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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong February 14th 2020

GOR Day 9. Geelong. A great meal of Indonesian stir fry last night at the busy Torquay Hotel, perhaps the best $26 I have ever spent, followed by a pleasant walk along the sea front in the wind at dusk. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. Warm sunny day as we left Torquay cycling along the seafront which is always a pleasure after a breakfast at Miami, a few doors from the hotel. After Horseshoe Bend Road we turned onto Boundary Rd only to find that it was blocked after the B100 dual carriageway. We rode to the next junction and eventually got back onto Boundary Rd again to take us into Waurn Ponds. I remember having problems on this section in 2016 when we had to lift our bikes and panniers over a gate ... read more
Buckley Falls

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Torquay February 13th 2020

GOR Day8 Torquay. Better looking day with cloud but no rain and a forecast of 19. Breakfast on the strip of bacon and egg in a sourdough loaf. It tasted very good but the egg was done with cheese and tasted nice but my mouth is now inflamed with ulcers 8 hours later. I was treated to a pleasant Happy Birthday song and suitable card with a cyclist on it by the group to mark my 3/4 century. How time flies and luckily I still have my legs. The coast from Lorne to Torquay is very picturesque with big rolling waves dashing onto sandy shores and as the day progressed it got warmer and must be in the mid 20’s at least by late afternoon. I saw a snake at the roadside, luckily dead, just before ... read more
Birthday Card
GOR Memorial

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lorne February 12th 2020

GOR Day 7 Great meal last night in the Apollo Hotel and great accommodation in the Coastal Motel. Shame the sun went in when my washing was drying so well. It was no better in the morning with mist and the ground all wet. Forecast 13 degrees, 50% chance of rain and cloud all day. Have we come all this way for Lancashire July weather? It had better buck up or there will be words. Out on the road at 9.50am in the drizzle with a slight tail wind with very little view of the coastline. It rained for 60% of the way to Lorne and stopped at around midday. Just before Kenner River at Petticoat Creek Peter and I saw a koala in a roadside tree just staring at us. Further on a heron looking ... read more
Cliff repairs. .
Mr Scruffy
Get away you.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Otway Ranges February 11th 2020

GOR Day6 The rooms at the Lavers Hill Motel were a little basic but adequate and the bluebottle, thank goodness, remained a prisoner all night in the rear room overlooking the Alpaca enclosure. This was made even better when I took out my hearing aids. Excellent food at night, as was the breakfast, which was more than I can say for the weather. Quite foggy and a light drizzle which made me worry about being able to see the rainforest at the Otway Fly. Up and down we rode along the ridge and then down (and up) along the private road to the Otway Rainforest. Luckily the cloud had cleared when we arrived and we had a good walk through the forest and up onto the steel walkways and to the tower to see the ferns, ... read more
the Clitheroe Kid.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria February 10th 2020

GOR Day5 This is one of the days on this trip with some spectacular coastline. That is after we have breakfasted in the Alcove cafe, sung Happy Birthday to Kay, a young girl on our trip, and then mended Tony’s 2 punctures. The first detour down a rough track took us to the coast to see the most spectacular rock formations and caves which in my view to equal the 12 Apostles. The Loch Ard unfolded more scenes of delight and the Razorback island before we eventually arrived at the 12 Apostles, which now number 8 due to erosion and falling into the sea. The coastal rocks all have horizontal multi coloured strata exposed by wind and rain over hundreds and thousands of years. Quite amazing. Drinks and biscuits were available at the 12 Apostles visitor ... read more
For the Chinese visitors.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria February 9th 2020

GOR Day 4 The forecast is a bit cooler today with a temperature of 22 degrees. How will we survive? As it happened it turned out to be nearer 30 and Bill now has some serious tanning marks on his arms, and a rash on his legs, no doubt from the flies we encountered at the lookout points. First job today was to stock up with emergency rations in case cafes are a bit scarce on this journey. So to ’Coles’ we went in force. Now then. Did I mention the wind? The wind, the wind. The normal prevailing wind is a westerly. Can you guess which way it was blowing today? You have it in one - yes straight in our face. The first few miles were quite pleasant despite the heavy winds of 25 ... read more
The Grotto

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Warrnambool February 8th 2020

GOR Day 3 What an exciting start to the day. Yesterday was spent fielding questions about the size of the bikes for the trailer which should have sounded alarm bells. The van and trailer duly arrived at 9.30am but with a minuscule trailer which only held 8 if the 12 bikes and the van with 14 seats in a circle with littl spare space. After much huffing and puffing we decided that one could go on the passenger seat, one in the back between our legs and two on the drawbar. The only problem was how to secure the drawbar bikes. The driver said he would get a rope from the petrol station - oh yes? I decided to go with him to make sure he did not return with an elastic band. As expected the ... read more
Surplus storage point.

Oceania » Australia February 7th 2020

GOR. Day 2 I am fed up of this sunny, warm weather in February (just joking). Decent sleep for first night until about 4.30am and then dozed a bit before finishing and sending my blog. So here we are with a bit more boring news of some mad cyclists down under who set off at 9.05 after Ken had sorted himself out. Off we went following a route on my Garmin which persisted in telling me to go in the opposite direction, the stupid machine, making me look a right fool. Or maybe it was reflecting the true me? Whatever, I had to eat humble pie and be directed by all and everyone around this fabulous city of Melbourne. The route took us onto a pleasant cycleway alongside the upper stretches of the Yarra river with ... read more
Pedestrian bridge

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 6th 2020

Great Ocean Road. 2020 Day 1. Here we are off on another adventure to the other end of the earth. Hopefully not into the bushfires which have been raging for two months now in Australia’s worst fire season in modern history. We are going to ride from Warrnambool east to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road built by the First World War soldiers on their return and completed in 1935 using pick, shovel and hard graft. After a gruelling 22 hour flight and 28 hrs door to door and with dodgy sleep, if any, we arrive in Melbourne ready to build up our bicycles ready for a steady ride around the cycleways of the city on Friday the 7th of February. Please find me a bed to rest this weary body. I don’t care what time ... read more
Richmond Station
Murals near Richmond Station
The travellers

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Orkney Islands » Kirkwall August 26th 2019

Orkney. Italian Chapel, St Margaret’s. 47miles. 650m ascent. Breakfast at Pomona again at 8am. Great food and good service. Off into the mist until 11.30 following the coast, although unfortunately we could hardly tell. We had lunch at the Fossil Heritage Centre, Museum and cafe at Burray which I can recommend. As the skies brightened the Italian Chapel came into view across the causeway where luckily there were not many people viewing it. The chapel was built in a Nissan hut from 1941 until 1945 by 500 Italian POW’s captured in N Africa. They lined the inside and covered it with tiles and decorated it to a very high standard with several classic murals. Some of these were then sent to Skipton in Yorkshire before eventual repatriation in Italy. Further south Past the Fossil Heritage Centre ... read more
St Magnus Cathedral
German Ship.

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