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Asia » Singapore March 19th 2014

Wet Weather I remembered reading a book during my teenage years, "The Teenage Workbook". There was this particular paragraph that describe our weather, which I can't help but to relate to it. Although everyone said that Singapore doesn't have 4 seasons, it is not true. Singapore has 2 main weather, the hot and wet weather. It is difficult for anyone to plan anything in Singapore, as our weather can be a little unpredictable. It can be very bright and hot one moment, and yet, it can become very dark and wet the next moment. Hence, Singaporeans hate planning outings after a while, as you always need a wet weather plan. To make matter worse, it seems to become worse over the years. And if you are like me, kinda lazy, you either stop planning or you ... read more
Gardens by the Bay Mar - Knight
Gardens by the Bay - Beauty
Gardens by the Bay - Huge Hibiscus

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 19th 2014

Hi everyone. Had a good time in Thailand and then in Singapore. Helped by a Singapore Sling. The weather is amazing .can't believe how diverse the countries are, really enjoying each one as we tour and's visit was to Malaysia again another great time. Love to all. Trudy and Brian x... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina March 15th 2014

Every morning and early afternoons, the office areas of Singapore business district are full of smartly dressed, high heeled women moving about their business with a designer bag and something else dangling from their manicured fingers! They queue up for minutes to buy this drink. This drink stands tall in transparent plastic glasses with a sealed lid and a big straw. When I initially arrived in Singapore, I used to laugh at such a tea. Tea should be Indian- hot and with spices if so desired. What is this cold tea? One evening, my colleague took me to a shop called "Each a Cup" and ordered a caramel milk tea with no ice and pearls. It was yummy. It was full of milk with a hint of caramel and pearls sinking in the end. Pearls are ... read more

Asia » Singapore March 13th 2014

Armed with a DSLR and decked with a tripod, off we went to Marina Bay Sands in the pretense of being tourists amongst many others. We wanted to catch the iLights exhibition at the Marina Bay area but the night turned out to offer much much more. As soon as we stepped out of the train station, we were approached to complete tourism surveys. Ah hah, mistaken as tourists? Mission accomplished! Having not been to this part of MBS, the feeling was pretty much that of being in a foreign land anyway. Amazement at some of the marvellous man-made creations; Exclamations at the beauty of the riverside; Scrambling for shots with the imposing backdrop of towering buildings against dusking skyline. It was a timely visit, with Pasarbella having an outdoor market right outside the Sands. Food ... read more
With the helix bridge
View from the infinity pool
With Christopher

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay March 2nd 2014

The flight from Bali into Singapore’s Kranji Airport went smoothly and our bags were the first off the conveyer belt – there’s a first time for everything! Our Chinese taxi driver merrily chatted away to us throughout the entire twenty minute ride into town although I couldn’t understand a single word he said. I didn’t want to appear rude so resorted to strategically nodding or laughing as I thought appropriate – he seemed happy enough. Soon, we arrived at the Merchant Court Swiss Hotel ( located in the bustling heart of Clarke Quay, the popular leisure area built high up around the Singapore River. We’ve stayed at this hotel before as its location is great – not too sure about the concierge though. When we first checked in, we asked if the tap water was drinkable ... read more
A Modern, Vibrant City
The Legend That Is Map Girl
Be Careful In Chinatown

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour February 24th 2014

SINGAPORE – 8th / 9thFebruary 2014 I can’t get excited about Singapore! I don’t know why – it just doesn’t seem a very exciting place – maybe because its too westernized or maybe its because we have been here before? I don’t know! Anyway, we cruised across the Andaman Sea and then the Straights of Malacca (the busiest shipping lane in the world!) between Malaysia and some Indonesian Islands and reached the Marine Bay Cruise Terminal (MBCCS) 61, Marine Drive about 2.00pm. Disembarked through a very efficient system and decided to walk to the iconic Sands Hotel as it didn’t seem too far! Big Mistake!! Its further than it looks, crosses (at the moment!) a huge building site, and it was also about 33C and very humid!! Eventually got to the Sands Building, on our knees, ... read more
Year of the Horse
Clark Quay

Asia » Singapore February 12th 2014

So after saying goodbye to Howard and Malacca - of which the entry I cannot find!! :/ we got a bus down to Johor Baharu, a major transport hub connecting Malaysia and Singapore, before going through immigration - which took so long!! We eventually arrived in Singapore and had been in contact with Cedric, a couchsurfer who lives in one of the biggest residential areas on the outskirts, called the Woodlands. He even let us have our own room and bunk bed which was very generous :) They have a LRT transport system here, but as it is such a big place, it takes about three times longer to get from one point on the map to the next point as it does in KL, so it took a while to get anywhere! We went to ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 12th 2014

This blog really began years and years ago when Singapore refused me entry due to having visible tattoos and the behavior and appearance of the person who was travelling with me....another reason why I forever a sworn solo traveler. For years I could only get a transit visa limiting me to a few hours to transit out of there a lot of careful juggling of airlines and times is involved in Asian travels as its such a handy transit hub. Coming back from the Philippines I was planning on doing the usual hanging around the airport for as long as I was allowed and grabbing a sleeper room for a few hours. As i went through immigration I picked the line with the big happy jolly giant customs official as he looked like an OK ... read more
Orchid Garden
Enchanted Garden
Enchanted Garden

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay February 11th 2014

18 mai 2011 : Lever à 8h00 et petit déjeuner. Alan nous emmène à l'aéroport de Brisbane à 11h15. Décollage à 14h10 et atterrissage à Singapour à 19h50, à l'heure. Nous sommes accueillis par le chauffeur de l'hôtel que nous avions réservé, le Novotel de Clark Quay. Baignade dans la piscine de l'hôtel puis promenade sur Clark Quay avec dîner sur place avec des brochettes locales qu'on appelle Satay, ce qui me rappelle la période où je travaillais à Singapour il y a 15 ans Nous rentrons à l'hôtel à 23h30. 19 mai 2011 : Lever à 7h00 et directement baignade dans la piscine de l'hôtel, puis petit déjeuner au restaurant de l'hôtel. Nous partons ensuite acheter les cartes de transport, MRT- LRT et autobus. Système très pratique du style de la carte orange française, et ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay February 11th 2014

20 mai 2011 : Lever à 7h30 et encore baignade dans la piscine de l'hôtel. Après le petit déjeuner direction le Skypark Hôtel sur Marina Bay Sands. Il s'agit de cette piscine au 52ème étage et qui s'appuie sur trois tours. C'est impressionnant avec une vue incroyable sur toute la ville. Nous partons pour le magnifique jardin botanique (en bus) avec notamment la visite du "National Orchids Garden". Nous reprenons le MRT pour rejoindre Ang Mo Kio et de là le bus 138 qui nous emmène jusqu'au zoo. Après la visite du superbe zoo de Singapour, nous dînons au restaurant Ulu Ulu (cuisine locale agréable) qui est situé à l'entrée du Night Safari, qui est toujours aussi magique. Bien que j'y sois déjà venu 6 fois il y a 15 ans j'aime toujours autant ce zoo ... read more

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