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Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming April 23rd 2014

Geo: 25.05, 102.7Last day in Lijiang and thanks to Lily we have a 2 pm late checkout. What a bonus! Gave me time to repack the luggage and restore some order while swapping winter clothing options for summer. We are leaving the cooler mountain regions and heading for warmer coastal expected 30C in Kunming tomorrow.Lunch was at 3 pm in a restaurant near the Black Lagoon and we were driven there by Lily's husband Peter (previously known as FLNMWLTCSF) and as soon as we got into the car Lily informed us that Peter was a really bad driver. We thought he was great - a very, slow, careful driver. It never ceases to amaze me how much we can eat! But this was an exceptional meal that included duck and roast pork. We have been ... read more
Jelly tea and eyeless maggots...I think
Old Town Lijiang train waiting
The soft sleeper experience

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming February 22nd 2014

Geo: 25.05, 102.7We arrived in the evening, around 9pm, in the city of 'eternal spring' for a stay of only 24h. We were late for dinner so everything was closed but we had the chance to find a street-stand where they had BBQ skewers and BBQ vegetables. One of the best BBQ we had! The guys at the table next to us were quite drunk and were loudly playing a drinking game. It was some sort of shi-fu-mi but different. It was fun to watch them.The city of Kunming has nothing special, just a big Chinese city. We walked around, went to the Yunnan museum (it's free so it's ok but there is not much in it and nothing is translated into English). We found ourselves in the biggest park of the town late afternoon. Parks ... read more
dancing in the park
tasting weird black bread with cheesy type filling

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming November 23rd 2013

Geo: 25.05, 102.7So as I started to write this from 32,000 feet up, somewhere above Bangkok I got to thinking about how many kilometers I've travelled so far. My trusty app informs me that I've blogged about 2793km, add on 1527km between Hangzhou and Chengdu and the 2435km between Kunming and Kuala Lumpur and my trusty calculator informs me that the total is 6755km or 4197 miles. Considering Hangzhou to London is 5723miles, it's not a bad distance! When I arrived in Kunming at 5am and after an unusually warm and bumpy train ride, I piled off the train with (no exaggeration) about 1000 other people and went to find the bus stop. Eventually I ended up at the hostel and had a nice nap. Kunming is a city famous for its wonderful climate - it's ... read more
Morning dancing
So many!
National sport

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 25th 2013

Kunming is a bustling, vibrant city with a population of nearly 6.5 million. The city is located at the northern edge of the large Dian Chi Lake and contains a plethora of parks, museums, bars and nightclubs. Kunming is famous for its Stone Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage listed site. It is about an hour’s drive out of the city. The Stone Forest is a huge set of impressive limestone formations protruding from the ground, giving the impression of a forest made of stone. According to a legend of the Yi minority group, the forest is the birthplace of a beautiful girl called Ashima, who was turned into a stone after being forbidden to marry the man she loved. The Stone Forest was my first stop on my Kunming adventure, and it was a spectacular experience: ... read more
Western Hills
Kan To Night Markets

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 24th 2013

I absolutely love travelling. I love the excitement of being in a new place, and I love seeing amazing new things and meeting some incredible people. But I really don't like flying. My flight to Kunming went via Shanghai, and although it was only 10 hours, it felt so long. But in contrast, the flight from Shanghai to Kunming felt like nothing, because I slept most of the way. And it was a good thing that I did, too, because by the time we landed at Kunming, got our bags, were greeted at the airport by representatives from the China International Travel Mart, and were driven to our hotel, it was about 2.30am when I got to my room. That's 5.30am Sydney time! We had to get up at 6am this morning, so I only had ... read more
Selective Tours Managing Director Christine with our supplier in Tibet
Some of the amazing costumes!
Some more amazing costumes

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 16th 2013

Geo: 25.05, 102.7Kunming. Yunnan Province. ChinaDiscover China 2013.Nanjing Girls "LIVING IT UP" Expat Style.... read more
Sunset on Lake Dianchi
Sunset on Lake Dianchi-2

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 11th 2013

I guess it's third time lucky after all. Because of my scheduling difficulties with the short 15-day free visa I had, I decided to bypass the provincial capital of Kunming in transit twice during my first two weeks here in Yunnan as I made my way up through the province, telling myself I would come back again. And indeed I finally did. After an early morning 7h bus ride northwards again, I finally arrived back in Kunming for what I guess would be my last time in a while. And this time, I did indeed manage to stay several days to check it out. Kunming is pretty much everything you would expect from a large Chinese city. Sprawling, densely-populated with heavy traffic, and with a mixture of the spanking new skyscrapers that have become symbolic of ... read more
Yunnan Museum
Grand View Park
Chicken in a...Sack?

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 6th 2013

Hi All, I decided to stay a couple of days in Kunming before travelling back to Shaoyang but instead of staying in the city, because let's be honest Kunming isn't much different to other Chinese cities, I stayed in the Heart2Heart hostel in TuanJieZhen about 40 minutes outside of the city. If relaxing and walking, cycling and a host of other outdoor activities this is the place to go. I had lovely day and a half here walking off around the country lanes finding the old Bai minority dwellings. I wish I could have stayed longer. Again the people were amazing. I arrived late and having eaten nothing all day I walked back up the pathway to a small restaurant I had seen. The family who owned the restaurant were just about to eat so they ... read more
Bai Dwellings
heart2heart hostel
Around Hostel

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming August 1st 2013

From the Kunming Airport I wrote the following: It all got official with my booking of the tickets in the beginning of May. I rigorously searched for the right times and prices after finally deciding on a program. Since then it's been excitement and disbelief. I don't have words for my feeling toward this land. I think about setting foot there and I think about breathing in the air of it and whatever feeling this is, it's strong. It takes my beath away. I feel like I have to be there. I want-in my deep heart place-to be there, but I feel like it's more than a want. It just has to happen. It feels like this is big. In definite ways it's important-significant just because I am doing what I want. There's no more to ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming July 10th 2013

Hey Everyone! Just checking in to see how everyone is doing? It was really awesome to hear from some of you and that you took the time to let me know how you are doing! Would you please pass the blog info on to everyone so they know the information? Thanks! It's the rainy season here so it has been raining pretty much everyday. The mosquitos are out and they are really bad! I have about 80 mosquito bites all over me! I guess they love American blood because I don't see any Asians with bites all over them! I have pretty much decided that bug spray is a must at all times, even at night before you go to bed. If this doesn't help I am going to have to get a mosquito net to ... read more

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