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27th October 2009

no particular subject
Hi Richard, Finally got round to reading your blog, thanks to Steph reminding me. China sounds an amazing place. Definitely a country of contrasts. We're looking forward to seeing the piccys. Are you not 'fed' up with noodles yet??? I like the sound of the banquets - but I wonder what you actually get ..... Do you know exactly what you're eating? The loos sound lovely. See you soon. Continue to keep safe. Love Kay and Geoff xxx
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25th October 2009

chicken feet & pigs heads
You will be able to rustle up some different menus when you get home! Or maybe it will be Beans on toast for a while. Hope your stomach stands up to it. Watching your blog everyday, like to know where you are, and what you have seen. Josephine xx
21st October 2009

Lucky you
Just had 3 boring days in Italy walking in the mountains picking bagfuls of sweet chestnuts and figs 28deg. Bill
19th October 2009

Greetings Father!
Hi Pops, been reading your blog - sounds like a fascinating place! Envious of the Chinese banquets - it's making me fancy getting a takeaway! Keep putting on the suncream - you should have taken our factor 50! Buy a Chinese hat to shade your head. At least your feet are covered - no medical attention needed (for a change!). I'm taking Kitty swimming tomorrow and we'll be seeing mum later, as she's coming for maths. We've seen Wendy and family today, as they're over from Australia until Saturday. Girls are on half term next week, so should be good. They say 'hi'. I took Kitty for her 12-month assessment and the health visitor thought she was doing very well, particularly with walking and strength etc. She said she was like a 15-month old. She's apparently tall for her age - on the 91st centile (which means that only 9 per cent more are taller than her for her age). I thought she was rather short! She's supposed to have her MMR jabs next Monday. Yuk! Hope you continue to enjoy the trip. I'll be reading your blogs. See you soon xxx Joanne
19th October 2009

Different World
Sounds good so far pops. Is Xiazhuang near Dali? I spent a 2 or 3 days in Dali in 2002 & also Kunming. Kunming is only about 200 miles north of Sa Pa in Northern Vietnam, where Paul & I did some trekking last November. Martin & I went Mountain biking on the South Downs this weekend. First time I've had martin on his bike this year I think. Hopefully we'll keep it up & ride every weekend now.
From Blog: Going well!
18th October 2009

Enjoy your trip, go careful!
Sounds very interesting & different, an experience! J X
From Blog: Going well!
13th February 2009

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Richard, good to see you're still making progress! The news over here has been full of the terrible bush fires in Victoria but I presume you've kept out of their way. Regards, Bill
12th February 2009

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Richard Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu! Have a great day. Hope Paul's sung to you.
From Blog: Reefton
8th February 2009

Hi Dad. Sorry I haven't left a message before now, but we've enjoyed keeping up with your progress. The girls (older two!) keep looking to see what you're up to. Mum said you'd arrived safely at Paul's and were enjoying a barbecue. Australia has been on our news a lot because of all the bush fires, heat and deaths! Keep away from the bush!! Last night we went to Jill's 40th birthday party and got home at 2.30am, when it was a chilly minus 4.5 degrees. I had consumed a little more wine than was sensible, and Kitty woke up just as my head hit the pillow!!! She then woke again at 6.30 for another feed. Torture!! Mum's here now and we are about to have a lunch of roast chicken, Yorkshire pudding etc, which should be good. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Preparations are ongoing for Kitty's Christening - two weeks today. See you soon, Enjoy your last week, lots of love Joanne and gang xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8th February 2009

Thanks for comments. Leg good now since Wanaka. I am enjoying good, warm weather. 20 to 30 degrees. You should be here.
From Blog: NZ at LAst
8th February 2009

Yo dude, Am now with Paul in OZ and still good weather and I am not looking forward to return to cold.
From Blog: Glacier Walk
8th February 2009

Hi Rebecca and Olivia, plus Kitty. I am having a good time and not looking forward to returning to the cold. I am now stating with uncle Paul in OZ.
From Blog: Fox Glacier
8th February 2009

Thanks for comments, having a great time and not looking forward to returning to the English winter. Hope you enjoyed Mallorca.
From Blog: Fox Glacier
29th January 2009

You're in the right place down there...
Richard - Good to read your reports, hope the leg is getting better. As I was reading about the guy with the crap accommodation I knew exactly what you were going to say next - "He's in the wrong job" ! - found a girl in a Pharmacy in Mallorca last week who the same comment applied to. UK weather forecast is for a return to Arctic conditions next week, so you've got the best deal over there. Best wishes, keep safe.
From Blog: Fox Glacier
28th January 2009

Hi Grandad
hi Grandad! I hope you are having a great time in new-zealend! and Australia. Bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lll(oo)lll ll(~)ll monkey's face!!!! =D
From Blog: Fox Glacier
28th January 2009

Sounds Great So Far
Hi Pop. Glad to hear your having a good time & the leg is holding up. That bloke at the dodgy hostel sounds like a moron. Perhaps you should write to the Lonely Planet & Rough Guide when you get back so they can be wary of reccommending that place. I always sway books with other travellers at hostels when I need a book. Sometimes hostels have a book shelf where you can find a new book & leave your old one & they don't mind. Kind of an honesty system. I've read some classic over the years from this method, including Joesph Conrad's Heart's of Darkness. England is grey & wet at the moment. No frosts at the moment but it's set to go below zero saturday night in the Peak District for this stag weekend I've organised. There are 14 of us in a farmhouse cottage. Hill walking & a meal at country pub supplanting strip clubs & discoteques as the pastimes of choice for the modern man! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip & may the wind be always behind you.x
From Blog: Glacier Walk
28th January 2009

Now then...
Father, you don't appear to be having much luck with your accomodation on this trip - the word "plywood" has been utilised on more than one occasion when describing the furnishings. Perhaps you should warn hoteliers in advance about your dodgy prostate so you don't have to trudge across puddled car parks in the middle of the night... I thought perhaps that the bird that you heard making the sound of a bell and a door hinge could have been a Lyre Bird. They can replicate practically any sound they hear. They are renound for replicating chain saws and camera shutters. But I think they can only be found in Australia (not sure). I heard one doing a very realistic impression of my WR250 when I was out in the bush one day! I was rather perturbed to hear that you were photographing road kill. They locals must think you are crazy! Possums are vermin in NZ as they cause a lot of damage. Have fun and I'll see you soon. By the way; it's 41 deg C here today and is forecast 43 tomorrow and 40 for Friday and Saturday. Hopefully it will have cooled a bit by the time you get here. Take care, Paul
From Blog: Fox Glacier
27th January 2009

Bad leg!
Gammy leg, too much training in England!!
From Blog: NZ at LAst
27th January 2009

Hello Father, it sounds like you're having a very challenging time and have had some bad luck along the way. I'm glad your that leg is improving and that you're enjoying the scenery. See you in 12 days! Paul
From Blog: Wanaka
16th January 2009

Son's comment...
Father, this passage is comedy gold!! The mini-bus journey reminded me of Vietnam when Richard and I took a similar ride (about 6 hours) in a the Mekong Delta region. The perpetual accelerating, breaking, swerving and horn honking drove us insane. It was so bad that Richard lost his cool, reprimanded the driver and insisted that he was not to use the horn again for the rest of the journey. This subequently put our lives in danger as the horn is as essential as a steering wheel in Vietnam. We almost took out several moped riders along the way as they didn't know we were coming. At least we got some shut-eye though ;D
From Blog: Sweeping-Up Day.
12th January 2009

Bon Voyage
Have a good time and take care you old blogger!!
28th April 2008

Never Eat The Buffet Food
Rule No.1: NEVER eat the food from a hotel buffet. Especially the posh hotels. The kitchen standards are poor & The food sits around simmering at the perfect temperature for breading bacteria. I came a cropper at a 5 star hilton buffet in Eygpt. You're much safer eating in small humble eateries or from street sellers as you can see it cooked infront of you & its cooked right then for you. If they look like they are doing it properly its usually safe & the heat should destroy most of the bad stuff. Hope you feel better. RJ
20th February 2008

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