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Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 11th 2015

This time i really travelled around Yunnan Province. Me and other teachers from my school set sail for Tiger Leaping Gorge by way of going to Dali and then Lijiang. After that we even had time to stop at Shangrila for a night cap before going back to Kunming. Photos below belong to our first stop - Dali... read more
Dali Old town 2
Dali Old town 3
on the way to Erhai Lake

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming September 27th 2015

Today is the official Mid Autumn Celebration, a lunar holiday when the moon is closest to Earth and can be seen with all its frontal glory. Moon cakes are popular gifts and all teachers received them in spades. On Friday, 2 days before, we went to Expo Garden and had a picnic inside it. It was unusual and interesting experience. Dumplings, chicken wings, potatoes and of course all types of Yunnanese spices, some of them quite oily. It's a pretty and big place and the bonus is: one can actually go for free after 3 P.M!... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming September 23rd 2015

I've been living in the dorm for a month now. I quite enjoy the new surroundings and still go out every week to discover new places. I visited Black Dragon pool by taking publis bus from the Carnival area, 2 blocks south from my school. And finally have tackled the mountains seen from my dorm window, the Chang Chong Shan ( Shan is Chinese for Mountain.) The weather has been absolutely fantastic this month, not too cold and not too hot, perfect autumn for hiking and venturing out,... read more
Map of the park
View from the top
Citadel at the park

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming September 13th 2015

I've arrived in Kunming on August 27th. I was taken to my place to live which is a dorm in the Secondary 10 Kunming School, the place i work. It's a pretty big school with pond in the middle and big stadium with awesome mountain view. The pics posted are the pics i took during my first 2 weeks of excursion out and about. I've visited downtown as well, but i've been in Kunming before in January this year, so no new pics were added. I"m pretty impressed with the Northern part of Kunming, which provides an ample space for getting away from the city noise.... read more
Walking along the canal in Kunming Downtown
Daguan Park near Dian Lake

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming July 7th 2015

CYCLING AROUND KUNMING As many of you already know, I have become a pretty avid cyclist. Living in Kunming provides some excellent places to ride and explore. Just 15km or so from my front door brings one into the real countryside of Southwest China. Lacking of cars and trucks, the routes usually get held up with herds of goats, water buffalo, and dairy cows. The occasional flock of geese or random chickens running about also make it a fun place to ride. It has been fun to cycle this year starting in February to watch how the crops cycle, and seeing when (and where!) our food is being produced. Early this year saw the planting of wheat, which was harvested about a month or so ago. The farmers take the stalks and beat them against wooden ... read more
Dear in the Tobacco
Wet Ride

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming February 21st 2015

20 fév De Yangshuo à Guilin en bus, me voilà maintenant à embarquer dans un train en direction de Kunming. À la gare, comme je n'attendais pas dans la bonne file, c'est une jeune étudiante, à qui j'avais montré mon ticket rose, qui m'a agrippé par le packsack et m'a traîné à la bonne place. Comme un chien en laisse. Et puis j'ai déambulé sur le quai en montrant mon billet de train aux gardes à képi aussi. Jusqu'au moment où on m'a fait signe de monter dans un des wagon... et qu'on m'a pointé une couchette. Étape par étape. C'est ainsi que j'ai posé mon derrière dans un train vers Kunming à ma place comme un champion. Il est 16h20 lorsque le train se met en marche. Je partage l'alcôve où se trouve mon semblant ... read more
Jeune fille du train et mon souper
Pas de bras, pas de chocolat.

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 7th 2014

Friday: Kunming Breakfast was in the non-revolving revolving dining room on the 23rd floor of the hotel!! Then it was off to the 'Stone Forest' ( see photographs) - although this was busy I think we were the only westerners (apart from a couple of back-packers). We are now in the remoter SW part of China, off the normal 'Western Tourist' route. This area is a lot more like I'd imagined China to be - mind you, everyone under 30 strolls around clutching an iPhone!! For dinner we ate 'Across The Bridges Noodles' - a recipe developed by local women so that the food did not go cold when it was taken to their husband (across a bridge!!) at lunchtime. After dinner Kate and I strolled around the local streets - these came alive with street ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming May 15th 2014

Moc pěkně to teda nezačíná. Na nádraží v Lijiangu jsem bezmyšlenkovitě vešel do zóny za rentgenem (systém čínské železnice se totiž spíš podobá letištím), kde už se nebylo kde najíst. Zkusil jsem tedy čínskou variantu chemického polotovaru známého v Česku jako "čínská polívka", v Číně jako 方便面 čili pohodlné nudle. Bohužel jsem vzal sečuánskou variantu, a už ve vlaku mi žaludek začal tancovat. Po příjezdu do Kunmingu mě dále na nádraží začali otravovat různí podnikavci, takže jsem chtěl co nejrychleji vypadnout, ačkoli jsem ani nevěděl, na kterém nádraží to vlastně jsem - mobil zrovna vypovídal poslušnost. Vystoupil jsem tam, kde se mi to zdálo jako centrum, a dal se do hledání ubytování, podle turistických průvodců - většinou totiž hotely do předu nerezervuju. První hostel byl zjevně zbouraný, druhý... read more
Náměstí Jinbi (金碧广场)
Ptačí trh
Poslední staré budovy

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming April 25th 2014

Geo: 25.0389, 102.708That was unusual. At 8.40 am there was still no sign of Lotus and given the extraordinary punctuality of every "friendly China guide" it was almost cause for concern. At 8.45 Lotus pulled up outside the hotel, sitting side saddle on a motor cycle! Apparently there had been an accident on the freeway (surprise surprise with the way everyone drives!) and after being stationery in the bus for so long, Lotus jumped off and hailed a scooter....."it's the local way" Lotus reassured us.First stop in the morning (if you don't count the interminable delays in the traffic) was the Yunnan Nationalities Village. This theme park showcased the different ethnic minorities of China. Currently 26 minorities are represented with small villages stablished in the park. The villagers actually live and work in the park. Each ... read more
Exploring the minorities village
Inside some of the villages
Lunch and the WestHill

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming April 24th 2014

Geo: 25.0389, 102.708Lotus was waiting for us at the railway station and helped us make the quick getaway from the station to Mr Driver and breakfast. The first sightseeing stop on the agenda was the Stone Forest - a two hour drive from Kunming. I am not sure what happened on the way because the gentle rocking of the vehicle put me to sleep before we had travelled too many kilometres. But Mac assures me it was more of the same......high rise accommodation, pockets of farmland, cars and buses, a pall of smog - just a much, much greener countryside and it was connected by an eight lane dual carriageway.....that continued all the way to Vietnam.The limestone karst forest simply takes your breath away. Stretching over 1 500 square kilometres these silent grey sentinels come in ... read more
Alone amongst the masses
Alone amongst the masses
Typical bed in China..hard as a ...

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