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Asia » Singapore June 13th 2014

After leaving Bangkok for the last time we headed for our final destination in Asia, Singapore. As soon as we arrived Carly said she could live here. Singapore was clean smelled nice and there wasn't litter all over the floor. All the things Carly looks for in a town. It was pretty good though, from the worlds best airport right through to our hostel which was all set up for the World Cup. The first day we picked up tourist travel cards which gave us unlimited transport for the 3 days we were there all for £20 - and that was for both of us! Every underground stop appeared to be attached to a shopping centre so we did a lot more walking through shops. On our first day we strolled through Clarke quay which had ... read more
Gardens by the Bay
Nighttime Singapore

Asia » Singapore June 12th 2014

Today we had the cable car and Panda visit planned so it was on to the subway down to the water front to catch the cable car over to Sentosa Island. Another expensive tourist trap but we went anyway. Sentosa Island is just really an amusement park but the cable car provided a great view and different perspective. Deciding to use the public transport out to the Zoo/River Safari was really a breeze and one train ride and a connecting bus bought us to the Zoo complex. Yet another expensive place, but the Pandas were a ‘must see’ today. Paying the extra S$10.00 for the boat ride we set off to find the Pandas. The River Safari is quite frankly rubbish with little in the way of decent exhibits until the Pandas. Pam spent what seemed ... read more
Time For A Feed
Yummmmm.... Bamboo!
So cute!

Asia » Singapore June 11th 2014

Our plan for today is to catch the hop on hop off bus to see as many of the highlights as we could, spending the S$33 each to be able to use all of the routes we set off. First stop was the Singapore Flyer, a large wheel like the London Eye down by the Marina Bay Sands. Having been on one before we gave it a miss and headed off to the large hotel and the viewing platform at the top. After another S$25 each to go up we reached the platform and to be honest it was a great view of the city with the F1 track visible along with most of the city. Not spending too much time at the top due to the heat we headed back down to the Marina Bay ... read more
View From Sky Park Marina Bay Sands
Sky Park Marina Bay Sands
Infinity Pool Marina Bay Sands

Asia » Singapore June 10th 2014

Off to the airport via water bus at 12.00 to catch the 4:00pm flight to Doha, good thing we left early as Venice airport to leave from is a shambles, the worst airport we have been in and we have seen a few, it took close to 2 hours to get through the booking on, security and then through the gate, don’t want to do that one again. Finally boarded and good flight to Doha. Doha airport is brand new, only opened on 27/5/14 and is huge but hard to find a coffee to be sure. Only a 3 hour layover so not to bad and Qatar Airways are a good airline and would recommend in this neck of the woods. We arrived in Singapore early and boy is it hot. We got to the hotel ... read more
Orchard Road
Orchard Road
Orchard Road

Asia » Singapore June 1st 2014

I have a tendency to over-romanticize things. (Some people reading this are nodding their heads right now.) What can I say? I'm nostalgic for an era that ended before I was born, the era when travel was an adventure. I'm always the guy on the airplane wearing a safari outfit, wedged between the business men and the kids going to visit their grandparents. The real story I'm on a grueling business trip to Singapore, then Islamabad. By the illogic of the Fly America Act, I am required to circumnavigate the globe, with significant layovers in Manchester, England and Washington D.C. As if that weren't sufficient punishment, the enemies of logic forbid me to fly over Indian airspace, so I must fly from Singapore to Dubai, wait nine hours, then backtrack to Islamabad. My story I am ... read more
Orbit City
people lined up to buy toast
My new suit

Asia » Singapore May 29th 2014

A big thank you to my brother Ian, who flew in from Vietnam this morning to meet us unfortunately Karen was unable to make it. Ian flys back to Vietnam this afternoon so it was a quick trip. We went to a nice Asian restaurant for lunch that had some interesting items on the menu as the photo testifies. We sail this afternoon at 4:30 p.m. for Malayasia where we visit three ports, then on to Phuket.... read more
Ian & myself
Ian & Colleen

Asia » Singapore May 28th 2014

23/05/14 Before we left Brisbane Greg Reinke said to me that was another Reinke couple on board, very unusual as it is not a common name. Well we have been dining with a lovely couple originally from N.Z. but now live at Surfers Paradise, and last night the gentleman whose first name is Carmen told me his surname is Reinke, imagine that they are sitting at our table. I told Greg and I will be introducing them to each other at dinner tonight. Another day in paradise I.E. tropical North Queensland, the marine pilot we have had on board for the past few days has been very informative as we negotiated the reef and he left us today. At one point near Thursday Island he stated that we only had 3.8 metres of water under the ... read more
Watermelon carving
Ice Dolphin

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo May 24th 2014

Singapore… I think we spent most of our time here with our mouths open as we gazed up at the ridiculous engineering feats that crowd the skyline. It seemed the most contrasting place we could have finished our trip with. There is so much wealth on display in Singapore, with mega-malls and gravity-defying skyscrapers all through the CBD. We were told that in some of the malls (actually pretty much all of them given the last 3 months of holidaying) we would only be able to afford to shop in the basement levels. Prices rise as the building does, so seeing street level Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana and Versace shops made us feel pretty intimidated! I prefer Aberconbie and Friche or Procshe, same same but different. Singapore is also a very well planned city and there ... read more
Singapore financial district at night
Panda! Her name is Jia Jia
Red Panda! No name but super cool

Asia » Singapore May 23rd 2014

My main motivation in writing this entry is because I have a hard time describing Singapore cuisine to my American friends, so I thought I'd write this blog and simply point anyone who asks about Singapore cuisine to this post. A picture is worth a thousand words; I'll describe each dish pictured in this entry and also identify its origins to the best of my ability - note that many of the dishes are fusion to some degree so it is not always accurate to pinpoint one single origin. I'm not an expert in food or culinary history, so there may be inaccuracies. This is an evolving blog entry and I'll add more pictures as I make more trips to Singapore. For a more comprehensive and authoritative collection of pictures of Singapore cuisine, check out my ... read more
Kai Lan
Steamed Bamboo Clam
Hor Funn

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road May 21st 2014

Wednesday 21 May, 2014. Singapore. We left the UK on Saturday night after spending a night with my Aunt Sheila and then a night with my cousin John and his partner. My Aunt Lives in Settle, Northern England and along with her daughter Julie, my cousin, they showed us the town. Not a late night, but very enjoyable. The second night we spent with my cousin John and his partner Clare along with my uncle Chris and his wife, another Sheila, who had just visited us in Australia. This was a payback night for all those I had shown them in Australia. After the fabulous dinner Clare cooked and a s&#t load of red wine the whiskey came out, this may explain why I felt so crap the next day, more of that later. We had ... read more
Cousin John's
Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Cath on top on the Marina Bay Sands

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