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September 10th 2015
Published: September 9th 2015
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Poignant days come by. You feel down, stuck and suffocated. Fresh air could be something surreal at this moment - a companion / confidant. A step off your bed is a mile worth of energy (E=mc2). And so you lay, your soul travels the depth of unknown solemnity.

Next thing you knew you are reaching for your phone and browsing familiar names.

This was how my day started. I have not visited this state for a while now and I know it's not productive.

I dragged my self and grabbed my pen and started writing my daily desire list. It's my daily journal where I write what I wanted my subconscious mind to pick up, it's like reprogramming yourself and mindset. One of my favourite is the phrase "Now is the right time", I have written it for 73 days now, so when Maniana habit strucked me, my subconscious mind would seemingly send a signal and zaps me to get things done or act instantaniously. It has been relatively working for me, as I can see some improvement on how I deal with things. A good example is starting my travelblog. Words just flew in and out of my head for days I'm unable to count and I always have justifiable excuses not to act. Finally in August, I pulled it out, and now this is my third blog.

I must give credit to the person who introduced this method to me - Gerry Robert. He is the founder and president of the Black Card Books, a publishing company who have powerful marketing strategies in tailor fitting programs and services to promote one's business. He was the speaker of a seminar, Publish a Book and Grow Rich, I attended recently here in Singapore, to be exact it was on June 26 to 28. He is full of energy and accommodating. He talks about this method of changing one's mindset or reprogramming of subconscious mind. This method also helps you to focus on things that matter most and boost self discipline. You have to do it everyday and if you miss a day, you gotta start over at Day 1. First, you have to determine what are the things about you that you wanted to change. Things denote negative energy in your subconscious mind that pulls you down. Now, once you are clear of what you wanted to eliminate, think of positive phrase that can conteract that energy. As cited earlier, mine is to eliminate maniana habit so I came up with the phrase "now is the right time". You may also add in your list plans you wanted to accomplish or inspiring phrases, i.e. "Everything happens for a reason", "Live with passion", etc.

After completing my list for Day 73, I started to gain the energy I needed for the day.

I have to meet girl friends today.

I love the roads. I am enjoying the view of Chinatown from the bus window, the old buildings reflecting story of Singapore and its busy street. I love scenic places, I am admiring the architectural details of Singapore Arts Museum's palace like view and realizing I have not visited it. So now it's added in my list.

I felt relaxed.

A regular dose of "chat with friends" causes a release of your "happy hormones" called endorphins that functions to promote happiness and satisfaction.

It was an hour of dinner and over 2 hours of coffee with my gals. Girls never run out of topic to talk about, this fact amuses me. It just pours, unending stories and laughters. I think none would disagree with this.

We had our coffee at Starbucks in Vivo City, Harbourfront. I was undecided if I'll have my ultimate tea latte or coffee. So I asked the cashier over the choices, he recommended the Colombia Tolima coffee. I was intrigued when he mentioned it have a sourish taste. Being over-keen to try a new brew, I watched the prep. He scoped 40grams of roasted Colombia Tolima coffee beans and grind it. He might have noticed me observing so he started explaining how he prepares it. He even let me smell the aroma of ground coffee beans, cool! My coffee was nicely brewed.

I wanted my coffee black so I can enjoy the richness and true taste of brew.

Carefully, I placed my cup on the table after my first sip while my palate indulge on bursting coffee flavor. I removed my spectacles and placed it next to my cup then I noticed a pearl like reflection in my coffee. It was an amazing sight. It's like shrinking the moon and letting it float calmly into abyss. I felt calmness around and thankful that the day flipped, it is ending not how it started.

This is a reminder that we have the power to take control of what our day would be like.

Travelling is not limited to hopping from one country to another. It has a deeper meaning than what is written in the dictionary, it is a process of bridging a certain state over another and appreciating every single soul in it.

Thank you for reading and may you have a wonderful day ahead!


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