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Asia » Singapore May 16th 2015

Hello Everyone! I am Leon and I am doing this blog because of interest! Travelling is the new recreation and interest in our current era. My dream is to connect the world with travelers and to improve travelling experience! Hope that fellow travelers from around the world can share their travelling experience with me as how i share mine! I hope that i can leave footprints around the world; travel to corners of the world that are not heavily commercialize; and to experience different culture and food. Personally, i have been to a number of places. China: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Hongkong, Macau, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La Taiwan South Korea: Seoul, Jeju, Busan Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Batam, Bintan, Laos Europe: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bern, Lucerne, Interlaken, Rome, Milan, Florence, Pisa, Verona, Venice... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown May 12th 2015

I'm typing this from Copenhagen, but more about that later. Singapore still has some tales to tell. We planned a pretty low key day in preparation for our midnight flight and 12 hour mission. Couldn't resist another tilt at Toast Box and a bit more shopping. Deaks doubled up on the Milo with Milo Toast and a Milo Dinosaur and we adults hit the meal deals. Mine was an interesting combination of sweet kaya toast and hard boiled eggs but this combo seemed very popular. The girls was weirder still with soft boiled eggs - glad I dodged that one. Once again spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool. Well every one but me did. I'd read you can get your GST/VAT refunded at the airport but you need to provide your passport to the vendor ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown May 12th 2015

Vom Flughafen in Singapur aus, ließen Lena, Dini und ich uns zu dem Hostel bringen, in dem sich Laura, Ronya und Steffi bereits befanden. Wir kamen erst um zwei Uhr nachts an, da wir uns jedoch schon über vier Monate nicht mehr gesehen haben, mussten wir erst mal eine ganze Weile quatschen. Am nächsten Morgen wollten wir aber trotz Müdigkeit etwas von der Stadt Singapur sehen. Mit der Metro ging es zum botanischen Garten, in dem wir einen schönen Spaziergang zurücklegten. Da das öffentliche Verkehrsnetz in Singapur super ausgebaut ist, fuhren wir wieder mit der Metro zu unserem nächsten Stop: das bekannte Viertel "Marina Bay", in welchem sich das gleichnamige "Marina Bay Sands" Resort befindet, sowie eine große Mall und das Riesenrad. Das Marina Bay Sands ist das berühmteste Hotel in Singapur, was auch ganz klar ... read more
Botanischer Garten
Botanischer Garten
Botanischer Garten

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown May 10th 2015

We walked the shit out of the kids today. A little more than planned due to a couple of errors in navigation. Mixing up Harbourfront station nd Bayfront station cost us a few thousand extra steps (not to mention an extra $1.50 each on the MRT and an unnecessary and untimely visit to the ticket queue. That won't happen again...not on my watch!) And an upside down map sent us the wrong way down Orchard Rd. I blame Maggie for that one. 😉 Jules got us back on track by noticing the road wasn't called Orchard anymore. I'm glad she did (I would have realised at the next intersection for sure) as we were all hungry and Jules was getting Hangry! I waived the hotel breakfast option when booking. $33 a head? Tell 'em they're dreaming! ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown May 9th 2015

Days in transit rarely top the "best day of the trip" chart, but this one wasn't too bad. The excitement was palpable at the airport and all that pent up energy has no where to go when your cooped up in an economy class seat with ill fitting earphones for over 9 hours. There's alot for a 5 year old brain to deal with and while we definitely had our flashpoints, we made it and it's all worth it. It's great to get Asia back in the nostrils! The humidity, the fumes and the frangrant street food. We aborted the slowest moving taxi queue at Changi to tackle the MRT. With multiple changes we were impressed by the efficiency of the trains - never more than a 3 minute wait. Except for the lack of ticket ... read more

Asia » Singapore May 9th 2015

Bon. Parce que a fait 2 mois que je n'ai pas écrit d'article, je penses qu'il est grand temps de donner un peu de nouvelles de mon périple. Où je suis présentement. Je suis à l'aéroport de Singapour pour la nuit. En gros, avec mon visa de 6 mois pour la Thaïlande, il faut sortir du pays a chaque 2 mois. Et oui, ça fait déjà 2 gros mois que je suis en Thaïlande!! Le temps passe vite pareil! Donc, je suis ici pour la nuit et demain je retourne en Thaïlande, sur "mon" île où j'habite depuis 2 mois. Que puis-je bien faire sur une île pendant 2 mois et vouloir y retourner?! Et bien imaginez-vous bien que je suis devenu une maître de la plongée ou si tu préfères je suis devenu divemaster. Ça ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Little India May 9th 2015

We did a few errands in he morning and then had a shopping day. We went round all the markets and ended up being out for about 5 hours! Lots of the stalls have similar stuff but you have to ask several people for the price of an item, find out the cheapest and then haggle with them for a cheaper price. It's quite funny because they give you a ridiculous first price which you can practically halve and then you make offers which they eventually accept! I got two playsuits a down from 350,000 to 130,000 IDR (£6!) then Katy and I went to sky garden where they have an all you can eat buffet for 60k including free beer for an hour (a shame that I don't drink beer or that it wasn't free ... read more
Yogurt Republic
Marina Bay Sands
Alex and I on the skyway

Asia » Singapore » Changi May 2nd 2015

Saturday, 2nd May 2015 I was happy to land myself on the Agoda Mystery Deal for a nice weekend staycation at Changi Cove Hotel. What we really liked about Changi Cove was the peaceful and leafy surroundings which was a premium in urban Singapore. The bright and welcoming lobby was very nicely done up considering the high ceilings and spacious interiors. About 5 minutes from where we stayed were the 2.2km Changi Boardwalk which we took that evening on our way for dinner at Changi Village. We settled for western cuisine at Jacob's Café, a homely place at the heart of town. Frankly speaking, I was seeking for some design inspirations for my new house. And I really liked the simplicity of the bedrooms at Changi Cove. It was nothing closed to luxurious but comfortable for ... read more
Sleek & comfortable bedrooms
Changi Cove Hotel
For your creativity

Asia » Singapore April 28th 2015

On arrival into Singapore I could see my childhood best friend, Laura through the glass doors as I was waiting for my luggage. It’s been a long time since someone met me of a plane and it felt super exciting - especially as it was Laura. I arrived smelly and with my head still in Sri Lanka - it seems a wee bit of a culture shock when you land somewhere new for the first time. I didn’t really know what to expect from Sing but I was expecting it to be similar to Dubai. Both places I was visiting not through wanting to see the place but purely to see close friends. I arrived into a sea of tall shiny buildings in Down Town. Similar to Dubai. But over the next few days I was ... read more
Laura, Nick and me
Yoga at Sunrise
Scultpure in the gardens by the bay

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour April 23rd 2015

A short four hour flight from Bali and we arrived in Singapore; from the minute we arrived we knew it was going to be a fantastic. There's something about the atmosphere and the people that are very welcoming. I was pleasantly surprised at how modern and clean the country is. There is so much order in the country that I was afraid to do anything outside the norm because I didn't want to get fined. For instance, drinking or eating in the metro station is a big no no and we had to learn that the hard way. But because of such rule the metro station is immaculately clean. My absolute favorite thing to do is walk the Marina Bay, just the scenery alone is beautiful and the architecture is amazing. Clarke Quay is a must ... read more

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