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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Pinar del Rio January 25th 2019

Cuba Day 4. Thursday 24 Jan 19 Back out of village and left along valley heading west. Undulating for 10k followed by a lump of a hill Which had us losing water to evaporation in this humid climate with little breeze. I made an error previously about there being a thousand it so old American cars. They may now even equal Turkey Vultures and be in the several thousands. We see them everywhere. Today as we ventured further west we became more rural and vintage. There were nearly as many ponies and carts as there were small tractors including three carts pulled by two oxen, two of them piled high with stones. I suppose the highlight was seeing a chap ridging his crop with two oxen and a little boy of about 4 with him. As ... read more
Oxen at work
Factory still in use

Central America Caribbean » Cuba January 24th 2019

Cuba Day 3. Wednesday A great day again with a following breeze and a sunny 27 degrees becoming 30 as the sun rose higher. 51 miles today with 660 metres of ascent and the first and last thirds interesting and middle bit on boring busier roads. As we were leaving Havana we stopped at a fishing area community who had tile mosaics around their houses with a nautical theme and they were selling various bits to tourists. I bought 7 fridge magnets for 5 CUC (£4.50). We now need a bigger fridge at home, just for the trinkets. We are keeping in a group on this tour since the route seems to be variable at a bit of input from me and the whim of our guide and we run with a mechanic and coach behind ... read more
Flag of Cuba on bridge support
North coast. .
Rural power

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana January 23rd 2019

Cuba. Day 1. Monday 21 January 2019 Another adventure awaits. A drive down to Gatwick yesterday to stay overnight at the Airport Inn with inclusive parking. A bargain at £200 with B&B for four of us. Nice to meet up with so many familiar faces but sadly Anita has had to cancel at the last minute do to family circumstances. Another drink of coffee and an early afternoon flight to Havana arriving in the evening after a 10 hr flight with plenty of food on Virgin Airlines. Since they are 5 hours behind us we arrived in Havana in the early evening so a quick shower and a beer before going to bed at 12pm, which is 4am UK time but feeling ok. We are not at the Miramar Hote, but next door at the Four ... read more
Stall in Cathedral Square
Old taxi.

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 21st 2018

Oregon 2018 Portland Resting and overview. A lie in at last with an 8am breakfast. A route march then to catch the tram into town. After several false turns we managed to catch the tram to Down Town Portland at $2.50 for the geriatrics. A deal. A slope around town into various shops and then a cycling shop where I bought some padded cycling fingerless gloves . These are the first I have found since Jackson Wyoming 4 yrs ago. Then a look around the largest bookshop in the world, Powell’s, and it is massive with a great selection of books in about 8 large rooms. Bill and myself found a sew-on badge here for our saddlebags after trawling the whole of Portland. We called at the Pendleton Woollen shop, since Richard W bought his Pendleton ... read more
Portland hire bikes
Powell’s book store.

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 20th 2018

Oregon 2018. Portland last ride Well today was certainly an interesting one with no one locked up in Multnomah County Jail. The Sheriff was quite polite once he had got over his serious warning bit and threats of a $280 fine. These British cyclists take some controlling. The day started badly as soon as we had done our crossing of the ’Bridge if God’ over the Columbia River into Washington State. We attempted to go down the cycle route starting at the bridge only to be accosted by a guy in a yellow jacket jumping out of his car and telling us the route was closed but did not offer any further explanation. As cyclists do we went 400 metres down the road and jumped the concrete barrier. Several miles later we were accosted by another ... read more
Bridge if the Gods. Washington end
Bonneville Dam and Lock.

North America » United States » Oregon September 19th 2018

Oregon 2018 Cascade Locks. The Dalles Hotel was nice and the meal at Baldwin’s Saloon, although expensive compared to previous establishments, was good too. As we ate we saw a goods train go past with approximately 130 carriages on, which could equate to 3000 tonnes -serious stuff. Away at 8am into brilliant sunshine again in 12 degrees of heat taking the cycle way heading west along the river for 6 miles or so. This was the perfect time to travel west as the sun was on the hills across the Columbia creating the most amazing shadows. The cycle track was in very good condition with sweeping bends and smooth tarmac passing the International Garden (which was just in front of a tarmacadam plant which you will all have been pleased to see, of course). It ended ... read more
The Big River .
International Garden

North America » United States » Oregon » The Dalles September 18th 2018

Oregon 2018. The Dalles. Cool start at 9 degrees in the shade along the Deschutes river for 9 miles to the bridge and past the white waterfall where people were fishing. We saw three deer watching us from the railway line across the river and several ground squirrels rushing across the road. Over the bridge and a 2 mile climb only to descend again over arable land. A quick call at the White River Falls, where there was a hydroelectric generator until 1963. Two deer trotted across the road in front of me and gently jumped the fence as only deer can - magic. Upon meeting the The Dalles- California Highway we had an 8% climb for 7 miles during which my posterior went to sleep unless I got up on my pedals and wobbled my ... read more
more Deschutes
White River Falls

North America September 17th 2018

Oregon 2018. Maupin 68 miles to go today so early breakfast and away at 8am into sunshine, blue skies and 12 degrees of absolute heat. Much to our chagrin we retraced our steps of yesterday for 5 miles up some nasty hills before turning right and heading north. We passed a big solar farm on our left side which we thought was perhaps the best use for much if this scrubland. Down we went for two miles straight with a tail wind, which was giving us ideas of an easy day. Don’t be silly, it turned out to be the most climbing of any day yet, 1350 metres. I got dropped half way down the hill when I stopped to photograph a rusty old Model T Ford truck with a hand built cab and flatbed, which ... read more
Near Pelton Dam
Indian catapult.

North America » United States » Oregon » Madras September 17th 2018

Oregon 2018. Madras What a day? One of the best. It was a cool start at not much above zero at 8am so leg warmers and full gloves. Not long after leaving town we saw a lovely group of deer by the side of the road, looking like they were heading for the farm sale down the lane. The route delighted us all day with its continually changing scenery and wildlife delights. It started off with a lightly wooded area with good houses in the clearings. Looking back we had a great view of the three sisters with a little cloud around the Peaks and streaks of cloud leading towards it. Then we experienced arable farms with most fields having irrigation devices keeping the crops green. Again we had several novelty post boxes of tractors and ... read more
The Sisters

North America » United States » Oregon » Sisters September 15th 2018

Oregon 2018. Sisters Town Day off cycling today so wandered around town looking at the many art and craft shops typical of any tourist town. The bike shop got the most interest with a lot of purchasing going on and bartering with the owner. The girls seemed to get the better hand of their husbands and walked away with bulging bags of clothing whilst the men walked away with hardware. Sisters is typical of any American town with wide roads diagonal parking on either side and single story shops with false high fronts. Coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries and cafes enough to fatten up any passer by. Much interest was shown in the antique shops with old kitchen ranges and cowboy boots, plus much interesting steel sculptures made from scrap farm mowing machines etc. We went into ... read more
Some of the mad cyclists.
Ponderosa Pine tree..
Three Sisters

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