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Asia » Singapore January 2nd 2015

Well we started the day with a 4:30am alarm and pulled ourselves out of bed, got dressed, then jumped in the Ute and made our way to Gold coast for our 9:30 flight to Singapore. We didn't have long for brekkie after we checked in as we sat down to eat, then the call was made for boarding. The plane took off over the Goldie and then headed inland over Australia up to Darwin, as we were heading up to Darwin the captain said we would have a lot of turbulence past Darwin. He wasn't kidding. The flight was pretty up and down the whole way to Singapore and the seat-belt sign was on for over half the flight.. We landed and grabbed our bags and decided to catch the MRT to the hotel as we ... read more
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Asia » Singapore » Chinatown January 1st 2015

They say that history is written by the victors, not by the vanquished. History books can be rewritten or destroyed entirely. It’s a lot harder when the stories are tied up in buildings; they have their own stories set in stone. Ea Hoe Hean Club As I was looking for the original Tiger Balm factory in Singapore (see previous post “A Tale of Two Brothers’) I came across references for the Millionaires Club. Well, I wanted to learn more about that – who wouldn’t? And once you head down that particular rabbit hole, it’s hard to stop. The Ea Hoe Hean Club, popularly called the Millionaires Club, was founded in 1895, and while it may have originally started as a social club, it soon turned to political ventures. Several of its members were actively involved with ... read more
Ea Hoe Hean
Jinrikisha Station 4
Jinrikisha Station 3

Asia » Singapore » Jurong West January 1st 2015

I’m really not much of a gambler, but I do enjoy horse racing. The first horse race I ever went to was at the St. Joseph County Fair more than thirty years ago. It was a cool, drizzly day, and the bleachers were old, splintery wooden benches with no shelter from the weather. I sat there absolutely transfixed, and watched a whole afternoon of racing, fortified only by the occasional cup of bad coffee. I’ve visited much nicer tracks since then. I’ve wanted to go to the Singapore Turf Club for quite some time, but never quite made it. Either there was no racing on the calendar, or my schedule didn’t fit with the racing program. But not this year! The stars aligned and I was able to finally get to see horse racing in Singapore. ... read more
good luck horse
covered paddock 2
huge toteboard

Asia » Singapore December 29th 2014

I set off this morning to find the building that once housed the Tiger Balm factory in Singapore. But a little background first… It starts in Rangoon, Burma (now Yangon, Myanmar.) A Chinese gentleman, Aw Chu Kin, was well versed in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He was encouraged to move to Burma by his uncle due to hard economic times in China. He soon set up his own physician practice and apothecary shop under the name Eng Aun Tong, or the Hall of Everlasting Peace. He married his wife, who, in due time, produced three sons. The first died young, the second, while popular and street smart was dreadful at his studies. Some sources state that he was probably illiterate, but boy, could he talk! This son was named Aw Boon Haw, which means “gentle tiger.” The ... read more
tiger gate
Tiger Balm wrestler
1925 Buick

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road December 25th 2014

I always get lost in Singapore. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I once worked with a guy who said I must have a magnetic nose, because I always knew the direction of north. That talent fails me here, maybe due to Singapore’s location near the equator, or the different view of the stars. Regardless, I was annoyed that I had forgotten my compass, and immediately set out to buy another one. And anyone who thinks you don’t need a compass to navigate Singapore’s busy and well-mapped streets has never been in a Singaporean shopping mall. Orchard Road – the main shopping district – is about two miles of solid shopping malls. You can start in one mall, and exit two blocks later from an entirely different mall without every coming outside. In some places ... read more
faucet cleaner
another mall
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Asia » Singapore » Chinatown December 23rd 2014

Flying over Singapore, seeing the containerships and oil tankers parked in the Singapore Strait, waiting for their turn to dock, and my heart starts to lift. Singapore has that effect on me. Flying out of Ko Samui is pretty easy. It’s a small airport, about the size of a regional airport in the US, but it is beautifully appointed. Silk Air and Bangkok Airways have free wifi – and the free use of computers – for their customers, along with complimentary sandwiches, pizza, and muffins. Airports in the US could learn a thing or two. However, due to weight restrictions I was forced to check my bag. I hate checking bags, and make a point of only taking what I can fit into a carry-on. But, if you have to check a bag, Singapore is probably ... read more
Ko Samui airport
Death for drugs
zero dengue

Asia » Singapore December 19th 2014

Température: 35 degrés (mais il y a la clim partout) Humidité: maximale Monnaie: le dollar singapourien (1 euro vaut 1,6 dollar singapourien) Voilà donc la dernière étape de notre voyage que nous voulions partager. Et bien que nous ne savions pas trop à quoi nous attendre, c’est une destination bien étrange que nous avons découverte. Ce n’est pas un mythe, oui Singapour est très propre ! Et d’autant plus en étant passés par Bangkok et Yangoon… Il parait que si on jette un papier parterre, un agent en civil peut sortir de nulle part pour vous mettre une amende ! L’architecture de la ville est étonnante, certaines tours sont superbes et paraissent irréelles. Nous avons d’ailleurs pris un verre sur le rooftop du célèbre Kudeta, un building en forme de vaisseau spatial qui offre, depuis le ... read more
Clarke Quay
Vue depuis le Kudeta

Asia » Singapore » Little India December 12th 2014

Singapore November 27th, 2014......WOW! First of all, the WOW Factors: Changi Airport, Singapore. Voted "Best Airport in the World" by Business Traveler 27 consecutive years, and 5 years in a row by Skytrax. Why? While waiting for flights you can: Catch free movies in the cinemas....take a FREE 2 hour sightseeing tour of Singapore..... Nature in the airport-Cactus Garden,TOrchid Garden, Koi Pond, Enchanted Garden, Sunflower Garden and even a Butterfly Park. They have a Balinese-themed swimming pool and Jacuzzi, children's Playgrounds, a 4 story slide, shopping. dining, rest areas, sleep lounges, snooze chairs, and much much more Singapore is fast paced, vibrant, extremely clean (it is illegal to chew gum in public), expensive, and brightly lit. Even the escalators travel significantly must be careful. It is the 2nd... read more
Mustafa Center
Bright Lights, Gold and Diamonds
Street Sights

Asia » Singapore » Changi December 7th 2014

Mamma Mia! Singapore! Saturday…Off the ship and into a cab (actually a beautifully leather encased “tricked out” van ;-) headed to Changi Airport in Singapore. The airport here in Singapore is a destination resort, not just an airport! We checked in to the Crown Plaza, and found ourselves in fabulous, very airy, lots of windows spacious room, overlooking the rainy runways. According to our driver, the monsoon season is in full swing. After getting settled, we wandered over out of the Crown Plaza, which is in terminal three, to look for some lunch and see of the facilities at the airport. What a gorgeous, lofty space with all kinds of light, no sound at all of aircraft. We found a food court on B-2 and had Singaporean special, chicken rice, for lunch. On this level, there ... read more

Asia » Singapore December 5th 2014

Singapore-On to the Mariner of the Seas Such a peaceful morning. We found a Coffee Bean Shop around the corner from our hotel on Orchard Road. We read the paper, had great coffee and watched people. ;-) It is early Monday morning, so not much traffic-just people going to work. After all our travels in Asia we find we are way more interested in what’s going on in this part of the world so devour Singapore paper about life, the economy, and their take on what is happening in the US and the rest of Asia. After a leisurely stroll in the rain back to the hotel we finish packing (takes 3 minutes since we only have one rolling bag between us) and take a cab to the cruise ship terminal. Our cab driver was great, ... read more

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