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25th June 2019

fish and tunnels
Right up my street is fish and especially squid..I wonder how they cook it!..Sounds like a good day with the tail wind..Do like your photos, keep them coming. Regards
3rd June 2019

Sounds fantastic.
Brilliant blog..didn't know you had damaged your ribs before the holiday..hope it doesn't spoil your time in Japan. Must get one of them toilets.Regards
3rd June 2019

worried about 3 of your female riders
The left side of the yukata is wrapped over the right side (commonly reversed with right over left when dressing a body for a funeral) and secured with an obi sash tied in a bow with the excess or with the koshi-himo. Traditionally the bow is placed in the back as historically bows tied in the front have represented prostitution. In private, such as after a bath, the yukata may be simply belted. Yukata are often worn with wooden sandals called geta, but tabi are not usually worn
3rd June 2019

Looking forward to reading further penny farthing blogs
Glad you arrived safe....have a great time.
9th February 2019
An old hearse. .

Old hearse
Haha! That's my hearse! :)
3rd February 2019

Following the legend in Cuba
Been great following your blog. Im sure you will have many stories to tell when you get back. Wrap up well for when you land back in UK has its freezing weather here.
3rd February 2019

Following the legend in Cuba
Have a safe journey home
2nd February 2019

Richard Have you managed to find if it was necessary to have so many coach you think we coul have simply cycled from one end of the island to the other? Please ask the guide. Thanks have fun . Hope your tum gets better
29th January 2019

Following the legend in Cuba
Glad you are fully recovered from your tummy bug..hope the lady is doing OK after her fall too..sounded nasty...nothing worse than impact on your nose. Hope tyhe weather picks up as it sounds a bit wet. take care..
25th January 2019

keeping an eye on you
Looks as interesting as we hoped it would be. I am glad you are getting your share of rain
14th September 2018

Great photos
Amazing scenery Richard..that sounds one hell of a climb you all did. Stay safe guys.
10th September 2018

Great blog
Fab photos...all sounds fun..hope Andrew gets his clothes back to UK...Breakfasts sound yummy, but would certainly have to work them calories off..have a great time.
6th September 2018

Waffles again
Hi looks fantastic..careful fellas with them waffles or you will end up looking like Billy Bunter.
5th September 2018

Have fun
sounds great Richard. you got it
3rd September 2018

What an adventure..
Some great photos here Richard..looks to be a cycling paradise. Are there some hills there for you to work off them pancakes? Have a great time..
3rd September 2018

What an adventure..
Your group look a nice bunch Richard..all sounds good them pancakes!
From Blog: Oregon 2018
31st January 2018

Excellent summary
That's a really good summary of a very interesting and thought provoking trip Richard- thank you so much for facilitating and making this possible .the floating villages were an eye opener and it's great looking at all the pictures on a decent screen . Diolch yn fawr iawn Alison xxx
26th January 2018

Superb blog. Looked forward to the next days blog with excited anticipation, never disappointed. Brought back memories of our cycling trip a few years ago. Well done Richard.
26th January 2018

Thanks for your comments Jon. I hope you are well. Jo White and Phil Heneghan have been asking how you are. We loved the trip to Oz with you and Pauline. Best wishes. Richard.
19th January 2018

driving from the back
Have you been dropped Richard?
19th January 2018

Riding on the back.
No just keeping the herd together. You should be here Robert.
15th September 2016

envious mate
looks great Richard, I think you will have to make this into a CTC tour. keep your spirits up. Rob
12th May 2016

good luck Richard thanks for inviting me to the blog. I will be following you regards Robert
26th February 2016
Old Geyser on his bike

Slow Coach
The old geyser's bike has his kick stand down! Looks like he has already come to a halt
16th February 2016

Cycling New Zealand
Hi Richard. We have been following your blog for yonks and love reading it. Reading it made our planning for our own trip around Tasmania last year so much easier. I am just making contact to ask please when / if you do New Zealand again to please drop us a line as we would love to join your group. Not sure how it works, if you could point me in the right direction please.

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