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Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming December 22nd 2012

Hello from China, I am currently sitting in the Kunming Airport, Yunnan Province. It is 2:55 am. I am safe and I'm not in trouble. I was super worried when I checked into my flight in Chiangmai. I was unable to printout my itinerary at the hostel, but luckily I had written down my information before I left, because I did not realize that I needed a visa to enter China for ten hours....rookie mistake. But the lady running the Check-in was very nice and she was able to have my itinerary faxed from Eastern China Airlines in Bangkok. I had to promise her that I would never make this mistake again. Trust me. I won't. The main thing is that I'm okay but on the plane I was freaking out! Would I be detained? Would ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming November 10th 2012

When travelling, you always meet other travellers who have been to the place you are planning on going to next, and what they tell you about that place can either make you really look forward to it or wish you were giving it a miss, depending on what they experienced there. It’s great to hear other people’s stories about places you are about to visit, as they can be a good source of information as well as get you excited for that place, but occasionally what you hear can be misleading – Kunming is the perfect example of this. We had been planning on going to Kunming from Lijiang for ages; it was always in our China itinerary as it was on the way down to the rice terraces we wanted to see, just for a ... read more
In French Cafe
Local Tai-Chi in Park
Seagull feeding

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 29th 2012

Geo: 25.05, 102.7It was a relief getting into the hostel for a proper bed, shower and to re-organise myself after my trip down, I'm tired from my journey and head to bed for a couple of hours once I arrive. It takes more out of me than I realise, but I suppose camping on top of the cycling all day really does take it out you (not mentioning the mountains). I forget I'm a new start at all this and haven't cycled in years, so I am actually really proud of every mile I manage to cycle, I never thought in a million years I'd be cycling my way through China, I mean, I must be crazy!After my first night in the hostel I'm eaten alive, although I thought I had the mosquito repellant switched on, ... read more
Cutest photo yet
Stone Forrest, KunMing
Pagoda KunMing

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 26th 2012

Day 14 Kunming Last Day This is the last day in China and we are going home at 11.30pm via Seoul in S Korea. Yesterday we went to the Golden Temple in the north of the city on a small hill where the air is less polluted. The small temple is all copper and used 250 tonnes in its construction. At the top of the hill is a large bell which is 400 years old and a small replica which visitors can ring for 20p by striking it with a big wooden fish on a rope. Alongside the temple are two small trees dating back to the mid 1600's which are still living but rather fragile looking. The temple has a Buddha which is an image of the Chinese General who,opened the gates of Yunnan in ... read more
Bags of Maize

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 25th 2012

Day13 Kunming City Lu Bao Hua (Michael), our local guide has been bitten by the cycling bug so Jeff and myself went with him to visit a couple of bike shops in Kunming. You would not believe it but there are hardly any bike shops to choose from, maybe four or five in a city of 6000 people. The first shop had mostly hybrids and blunderbusses and only one with drop handlebars. The second shop was a GIANT retailer and had mostly hybrids and Mountain Bikes and quite a few with drops. However, they were for small Chinese riders and Michael is a 6' person and we struggled to find him one. The gears were also rather high for what he wanted so changes needed to be made. The staff were apathetic at best and did ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 10th 2012

Here I am at home just about ready to set off for Kunming for the 2012 tour of the area from Binchuan to as far north as the Tiger Leaping Gorge on the Yangtze just above the first bend in the river. I have packed my bike in a soft bag and a small suitcase for my hand luggage. On a tour like this you need to travel light and wash your clothes frequently, which I do in the showwer each night, wring them out in a towel and hope they are dry next day. This was a problem in N Vietnam due to the high altitude and cool weather for the first week. I am not looking forward to the flights, which seem to take forever, and the airport boredom and officialdom. We get in ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 10th 2012

Kunming has been an adventure from the second we left Dali... When we left Dali, we got on the wrong city bus. We wanted to get to the train station and ended up at the bus station. Since we hadn't bought tickets in advance, we were on a bit of a tight schedule so we had to get a taxi to take us across town to the train station. We were able to get train tickets no problem and were super happy to be back on a train instead of those stupid buses (we've had a few rough rides). We arrived in Kunming slightly ahead of schedule (another reason to love the train) and had figured out how to get to the hostel we were looking for. It was going to take two buses but seemed ... read more
Green Lake Park II
Green Lake Park - Music Lesson

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 7th 2012

Oct. 7 This morning we tried a Skype call (voice only) with Ron. We managed to get through and could hear him fine, but he had trouble hearing us, and it's a bit awkward with the few-seconds lag. Good to have some contact, anyway! Then we looked at the "Ladies' Market" near hotel, so named for clothing stores and beauty parlors, but these were not open yet. We concentrated on the fruit stands and convenience store, where we marveled at the giant mangoes, dragon fruit, durian (stinky fruit), and one we had never seen before called Buddha's hand (yellow basketball-sized fruit with protruding fingers? See photo.). We got together to go out at 11 and went right to lunch, to everyone's dismay. We are certainly not going hungry on this trip! After leaving much food uneaten ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 6th 2012

Oct. 6. Kunming Well, we can tell we're foreigners now if there were ever any doubt. The Golden Dragon Hotel is first class - don't get me wrong - but there must be few western travelers here, because the staff do not speak any English, and the breakfast did not make many accommodations for western tastes, except to have white bread for toasting. There was an interesting machine that looked something like an ice cream machine. I tried to ask what it was, which resulted in my receiving a glass of hot milk (?) or soy milk that was a bit sour and salty. It was indicated to me that I should add sugar. It was Ok, but I would rather have found some cold milk (the Mu type). Anyway, we had some yummy bean-paste-filled dumplings ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming September 15th 2012

After a few days in Hong Kong and a week in Beijing it was time to head to Kunming in the Yunnan provence ( a 3 hour flight from Beijing). While in Beijing I had almost forgetten about the reason for the whole trip to China - the wedding of my Brother. He had and met a Kunming girl in NZ and they had lived there together for 6 years before making the move to China. We had a few days in Kunimng before the wedding and got to see some of the sights (eg Green Lake Park and the Shilin Stone Forest) but this blog will be about the wedding The day started with a light lunch before the girls left to the house of the bride where she had been waiting. Shortly after most ... read more
Bride and Groom
Gunbei !!!

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