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Europe » Albania » South » Gjirokaster May 24th 2018

Albania 2018 Day 7. Thursday 24 May Colit to Gjirokaster by van. After quite a good sleep and despite the thunderstorm I awoke at 6am with no pain in my hip. However when I stood up it was a different matter. Still struggling to walk and needed assistance to breakfast. 2 fried eggs, bread, butter, cheese, salad and jam. Found a stick to help with walking. Rode in van to Permet, where our guide Armand took me to hospital for an X Ray. Result no breakage, so just rest until swelling goes down and hopefully be able to ride again in several days. Hurray. Hopefully when we get to Gjirokaster I will be able to buy some crutches to save having people to help me walk. Walking is quite painful and exhausting. I cannot wait to ... read more
House Martins building a nest above our table.
Good roads today

Europe » Albania » East May 24th 2018

Albania 2018. Day 5 Korçë to a hut somewhere in the desert the south of Erseke. 70km. 1200 ascent. Last nights meal was very good and followed a similar pattern to previous nights. Did I mention the cheese in previous blogs. No? Well there was lots of it. And do you know what I am intolerant too? Yes, you have guessed it - CHEESE. However, the red wine was good and I am looking forward to my feather pillow. Breakfast was a good mixture of eggs, sausage, cold meats and loads of cakes, which put Michael into extacy. The first few kilometres out of town was a gentle climb on a dirt road under upgrade. There were the usual sights of donkeys grazing at the roadside complete with their heavy wooden saddled, which they never seem ... read more
Rough roads
Destination for tonight.
 I love my hammock. .

Europe » Albania » East » Korçë May 23rd 2018

Albania 2018 Day 6. A hut somewhere in the Jungle to Colin Petran. We woke up to a morning of sun again, and yet again defied the weather forecasts predicting thunderstorms. We have not got wet so far with only rain in the evening or overnight. A climb to start the day after a decent breakfast of CHEESE, bread and garlic dip, fried egg and lovely cherry jam. Yesterday we saw cherry picking and punnets for sale at the roadside. The ascent was very pleasant with snow and glaciers to our left across the valley with the road winding around the outcrops and on our maps looking like someone’s small intestine. The road was a bit rough and potholes but manageable.Later we were taken on a 10km descent on a new road with sweeping bends and ... read more
My wet book. .
More good roads.
The whole group with mountains and glaciers behind.

Europe » Albania » East » Korçë May 21st 2018

Albania 2018 Day 4. Pogradec to Korce 63km, 600m ascent. Luckily the weather forecast was wrong yet again and we awoke to glorious sunshine after another great meal last night. We started with the usual comprehensive salad and cheese, of course since I cannot eat cheese. Roast vegetables and the specialty Koran fish, which is only found in the nearby lake of Ohrid. I don’t know if should say this but quite a few of the group are now drinking red wine. At 8.30 we set off to ride along the lake to Macedonia to visit the St Nahum Temple. First of all we had to tackle the border police and get our passports stamped as we left Albania. Thinking I was then in Macedonia I rode around the corner only to be confronted by another ... read more
St Nahum Temple.
Painted walls

Europe » Albania » West » Elbasan May 20th 2018

Albania 2018. Day 3 Last night we had a meal outside by the river, which was very pleasant. It started with a good mixed salad with pickled gherkins and ended with chicken and very nice tagliatelle pasta. Whilst the chicken was tasty I think it was a scraggy thing,or they took off the bulk of the meat befor chopping it into pieces, giving us bone with a little meat on. Very tasty all the same, regardless of the calories consumed in finding the meat. Did I say the red wine was good? The Ballkan Hotel this morning served up a good breakfast with the usual cold meats, boiled egg, cheese, cucumber etc plus pieces of cooked batter upon which we put on sweet jams of fig, quince and cherry. A really nice change. A good start ... read more
Old lady with scythe.
Manual hoeing/weeding.
Josy overlooking the river.

Europe » Albania » West » Elbasan May 19th 2018

Albania. 2018 Day 2 71km 1000m ascent. Good breakfast at the Hotel Austria in Tirana with bacon and egg, continental breakfast of ham ,cheese etc and croissants, cakes etc, mango juice and coffee. Everything you need for a good start. Luckily the weather was fine and little cloud and warm enough for shirt and shorts. We followed the guide’s van out of town and then followed the planned route up the mountain to our coffee stop at half way. The lunch was almost at the top, by which time the temperature was hitting the 20’s and the views on the ascent were magnificent. Lunch was salad and chips with Creme fraische (I think) and for the meat we had spit roasted goat. Quite nice, once the eyes were taken out. A little more climbing and past ... read more
Goat roasting.
The goat is now served

Europe » Albania May 18th 2018

Albania. May 2018 Intro. A pity we have to fly everywhere to speed up the start of worldwide cycling holidays. Apart from the carbon footprint I am leaving They start with a long journey to the airport, going through security, being searched and stroked with a sensitive wand for drugs, standing in front of a robot with feet apart, more waiting, more flying, airport transfers, more security more flying, more robots and eventually getting to the first accommodation maybe a day later. Hurray, there at last. Unpack the bike and rebuild it from the 100 pieces, that it was broken down into to get it in the box, and we are now ready for another great experience to see another world, which is often an eye opener and a culture shock. Time to meet the rest ... read more
Rain in Tirana
The best beer

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh January 31st 2018

Cambodia overview Overall Cambodia is a very interesting country to visit with lots to see over the two weeks of cycling. The planning was excellent and the guides from Peak DMC were first class, looking after us really well. The temples were interesting and were worth the visit and we were not overkilled with too many of them. We had some pesterers selling things, but not overly so. Sihanoukville was a bit disappointing through being dirty and untidy for a seaside resort and had several people begging on the street and beach. The main beach would be good but for the litter and raw sewage draining into it. There is another cleaner beach 2km away but it is still scruffy and disappointing to see our first obese westerners waddling down the street. Almost all of the ... read more
Birds for sale.
Dual purpose Rickshaw
All terrain riding.

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville January 25th 2018

Day 14. Sihanoukville. Rest day. Good breakfast with eastern and western choices before sauntering down the beach paddling in the sea. Walking on the waterbreak was good apart from the plastic and other rubbish dumped above the waterline and the sewage being drained into the sea making it unsuitable for swimming, although Alison did a quick splash. A drink part way back up the beach was followed by lunch at the Vegan cafe. I had bacon, egg and chips, swallowed down with a glass of beer. Sihanoukville is staffed by youths of all nationalities, Ukraine, French and Turks etc. The next job was to open my bike box and squeeze a few items into the tiny gaps to reduce my hand luggage weight and size. Good dinner of Chicken Amok at the La Luna on the ... read more
Sihanoukville Beach
Toiket sign

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville January 23rd 2018

Day 13. Sihanoukville. Tuesday 23 Jan The best sleep this week and a good breakfast before wee set off for Sihanoukville by the main road. The road got busier the further north we got. Good lunch if noodles and veg for $2.50 after which the road got even busier with heavy lorries. Mostly 10 wheel rigid tippers and 5 axle artics. Lots of makes such as Hino, Hyundai, Volvo, Mitsubishi and American Sterling with long noses. We have never seen as many HGV,s as this all week and think that there was a quarry nearby since there were a couple of weigh bridges on the roadside. This made it quite unsafe for cycling since they were going quite fast with little room to pass,especially when we came to the narrow bridges. Chris actually fell off into ... read more
Fish Drying

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