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Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour May 13th 2014

I have been in Singapore for six weeks now and in spite of the loads of work I do I managed to do a little bit of sightseeing and get an impression of the city. It is an amazing and crazy city, full of superlatives with so many things going on. There is amazing architecture. For example, from my office window I can see the Marina Bay Sands, three high rises which are located right next to each other and linked by a structure that symbolises a ship on their very top. On this “ship” there is the famous Infinity Pool, a pool where the water seems to be ending in the sky. When it is dark there is a laser show that takes place almost every evening at this building. Other buildings look like a ... read more
Gardens by the Bay II
Gardens by the Bay III
Marina Bay Sands

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour April 27th 2014

Last time I wrote something here I had just returned from a great and very relaxing holiday on the island of Lanzarote. And having recharged my batteries was really important for the months that were to come. I had two and a half months left to write up my PhD, submit it, and prepare for a nine month work secondment to Singapore. Crazyness… During the next months, my whole world was revolving around the PhD. I made sure I got enough sleep (which was not always easy because I must admit that there were quite a few nights when it was difficult for me to go to sleep), kept a healthy and balanced diet, worked out four times per week, and did not drink any alcohol. No travelling, no visitors. But, most importantly, I worked on ... read more
Reflections @Keppel Bay
Reflections @Keppel Bay pool
Sunset @ Reflections

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 19th 2014

Hi everyone. Had a good time in Thailand and then in Singapore. Helped by a Singapore Sling. The weather is amazing .can't believe how diverse the countries are, really enjoying each one as we tour and's visit was to Malaysia again another great time. Love to all. Trudy and Brian x... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour February 24th 2014

SINGAPORE – 8th / 9thFebruary 2014 I can’t get excited about Singapore! I don’t know why – it just doesn’t seem a very exciting place – maybe because its too westernized or maybe its because we have been here before? I don’t know! Anyway, we cruised across the Andaman Sea and then the Straights of Malacca (the busiest shipping lane in the world!) between Malaysia and some Indonesian Islands and reached the Marine Bay Cruise Terminal (MBCCS) 61, Marine Drive about 2.00pm. Disembarked through a very efficient system and decided to walk to the iconic Sands Hotel as it didn’t seem too far! Big Mistake!! Its further than it looks, crosses (at the moment!) a huge building site, and it was also about 33C and very humid!! Eventually got to the Sands Building, on our knees, ... read more
Year of the Horse
Clark Quay

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour January 26th 2014

Well, Singapore’s a strange place isn’t it? There are lots of things to like and lots to dislike but almost all of them are in some way strange. As per usual I knew very little the country before arriving. I know a lot of people who have spent time in Singapore so naturally assumed that it must be some sort of reasonable sized place…it’s not. It’s one major island that is like 40x20km and a few other small islands. I suspect that makes it smaller than Calgary by footprint (I only suspect it cuz I’m too lazy to look it up and confirm it – besides, I don’t have wifi in the lovely café I’m currently spending the afternoon in while you are all at work!) but with approx 6 million people. Singapore is an amazing ... read more
Singapore beat Gordon Ramsay

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour December 1st 2013

Well after a long flight watching a few movies and sleeping a bit we have touched down in Singapore for refuelling. At this moment in time I do not know what time it is or what day it is - I am totally confused! I think the passengers around me were quite glad about us touching down for refuelling as I was going to start a game on which ones were being thrown out first to bring down the weight of the plane if we were going straight on to Sydney. You could see the relief on their faces as they did not know whether I was being serious or not (let me tell you I was being serious - if you know me and have seen me in a lift with a lot of people ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour May 31st 2013

MONDAY 27.5.2013 - FRIDAY 31.5.2013 Have been having an amazing time, the steakhouse dinner Sunday night was sensational - just what the doctor ordered. Monday/Tuesday sailed through the Flores Islands east of Bali, so many islands along that route - weather has been a little overcast but the last two very sunny, hot and humid. Tuesday night passed the northern side of Bali and then Wednesday between Sumatra and Borneo - lots of little fishing boats along the way. They have had the big fire hoses all rigged up on the edge of the ship ready for any pirates!! but they rarely go for these huge ships as its too difficult to get onboard. Our third officer gave a very informative and interesting lecture on the goings on of the ship, he has sailed a lot ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour April 14th 2013

Well here we go again. Just a short 12 day adventure to Bali for the first time. So we have the convenience of using our local Gold Coast Airport we thought we would try Scoot Airlines which means we actually fly via Singapore. Flight due to leave at 9am, so wake up call was set for 6am and Taxi booked for 7am. I woke up around 5.30 so I got up to see that yesterday's downpour had moved on and the sun was about to rise. First priority was to check that Scoot flight had actually left Singapore which it had but looked like it might arrive half an hour late. Next I had to turn on the TV to see how the Aussies were going in the US Masters Golf. Good news as Jason Day ... read more
Scoot's Big Yella Fella
Coffee at McCafe in Singapore Airport

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour February 9th 2013

Hi everyone, I've been having the usual problems trying to log on but we are actually at the airport and have free internet for 15 minutes in the departure lounge. We have had an excellent 36 hours here in Singapore and would like to have stayed longer but hey ho, that's the way i booked it! It is Chinese New Years Eve which makes everything even more interesting and colourful. We stayed with HArold as anyone checking out the photos on facebook will already have noticed. He was amazing!!!! CAn't possibly tell you how as it would take me all day but without him it would have been a different experience but thanks to him it has been a memorable one. Another Airbnb success! Singapore is marvellous, quiest, clean, green and friendly. We got to have ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour February 5th 2013

Yesterday morning, I left snowy Urumqi in the morning and arrived in 27 degree Celcius Singapore at about 11:30 pm (I was routed through Beijing, so it took a while!). My flip flops were on before I got off the plane! Annabelle and her husband, Daniel, met me at the airport. It was so good to see her after being pen-pals and then staying in touch via email and facebook for so many years. Rhonda had been in Hong Kong for a few days, and her flight was supposed to arrive a few hours before mine. When I met up with Annabelle and Daniel, I was surprised that Rhonda wasn't with them. They said her flight had been cancelled! Her itinerary had her routed through Manila, Philippines. I knew she didn't have a phone, and I ... read more
... again
The Marina Bay Sands
Curry for lunch!

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