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Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Khanh Hoa » Nha Trang April 26th 2017

Geo: 12.2453, 109.199So this makes two days in a row of nothing. And it felt great. No alarms and no schedules. And if the weather yesterday was perfect - today was even ""Even without alarms we all managed to converge for our three square meals a day - think we are just referencing our Very Happy Buddha Clock! Finally making progress on the 6 islands of the breakfast menu. Certainly one of the biggest amd most expansive buffets of the trip (and that's saying something.) And Loraine and Mac have continued with their growing love affair with the iced coffee - the brew, condensed milk and ice - definitely a sharp heart starter.Enjoyed a light lunch overlooking the fresh water infinity pool while being entertained with a running commentary on the lady in the red bikini. ... read more
Total fail at remote selfie!
Breakfast contrasts.
Hot and cold coffees.

Asia » Vietnam April 25th 2017

Geo: 12.2452, 109.199Pleased to say that we woke this morning without growing an exoskeleton and although we had a few little skittles around the bedroom sideways we were soon walking straight again after a night of over indulgence with seafood.In fact, despite declaring I would never eat again, I was making a straight line for breakfast. We are on a mission here at the beautiful Amiana - certainly the resort with the largest buffet arrangement of breakfast in any city - 6 massive food islands to conquer and each one has so many food stations to discover.We had no trouble settling into the relaxed pace of the day, with ease. We had planned absolutely nothing and Nha Trang turned on the weather to make this possible. The early morning mist did hang heavy and low over ... read more
Starters for breakfast.
So many pools. So little time.
Waving not drowning ,

Asia » Vietnam April 24th 2017

Geo: 12.2452, 109.199All eyes were on the sky this morning checking the weather but there was no need to worry, it looked as smooth as a millpond out to sea. After a very light breakfast (mindful that what went down could come up on open ocean boat ride) we were dressed and ready for the 8.30 pickup by Huay.We needed to make one quick stop to pick up the snorkelling masks and Mac and Richard decided to add a pair of flippers to the gear for the princely sum of $1. I couldn't quite get my mind around wondering where the mouth piece of the snorkel had been last and what cleansing methods were used to prepare them for us. Never mind - just let it go.Arriving at the pier at Cau Do, there was no ... read more
Breakfast just next door. Six islands!
Infinity pool as the backdrop this morning.
Getting a good start to the day.

Asia » Vietnam April 23rd 2017

Geo: 12.2452, 109.199It was so easy packing up this morning with the advantage of carefully folded clothing and the luxury of the extra room in the Kipling monkey bag. Final goodbyes with Twee, a dash to the shoe shop (they are amazing) and we were all set for the 11 am meeting with Huan for the 45 minute transfer to Danang airport and the short flight to Nha Trang.Huan saw us safely through the checkin procedure but there was no emotional farewell here. Think he was glad to see the back of his "happy Buddha" clients (sorry LO_RI, not suggesting you are in Buddha class) and was heading out with redoubled efforts for his bike ride, road run and swim. We did have a phone call from Trails of Indochina to get a "happiness rating" from ... read more
Breakfast farewell to Twee.
Picked up the shoes. Fit like a glove.
Not much to get excited about in Lotus Lounge.

Asia » Vietnam April 22nd 2017

Geo: 15.875, 108.336Mac woke this morning to lots of itchy bites on the ankles. Thinking that some fleas hopped into his socks yesterday at the fisherman's hut and settled in for a good chow down! Got to use the Stingose though and because it was a rest day he could recuperate with the iPad and a bit of banking, reading, current affairs and gaming.Number one job of the morning was to face numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 laundry ladies and get the washing done. Twee had suggested we "share" the work around to give a few ladies a little bit of income each. Richard had been greeted everyday by Lady Number 1 so headed to her establishment. Loraine hit Lady Number 2 and we visited Number 4. Embarrassingly your laundry is tipped into a plastic ... read more
Light breakfast. No Vegemite! No pressure.
Before and after. Great ironing job!
Not moving Ng far from the front door.

Asia » Vietnam April 21st 2017

Geo: 15.875, 108.336Another day hard at work from our Hoi An base. We have survived the salt infused lunch and after another hearty breakfast supervised by Twee we were met by Huan for our transfer and introduction to the entrepreneurial Tan, the hard working Jack and a spot of fishing and crabbing.This morning's water buffalo ride was with the well credentialed Jack - apparently a local stud with many a hard working son and daughter in his lineage. Coupled the 8 seater cart to Jack and then dominated the road as we took on all comers in the traffic stakes and can I say with the impressive natural bull bar set that Jack had, we were unchallenged and unrivalled winners. Any part of the road was ours.Ever eager to show off his fitness and stamina, Huan ... read more
Mount up, Jack's awaiting.
Breakfast starters "sans Vegemite."
He had to fight for these fresh ones.

Asia » Vietnam April 20th 2017

Geo: 15.875, 108.336Nothing like a dress up and a bit of a dig in the dirt! Spent the day grinning from ear to ear. Such simple things but so much fun. I think it is the general "feel" of Hoi An. The city is so relaxed and the people so friendly - there just isn't any stress.The day always begins with a hearty breakfast and the ever present, softly spoken Twee has us nestled in at the best table in the second floor restaurant over looking the river. Not sure how we are going to go back to just fruit or fruit and cereal at home because we continue to tuck into the pho, the bacon and eggs any which way, the fruit platter, fresh cheeses, pate and cold cuts and the pastries. Today, at the ... read more
New to breakfast - gronut.
New to breakfast - Cronut.
Peanut introduction on the farm.

Asia » Vietnam April 19th 2017

Geo: 15.875, 108.336OK, have to admit, the hours just disappeared under the wheels of the van which was carefully navigated by Mr Song our driver. At one stage I thought that either Mac or Richard was going to tell him to get the lead out. We literally crawled up the incredible Hai Van Pass. But it was appreciated because we had no motion sickness from any traveller and we got to see all the sights.The first four hours were a back track to Hue and after the relative quiet of the Ho Chi Minh Trail and Highway 51 we did join the madness of Highway 1. And as predicted we managed to catch a few traffic snarls and took on lorries and buses and road work equipment head onActually were able to pick out some of ... read more
Breakfast essentials.
A big road trip- rotate the seating.
Pit stop. No water. No worries. We're leaving.

Asia » Vietnam April 18th 2017

Geo: 15.12, 108.81Most exciting highlight of the day was that we were being moved out of the closet sized room of 109 in the cabin of three rooms, into the cabin that housed only a single room at 103 where you could actually walk around the end of the bed. We counted down the minutes until we could make the room swap. What a difference that 8 square metres makes. The new room was just what the doctor ordered and even included a table and stools, a safe, two ledges for the suitcases, the same expansive bathroom but with the added bonus of NO lemon essence smell AND super sized towels. And now that the VIPS were gone, the two new locations where it WAS possible to swing a dead cat...or two"..... were ours - at ... read more
Loving the fruit starters.
A new one for Huan's initiation. He loved it.
Happy in new cabin.

Asia » Vietnam April 17th 2017

Geo: 15.12, 108.81A little road trip today of 5 hours and one toilet stop saw us climb from Hue through magnificent pristine jungle to the national park of Phong Nha-Ke Bang.We had thought it was going be an easy drive and could turn off the senses. But if "you snooze you lose." This was a constantly changing landscape as we ventured back into limestone karst territory. Rivers and bridges by the dozens, with each waterway becoming more emerald green. The rice paddies were replaced with watermelon, papaya, corn, pineapples, taro, peanuts and pepper. And the trees transitioned from forest to the verdant green of the tropical jungle. It was too good to miss for about 4 hours.Then we distracted ourselves from the numb bum of the seats with a team effort on a Crossword. Loraine, after ... read more
Breakfast at La Residence.
The day after Easter Sunday. New LO_RI tradition.
Head on traffic. Road block.

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