! A very short trip this time though...but no less anticipated. I always knew that my 2011 trip would be a life-changing experience and I can say without reservation that it certainly was. I experienced so much during that trip and learnt a lot about myself, as well as feeling a great sense of achievement with the knowledge that I had in fact made a positive impact on the lives a quite a few people....not everyone gets that opportunity in their lifetime. Now my life is segregated into “pre-Cambodia”; “when I was in Cambodia” and “since I got back from Cambodia”....there’s not a day ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road August 30th 2013

I'm back, from holiday, from France, from England, from jetlag! Hope you all had a great summer and looking forward to September days setting in, just like we are in Singapore of course. If you look back to a few blogs ago I mentioned I had started the South Beach Diet. Well 5 months in, I'm still going and have lost 11kg. My initial 15kg weight loss target has become 17 or 18kg if I can. A month in Europe didn't help my diet, but my resolve is still there and I didn't put on any weight at least. Sometime in June, I answered a "Want to win a makeover?" question posted by Expat Living magazine. In the blurb I sent them, I mentioned the two pregnancies, the weight loss, the tourist in me who doesn't ... read more
Haw Par Villa
Haw Par Villa

Asia » Singapore August 30th 2013

Asia can be a bit of a culture shock, but that was not the case with Singapore. Singapore is really westernized for a Asian country and it is beautiful and very clean. My first thoughts was clean, hot and organized. At the airport i got a shuttle service to my hotel. It was easy to organize and was inexpensive. The staff at the counters can all speak English, that was a plus. After booking in I went exploring. The area Little India were I was staying had a lot of little shops and restaurants. Seeing that it was lunch time I stopped at The Star Inn Cafe. I did not know what to order, but the waiter, that could speak perfect english, suggested a dish. The food was delicious and the beer was cold. The price ... read more
Marina Bay Hotl
Skyline 2

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