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Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour July 1st 2012

Well it has been some time since I have returned from my amazing South East Asian adventures but I have finally found the time to finish my blog. I spent my last two days in Singapore. There isn't really much more to say. It made sense to end the trip here to see what it is all about but I definitly preferred all other places to Singapore. It's too clean, to organised and too sterile for me. All in all it was a good end to an amazing trip and I managed to catch up with a friend again who I met diving on Gili T. I made many friends along the way, some of them will be friends for life. Thanks to everyone who made my 6 months so special. It's been the best time ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour June 21st 2012

London, Singapore So we finally left south America behind, departing from Rio at one of the smallest international airports we have seen! Bizarrely, there was no bar (!) but we found a beer and sat to play El Presidente with Ben and Doogie one last time... We also pondered how on earth this tiny airport will cope with not only the world cup in 2014 but the Olympics two years later! Brazil has a lot of work to do me thinks, especially stamping down on those poxy street robbers! Before we departed there was a gang of screaming girls in the check in area and we looked to see someone famous being screamed at... He was gorgeous but we had no idea who he was other than he was a yank. We eventually found out that ... read more
Projected film on water! Pretty cool!
Marina Bay Sands
Famous Raffles Hotel

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour April 28th 2012

There are shopping malls.. and then there is Vivo city. The largest shopping mall in Singapore this 6 story shopping paradise offers shoppers a paradise of shopping choices. All of the great selections from Guess, H &M, Monsoon, Giant and high end stores. Vivo is a full day shopping experience. The first time I visited Vivo was in 2008. There was a section of the mall which had stalls and vendor shopping, similar to MBK in Bangkok. On my latest trip, this year, I was excited to see this familiar place and all the wonderful shops that it housed. Like all major booming cities, Singapore is ever evolving, changing at it continues to blossom. The stalls that once housed some of the cheaper options have since gone. Instead there are gleaming tiled floors that lead into ... read more
Inside Vivo City 2- Singapore
Food Republic
Vivo City

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour April 19th 2012

The name Singapore comes from the Sanskrit word “singa” which means lion, and “pur” which is a word for city or town. So Singapore is literally the lion city even though no lions ever lived here. The first settlers apparently mistook the local tigers for lions. At any rate Singapore today is a thriving city state located on 63 islands at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is an independent nation and has 5 million people. The port is huge and simply jammed with ships. Bill and I traveled around the city on a beautiful new subway system that is easy to use, clean, air-conditioned and state of the art. The air conditioning was a godsend since it was very hot and humid all day. We are less than 100 miles from the equator. ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 23rd 2012

I would have loved to watch both the sunrise and the sunset in the same day but I am dead before noon. I'm usually at my worst in the early morning. After some self-imposed house arrest due to my migraines and allergic rhinitis/sinusitis, I am now itching to go out watch the sunset and listen to the waves. So according to uncle Google, these are the best spots to watch sunset in Singapore: Option 1 - West Coast Park (got some ongoing construction) Option 2 - Mount Faber (no waves?) Option 3 - Sentosa beach (been there) Option 4 - Labrador Park (hmmm... never been that far on the circle line, got the sun and the waves - We have a winner!) Not the best I've seen but it was good enough. I did not ask ... read more
Just in time
Labrador Nature Reserve

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 4th 2012

04/03/12 Singapore The next day we caught the bus to Singapore for RM19pp - £4. We wanted a bus to take us all the way into the centre of Singapore but they were all full. Melaka is a big destination for people from Singapore especially on a weekend, unfortunately we were making our trip on a Sunday. Therefore we caught a bus to the Malaysian/ Singapore border where we then had a buy our ticket through to Singapore. Was only around £2 each so very cheap as it was a board the public buses. The first bus we jumped on took us to the Malaysian border which was only a short 10 minute drive away. Here we jumped off, walked through immigration, got our passport stamped out and then found the bus again to take us ... read more
Terry and I with our couchsurfing hosts
Raffles hotel
No we didnt try one, $18 for one

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour March 3rd 2012

KETTLE MYSTERY SOLVED! Many thanks to Tom who commented on our Cameron Highlands Blog and cleared up the mystery of the kettle in our hotel room. Apparently, the kettle is used to boil water to pour onto instant noodle snacks which are a staple part of the diet in Malaysia (a bit like our UK Pot Noodle snacks). They come in all different flavours and are found in every supermarket.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour February 4th 2012

I had written a great blog entry about hostel life the other night when my internet decided to crash and not keep the entry I'd spent about an hour writing. I was rather cranky about it at the time. Hopefully I'll come back to that in the near future. Tuesday was a pretty action packed day, so we decided to each buy a day pass from SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapit Transit -- but I bet you also thought of Homer Simpson singing the 'S-M-R-T' too). It was $18, but you got $10 back if you returned the card within five days. I thought that was a really smart idea to encourage reusing materials. Singapore was generally pretty good about recycling, with the exception of our hostel that didn't recycle. What the heck? Who doesn't recycle these ... read more
The DUKW Boat!
Singapore Flyer
Seeing the Singapore Skyline

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour December 1st 2011

Singapore – The journey begins.............. Left Ipswich bound for Heathrow via National Express. A good cost affective / comfortable service all in all and not much longer if any if journeyed by car, well done NE. Booking in through Heathrow fairly smooth until Sue go’s through customs and they pull her to one side along with Spencer the T/Bear who unfortunately was detected as having traces of explosive material on him! Thank you Ben and Lisa, you know who you are. After more checks we are free to go but feel that every security camera is watching are every move. After the usual mooch around the departure shops we board our flight and for the next ten or so hours where pampered by the very attractive stewardesses. An endless supply of fine dining and drinks where ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour September 26th 2011

Our last week in Singapore coincided with the Singapore Grand Prix Formula 1 race, which is raced through the city streets on a circuit that runs through downtown, at night. The city really came 'alive' that whole week, and it was a lot of fun being out and about. One of the nights me and one of the guys went to this club located in an old power station, to check out the scene for the F1 weekend. The place was packed, but the one thing we noticed was that we were the only white people there. It's not like I haven't been in that situation before, but this scene was different because it was not hostile in the slightest bit. It was hilarious. It was what I imagine an MIT freshman frat house party would ... read more
Red Bulls@#!
The Sands Goes Off

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