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Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 3rd 2012

KETTLE MYSTERY SOLVED! Many thanks to Tom who commented on our Cameron Highlands Blog and cleared up the mystery of the kettle in our hotel room. Apparently, the kettle is used to boil water to pour onto instant noodle snacks which are a staple part of the diet in Malaysia (a bit like our UK Pot Noodle snacks). They come in all different flavours and are found in every supermarket.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour February 4th 2012

I had written a great blog entry about hostel life the other night when my internet decided to crash and not keep the entry I'd spent about an hour writing. I was rather cranky about it at the time. Hopefully I'll come back to that in the near future. Tuesday was a pretty action packed day, so we decided to each buy a day pass from SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapit Transit -- but I bet you also thought of Homer Simpson singing the 'S-M-R-T' too). It was $18, but you got $10 back if you returned the card within five days. I thought that was a really smart idea to encourage reusing materials. Singapore was generally pretty good about recycling, with the exception of our hostel that didn't recycle. What the heck? Who doesn't recycle these ... read more
The DUKW Boat!
Singapore Flyer
Seeing the Singapore Skyline

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour December 1st 2011

Singapore – The journey begins.............. Left Ipswich bound for Heathrow via National Express. A good cost affective / comfortable service all in all and not much longer if any if journeyed by car, well done NE. Booking in through Heathrow fairly smooth until Sue go’s through customs and they pull her to one side along with Spencer the T/Bear who unfortunately was detected as having traces of explosive material on him! Thank you Ben and Lisa, you know who you are. After more checks we are free to go but feel that every security camera is watching are every move. After the usual mooch around the departure shops we board our flight and for the next ten or so hours where pampered by the very attractive stewardesses. An endless supply of fine dining and drinks where ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour September 26th 2011

Our last week in Singapore coincided with the Singapore Grand Prix Formula 1 race, which is raced through the city streets on a circuit that runs through downtown, at night. The city really came 'alive' that whole week, and it was a lot of fun being out and about. One of the nights me and one of the guys went to this club located in an old power station, to check out the scene for the F1 weekend. The place was packed, but the one thing we noticed was that we were the only white people there. It's not like I haven't been in that situation before, but this scene was different because it was not hostile in the slightest bit. It was hilarious. It was what I imagine an MIT freshman frat house party would ... read more
Red Bulls@#!
The Sands Goes Off

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour September 14th 2011

Singapore is hot and humid apparently the temperature ranges from a minimum of 22C (which is not often reached) to around 34C the humidity is the killer - it saps you. I undertook two hop on hop bus tours (without the hopping on or off) to get a sense of the place. I would dearly have loved to see the Botanic gardens but there was not enough time. There is some amazing modern architecture combined with some beautiful colonial buildings which the government makes an effort to maintain. In the older part of town like Little India and China town the buildings have decaying wooden shutters on the windows. I was quite taken with these It is so lush and green plants seem to grow in every available space. Our hotel lobby is full of orchids ... read more
helix walkway
our lobby
pan pacific

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour September 14th 2011

F$%& me Singapore is expensive. When we arrived a week ago, the captain told me that you pretty much will spend $100 everytime you step off of the boat. That my friends, was an understatement. Me and a couple of the guys went out to get a few Singapore Slings, a local touristy drink concoction. I offered to buy the first round........$108 later, I stopped offering to buy rounds. We went out to grab a cheap beer after work the other day, ordered a pitcher of beer, and was charged $47. There was a skydiving simulator that we checked out that cost just $89---sounds cool right? That was $89 for 45 SECONDS. Our chef bought a gallon of regular plain ol' cranberry juice for 20 bucks. A single room, with no windows, and no private bathroom, ... read more
Over the top

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour September 8th 2011

My first impression of Singapore began at 4am, as my watch on the bridge began. We had already left the South China Sea and entered the Singapore Strait, the entrance to one of the busiest ports in the world. The anchorage surrounding Singapore stretches for nearly 70 miles, and it is absolutely crammed with boats of every variety, but the most noticeable are the large tankers and cargo ships everywhere. I had never seen so many targets on the radar before. There were even oil rigs anchored there, waiting to be taken out to sea. Singapore is the gateway from Asia to Europe, and also refines something like nearly a quarter of the world's oil, so you can imagine how busy it is. I think the only busier port is Rotterdam. We picked up a pilot ... read more
Singapore Sunrise
Keppel Bay Marina
At anchor

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour September 8th 2011

1st thought? SIngapore is awesome. The architecture is mind-blowing, the streets are clean, the landscape incredibly manicured, everything is organized, everything is monitored.........who knew that a dictatorship could be so nice? Singapore is a funny place. From where I stand right now, I can look one way and be facing a billion dollar mixed-use residential/hotel/marina project, and I can look the other way and see a sea full of gigantic ships, with a massive oil refinery with gigantic smoke stacks with flames coming out of them as their backdrop. Everything in SIngapore seems to be over the top--every high rise building has an extravagant lobby. Every corner seems to have some sort of sculpture or water feature that would be a big deal in another city. Everything seems to be trying to out-do everything else. I've ... read more
Three Towers
F1 Track
Altitude Bar

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour August 22nd 2011

The last day in Sydney started in wonderful sunshine wiith no hint of what was to follow! Samantha and Neil were out about 8am to run up and over the Sydney Harbour bridge and back before breakfast, while Stephanie and Tux ran round to the next bay and back, plus ran up and down the steep climb to the shoreline in Lavender Bay. I'd realised that when I booked the car to pick us up and take us too and from the airport to our accomodation that I'd not known the actual address we were staying at in Arthur Street. I therefore rang the company to let them know but only got an answerphone message. I rang about an hour later and another Russian (they all seem Russian for some reason!) confirmed that they had got ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour July 17th 2011

We stayed at Clarke Quay, which is a convenient spot for many restaurants and bars. We started our evening with a seafood dinner at Jumbo - the black pepper crab, chilli crab and oatmeal prawns were really delicious. After dinner, we had a walk along the river. Boat Quay was only about a 10 minutes walk away from Clarke Quay - there were more restaurants there but not as lively as Clarke Quay. Then it was another easy 15 minutes walk to see Fullerton, Merlion Park and the Esplanade. We had a good view of the Merlion and the Sands Casino at the Merlion Park and the night view there was magnificent. There was a laser show at 9pm along the river. On the next day, we went to the Sands Casino. Because it was a ... read more
Merlion at the Merlion Park
Sands Casino from the Merlion Park
The Esplanade

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