Richard Dugdale


Richard Dugdale

I am a retired engineer, born in 1945, who loves cycle touring. I have ridden Lands End John O Groats, C2C, the Three Towers (Blackpool - London -Paris Blackpool), European section of North Sea Cycle Route (Rotterdam to Bergen, 3,500 km), several sportives and trips to Spain and the Alps, Slovenia, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, Japan, Kerala and Tamil Nadu (India), Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Australia, including Tasmania and New Zealand. Kyushu Japan, USA, Republic of Ireland and Cicily. I ride several sportives each year and ride one day every week with some retired riders and usually lead a group of the Clitheroe Bike Club each Saturday to keep my fitness up to an acceptable level.
In 2010 I became a CTC Holidays and Tours Manager and lead a family camping week in the Cotswolds.
2011 saw me lead a CTC tour of the Lakes and Dales, moving on each day with panniers and a family camping week in the Ribble Valley in August.
2012 saw a tour of the Western Isles of Scotland and a CTC tour to Yunnan Province in China in October. In 20I3 I ran a tour to Slovenia and have toured in Hokkaido, Japan. In 2014 I did another CTC tour of Lakes and Dales and a tour to Yellowstone Park in America in September. 2015 started off with a tour in Tasmania, Kyushu, Japan. In 2016 I lead a tour on the Gt Ocean Road, Australia and Honshu Japan, followed by Shikoku Japan and the Republic of Ireland. In 2017. 2018 started with a tour of Cambodia, Albania in May and doing Oregon, USA, in September. Cuba planned for January 2019. Followed by Japan again in June 2019.

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 5th 2019

Cuba. 2019. Summary Cuba, an island of contradictions. Havana is a busy city where there are obviously people making a reasonable living and some taxi drivers etc. wearing heavy gold and using smart phones and yet you see beggars on the street and older people with lowly jobs looking impoverished. I think most people are quite industrious and willing to make money wherever they can but there appears to be working age people stood about, or queuing up for meat or something. These paradoxes also apply to the countryside but with the emphasis of more on the poorer end. Much farm work is done by horse and pony and old Russian tractors. A few farms had larger and more modern tractors but I suspect these were government owned and run by cooperatives. There are large area ... read more
 Che Guevara

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 3rd 2019

Day 13. Havana return Good meal last night with red wine and gentle music in background with good keyboard player. Maybe best meal yet and maybe best sleep. Breakfast of fruit, followed by bacon,ham, tomato and scrambled egg. Out into a hot day of 30 degrees again and little cloud. Some climbing past some decent sized dairy farms with Jersey type cows, which may be a cooperative of some sort since they had the odd new tractor about of Chinese origin. Of great interest was the multitude of pony and traps on the roads today with heir best harness and bells jingling. We must have been 100 or so throughout the morning with all the family on board, which we believe were going to a regular gathering of such families and horses. The climb was on ... read more
Saturday trotters
Cuban coffee stop
Matanzas Road sweeper

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Matanzas February 1st 2019

Day 12 Matanzas. 1 February 2019 36 miles of flat roads today. But what a night. Awoke at 4am with severe stomach cramps which continued on and off until 7am. Here we go again. John is the same. I have never been almost all over the world and never experienced the quantity of people falling ill like this. Three more days and back to our own food and water should settle it. The riding was heading north west to Matanzas through arable country with some newish big tractors and machinery mixed in with the old. The crops were vegetables, sugar cane, grain and acres of fruit trees. Lunch was at an Eco Farm, which was the same standard of loads of vegetables, rice, beans, salad and a variety of meats. Great but much too much food ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Matanzas » Matanzas February 1st 2019

Day 11. Cuba. Playa Larga Thursday 31 Jan 19 33 miles of flat country. Another bright day and a look around the local souvenir market setting up on the street before we go by coach to our start point. We left a scruffy village in 42 degrees and headed out through the swamp to an oasis selling soft drinks and coffee (out of a flask) which tastes good and not like the drip coffee of Oregon. It was good to see everyone cycling today for the first time since the first day, all illnesses banished. Next stop was a museum of the ‘Bay of Pigs’ invasion by the Americans of 1961 at Playa Giron. There were old tanks, trucks, guns and aircraft on display outside with large photos and narrative about the battle. Unfortunately only in ... read more
Coconut chopping .

Central America Caribbean February 1st 2019

Day 10 Cuba. 30 January 2019 Vamos- Off we go into another brilliant Caribbean sunny day with zero cloud. Out of town, the way we came in, along the coast heading west to Cienfuegos with all but one of our group riding, which is almost a first from day 1 with people going down like flies with stomach upsets. 12 out of 17 have been affected and the remaining 5 are holding their breath. The wind was on our tail and the sun on our backs again for most of the ride until we reached the Botanical Gardens for another excellent lunch. The lamb was superb with meat just falling off the bone. We had a short tour of the trees before we left to see the 300 species of palm trees held there, plus loads ... read more
Coffe Stop
Waitress 2.

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 30th 2019

Day 9 Cuba 2019. 30 miles. What another glorious day. Our luck is changing. The last two days had 50% cloud and warm breeze. Today it started off with a clear sky and 28 degrees again. We cycled to the location of an old sugar cane processing plant and went up the tall tower built by the plantation owner in 1815 which gave great views of the surrounding countryside. Because it is visited by many tourists the road up to it was full of people selling their wares. Bananas, reversible black and white dolls and white cotton tableware forever, flapping furiously in the wind. As usual we were pestered to buy at every step. I thought we were in Marrakesh. This area was the second largest sugar cane production area in Cuba and several large houses ... read more
View from cafe in Trinidad .
Textile sale

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 29th 2019

Cuba Day 8. Monday 28 Jan 61km. 570m ascent 29 degrees cycled today. An early start at 8.15 after deciding on plan D. The cause of much plan changing was the likely bad weather conditions following a tornado yesterday in Havana which left 3 dead and 176 injured. We eventually decided not to travel up the hills to Trinidad but to cycle around it. This was a very good choice of route since the wind was quite strong but on our tail on the undulating road. Whilst the day started with damp roads, and the necessary puddles, the cloud cleared somewhat and the sun shone on our backs as we headed south west. The road was the best so far with few potholes and fairly light traffic and we sailed along nicely until midday and Liz ... read more
Ali puncture repairs .
Centre Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara January 28th 2019

Cuba Day 7. Sunday 27 Jan 19 Feeling much better today, thankfully, ready for the long coach journey to Santa Clara in the centre of Cuba. Old American cars, pre 1965 and most 1950’s make up towards 50% of cars on the road here and at our pickup point there was an iconic 57 Chevrolet which had been fitted with a Mercedes Diesel engine. We met other Chevvies during the day, one of which was an immaculate blue 52 model and we also saw an good looking 1950’s Austin A40 of British origin. We climbed up out of damp Vinales into the clouds where every window was steaming up with the humidity until we dropped into the valley onto the three lane dual carriageway of the A4 where the sun shone. This was Sunday and there ... read more
Chevrolet 57
Horse and cart with indicators
Local bus

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Viñales January 28th 2019

Cuba. Day 6. Saturday. Not good news today in Vinales. In the middle of the night I was taken down with severe stomach pains and the rest that goes with it. The same thing happened to Paul two days ago and he is now feeling a lot better. Consequently I have been in bed all day with the tablets and water. It was not until early evening that the pain got to be bearable. Not nice. Luckily this is a two night stay and I still had the room at our Bed and Breakfast (casa particulares). The rest of the group were cycling to the ferry at Cayo Jutia and then onto the nearby island and the beach for snorkelling etc. However, it was a bit wild for going in the water and it rained from ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Viñales January 28th 2019

Cuba Day 5 Friday A good nights sleep for me in the Classic Vueltabajo Hotel in Pinar del Rio. Room average but comfortable, others fared a bit worse I heard. The previous evening meal was very good, as have all meals so far. Salad, rice and beans, pork, chicken and other meats. I think they are trying tpyfatten us up. Today 26%, cloudy and wet at times but rain not as hard as yesterday, although glad of rain jackets. The roads were filthy and we were like drowned, filthy rats at the end of the day in the village of Pons and 100k of riding. Still loads of ponies with carts and several with men on board with lassos hooked on the saddle. Cuba, a country of contrasts with two boys and one man seen today ... read more
Cigar testing

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