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Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 22nd 2015

After breakfast we went on a hunt for vodka, not an easy task in Singapore. After walking two malls, the deed was accomplished and we were ready to check out of the Pan Pacific hotel and board the bus to the Insignia. Our cabin was filled with luggage (4 huge bags, 2 medium and 2 small) and left little walking space, but since it was time for lunch, we left that chore for later to gain strength for the task at hand. Two hours later we were organized and pleased with the results. We were ready for 109 days of life aboard Insignia and a glass of beer.... read more
New Home!

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 22nd 2015

I just returned to Germany after a year in Singapore. I worked extremely hard while I was there since I was doing three jobs at a time: consulting work for our Singaporean office, consulting work for our Kuala Lumpur office, and research for our German headquarter. So my job also involved a lot of travelling – to conferences to Hawaii, Paris, and San Sebastian and back and forth between Singapore and KL. At times I was in KL almost every week. There was loads of work to do. However, projects were diverse, super interesting and fun, so I did not mind the amount of work too much – also because I knew it would be for a limited amount of time. Although I worked a lot I still managed to see a lot around the ... read more
Apéritif at Sky on 57
Central Business District

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 21st 2015

Out on the street at 8:00 am this morning as the humidity is quite oppressive. First stop was The Gardens by the Bay which is a huge complex that can be walked for free along part of a man made river with an assortment of native flora. The paying parts of the garden were a Skywalk, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Hours were spent enjoying what surely must be every plant in the world! So happy to see a tulip exhibit but most have not bloomed yet. Next stop Sky Park above the Marina Bay Sands Hotel - 57 stories above the ground. Best view of Singapore from here. Back to our hotel for a siesta and dinner with cruise mates we met two years ago from Ottawa, Canada who are also taking this cruise.... read more
Mirror, Mirror...
Sky Park - Marina Bay Sands
Cloud Forest and Flower Dome from above

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 20th 2015

We have arrived! Our flights were happily uneventful and most enjoyable thanks to first class and business class accommodations provided by Oceania Cruise lines. A driver was waiting for us at 1:45 a.m. and took us to our most beautiful hotel Pan Pacific which is close to all that Singapore has to offer and which we shall enjoy for the next four days. We are wide awake as Singapore is 12 hours ahead of New York so we will stay the course until tonight and try to get on track time wise.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 20th 2015

Lucked out today when we arrived at the Singapore Flyer early in the morning. We were able to board our own capsule (usually holding 28 people) and get the most awesome view of Singapore. The humidity is so high here that after walking around we were quite wet and decided to cool off by the pool. We will be out even earlier tomorrow in order to not be overcome by heat.... read more
Alone in our Capsule
What a view
Cool by the pool

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour February 4th 2015

Hi people, We started off the day with a swim in the parks pool. It was so nice to cool down in this heat, only problem was it was raining and the heat quickly disappeared and left us in a cold pool. Still was so good to have a swim and relax. We headed back to the condo for a shower and some breakfast. (honey on toast) We had planned to head to Pulau Ubin today but as the weather was so poor we decided to have a chilled day, we headed to have a look around chinatown, beth said it was good. We got there and found so many Chinese food stalls (made me a very happy boy) so we decided to have lunch there. I wanted something from one stall and vick another so ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour January 11th 2015

Hello my fellow travellers! This morning I said goodbye to Jody, I'm sad we didn't get to spend more time together but that is how it is sometimes. He is more than welcome to come and stay with me in Sweden and I think he might very well do so next year which would be great! Anyway, the flight to Singapore went without incident and I landed in a far warmer and sunnier Singapore than the Hong Kong I left behind. Not only that but the girls here are all very beautiful, it makes me wonder if someone up above is trying to give me a heart-attack, hitting me with this combination of heat and beauty! My host in Singapore, Kuni, had left me good and detailed instructions on how to reach him and just as ... read more
Light Show
Group Shot!

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour November 28th 2014

Singapore! Goodbye Sapphire Princess …we’re off to find our luggage in the gigantic warehouse on the dock. Thousands of pieces of luggage, how much can you possibly need for a 17 day cruise? It’s a miracle the ship even floats with everything aboard LOL. Red 7, somewhere our luggage is in a pile called Red 7. Cope guards the carry ons while I go on a search and find mission. Mission accomplished as I get a cart a move the luggage toward Cope through the throngs of people grumbling and looking for theirs. Just the day before we got off we signed up to take an overview tour of Singapore on the way to the hotel. After going through customs and immigration we headed to our bus and to our surprise, we found all 4 of ... read more
Botanic Garden

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour August 23rd 2014

Going to Asia has always been one of my life ambitions/ goals. Honestly mostly for the food, but also just because it is kinda the great unknown. We have put this off for many years just because one it really was like the great unknown to us and two it is just a really, really long flight. Technically we have been to Asia since we did Turkey but we don't really count that.So here we were in 2014 and looking for places to vacation. At this point it is was still pretty hard for us to find places to travel because I almost always needed a visa and we really plan last minute. I literally found the e-mail the other day where I wrote Nikkie 5 days before our vacation saying "Hey crazy idea but I ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour July 17th 2014

Zvládla jsem 12 hodin letu a šťastně dorazila na letiště v Singapore - místního času cca 5:40 ráno v pátek 18.7., českého času asi 23:40 ve čtvrtek 17.7. Tím, že jsem furt jen na letišti bych nepostřehla změnu oproti Amstru, až na to, že tu svítá, zatímco u nás je hluboká tma, mluví tu anglicky a sem tam čínsky a přibylo nám tu v okolí víc Indů, Číňanů, Japonců... Jo a WiFi je tu na letišti zdarma. Jen na 5 minut prý, ale už ji používám přes hodinu, tak to mají nějaký rozbitý ;) Při přeletu nad Indií mě popadlo trochu té nostalgie, jsou to přesně 2 roky (bez týdne), kdy jsem mířila tam. To mi připomíná - doufám, že tentokrát na mě můj kufr čekat bude :D Slyšela jsem teď o tom tragickém sestřelení letadla ... read more
Blízko Indii
Singapore Airport

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