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Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour May 17th 2019

We got up this morning to find that it was raining again. We had planned some final sunbathing, but not in this weather. At 10.30am, the captain and his two top officers held a presentation meeting in the theatre. This was a very interesting insight into the building of the ship, the future of it and normal operational processes. This concluded with a guest question and answer session. After that, as it was still raining this was an ideal time to do the packing ready for our exit from the ship tomorrow. All larger bags need to be outside of the cabin by 10.00pm this evening for collection by the cabin steward for assisted offloading. We met a Canadian couple at lunch who had very much the same feeling about this ship as we do. It ... read more
flag of singapore

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour July 24th 2018

Finally we were able to visit the stunning Cloud Forest and Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. The weather in Singapore was perfect. Cloudy and about 28 degrees. Very pleasant but it was still nice to be in air-conditioning when available. Each time we stop in Singapore we try to do something different and while we have been to the Gardens by the Bay a number of times we had never made it inside the exhibits. It took two starts as the first day that we went the Cloud Dome was closed but fortunately we had a late checkout of 3pm so we set off again. The exhibits are amazing and very clever with the plants of many different countries flourishing as well as a 35 metre man-made mountain and waterfall. After we left and ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour May 10th 2018

Woolly says – We’d decided on a slightly later start to the day, as I trotted to the metro the sun was blazing and I was grateful for the freezing temperatures of the carriages. Four short stops and we took the escalator upwards to find ourselves right under the strange three tired structure with a boat on top that we had seen earlier in the week. The casino at Marina Bay Sands encompasses more than 15,000 square meters of gaming space spread over 4 levels. Boasting one of the world's largest Swarovski crystal chandeliers, the casino is also home to over 600 table games, more than 1,500 slots and wasn’t on our agenda, it was however one of the most interesting buildings to look at and you had to wonder at how they had got the ... read more
What a waterfall
In the flower dome
In the flower dome

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour April 30th 2016

SINGAPORE - 2nd April This was the end of the first leg of our cruise from Sydney and there was going to be another turnaround of passengers. Like Hong Kong we were only here for one day instead of the normal two, and as we have been here and done most the sights we knew what we wanted to do. Our aim was to visit The Gardens by the Bay - so more on that later. Singapore has a wealth of attractions and over the past 5 plus years we have seen the Marina Bay Area grow from reclaimed land to what it is now. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is the focal point with its boat shaped roof top sitting on three blocks. The city has come along way since Sir Stamford Raffles founded it ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour December 18th 2015

December 18, 2015 As expected, Todd is up before everyone else, however he slept in somewhat, 6:45 am. I guess I needed to catch up on my sleep from all the travel. Michael woke up briefly at 6:45 am, however he went back to bed, he got up again around 10:00 am. Cindy and Jenny were up at 8:00 am. This morning we had not major commitments other than being at the cruise ship this afternoon. Jenny and I needed to run this week. With the travel over the last few days, it was not possible. We never left the flat until 9:00 am so it was already very warm this morning. Jenny and I only made it a few miles and then had to quit. Not only was it hard to run with all the ... read more
View of the Garden by the Bay from our cruise ship
Hawker Market in the Vito City district of Singapore
Hawker Market in the Vito City district of Singapore

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour November 28th 2015

This evening we entertained Frank and um Hartong. We enjoyed a four course dinner on a riverboat while cruising the Singapore River. The views of Marina Bay and the lights along the river are magical at night!... read more
The lights on the River
Full moon on the river
Dancing Lights

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour September 10th 2015

Poignant days come by. You feel down, stuck and suffocated. Fresh air could be something surreal at this moment - a companion / confidant. A step off your bed is a mile worth of energy (E=mc2). And so you lay, your soul travels the depth of unknown solemnity. Next thing you knew you are reaching for your phone and browsing familiar names. This was how my day started. I have not visited this state for a while now and I know it's not productive. I dragged my self and grabbed my pen and started writing my daily desire list. It's my daily journal where I write what I wanted my subconscious mind to pick up, it's like reprogramming yourself and mindset. One of my favourite is the phrase "Now is the right time", I have written ... read more
My Heart's Desire List

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour July 20th 2015

Our last day and we are worn out. The Singapore heat and humidy is taxing which adds to our tiredness. We grab a cab to have a look around Sentosa Island. If we were at the start of our journey, there would be plenty to do on Sentosa, but we have run out of enthusiasm so end up just strolling the island to discover Universal studios, Mini Zip line, Sand castle art, Indoor flying, Sea world and a wave pool. We do however catch the cable car as it's pretty easy sitting and enjoying the view. On the taxi ride home, we discover many blocked roads as the buses have brought hundreds of people in for a full dress rehersal of the 9th August 50th celebration of their national day. Blocked from our hotel, we opt ... read more
Merrion at Sentosa
Starting the flyover
F18's make a great sight in formation

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour April 23rd 2015

A short four hour flight from Bali and we arrived in Singapore; from the minute we arrived we knew it was going to be a fantastic. There's something about the atmosphere and the people that are very welcoming. I was pleasantly surprised at how modern and clean the country is. There is so much order in the country that I was afraid to do anything outside the norm because I didn't want to get fined. For instance, drinking or eating in the metro station is a big no no and we had to learn that the hard way. But because of such rule the metro station is immaculately clean. My absolute favorite thing to do is walk the Marina Bay, just the scenery alone is beautiful and the architecture is amazing. Clarke Quay is a must ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 23rd 2015

We bid a fond farewell to Singapore tonight! It was a wonderful introduction to our Asian portion of the cruise. The country is in mourning as their First Prime Minister died today; he was 91 years old and had brought Singapore from an undeveloped country beautiful, modern, clean and safe place, not to mention financial and shipping hub. We toured with a group from the ship today to the river for a short boat cruise along the historic area followed by a trishaw ride through the India section of town. A stop at the infamous Raffles hotel was next for our Singapore Sling and back to the ship. Cable cars span over the ship to Sentosa Island where Universal Studios has a complex and to Haber Mountain. We just rode the cable car over to Sentosa, ... read more
Raffles Hotel, Singapore
Raffles Hotel

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