Tyler and Rebecca


Tyler and Rebecca

We are Tyler and Rebecca, and we are addicted to sunshine!
We also get lost A LOT, think there are few things in life better than "ocean hair", are Philadelphia Eagles fans (NFL), are obsessed with street food and hole-in-the wall restaurants and have just started to stoke our passion for travel!!
Originally from London, Ontario, Canada we recently completely an unbelievable backpacking trip through South-East Asia and China.
The early blogs on this site are very personal to Rebecca since the initial purpose for the blog was to keep in touch with home.
Our real adventure began in Singapore. Please read our stories, leave comments and send messages. If you have any specific questions about the blogs - where we stayed, how much we paid, what tour company we used etc. please send a private message and we will respond as soon as we can :D There have been a couple times when we receive the messages too late and apologize for not being more available.

This is not the end of our adventures. The next trip will be a full year spent wandering around the whole world: South America, Africa, Europe, more of our beloved Asia, Aus, NZ and hopefully somewhere in the South Pacific. Stay tuned... excitement awaits in 2015 (or sooner)

xoxo Ty+Becs

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville February 15th 2013

our laptop is pooched. The screen cracked a while ago and is now completely un-useable. Blogs will be written and posted when we get home. For now we are enjoying the beach life in southern Cambodia until flying home March 4th. Stay warm Canada, we will be in touch in a couple weeks. xo becs... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane February 1st 2013

HuayXai – Luang Nam Tha – Luang Prabang – Vang Vieng – Vientiane – Tha Khaek – Tad Lo – Champasak – Don Det We had high expectations for Laos and were overjoyed with the consistent warm welcomes, delicious local cuisine and authentic beauty. We started with a night in a border town (Huay Xai) then continued a ways north to Luang Nam Tha where Rebecca did an amazing jungle trek with our friend Paul (Tyler had injured his foot but is now fully healed). While the trek was beautiful, our guide Xay did a fantastic job making the two days as memorable as they are. The bamboo forests, trees hundreds of years old and minority villages were everything we had hoped, but they took a close second to Xays humour and knowledge. Luang Prabang was ... read more

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det February 1st 2013

On Don Det, the prices to get into Cambodia are absolutely ridiculous and they know it. Last year you could buy a ticket to Stung Treng for $7, this year it costs $18 and there was absolutely no way we were going to pay that much. We decided to make it up as we went along. After catching a boat from Don Det to the mainland we grabbed a bowl of noodle soup and then decided we would try get to route 13 (the main highway in Laos) then flag down any vehicle going south, hoping they could at least drive us to the border (only about 10 km away). As we walked towards route 13 a motorbike came up beside us with a small family on it. The man asked where we wanted to go ... read more

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det January 31st 2013

Our guesthouse in Champasak helped us get to Don Det and it was one of the easiest transports we had in a while. We love taking the local bus when we can but it's always a nice treat to have someone else do all the planning for you. A minibus, a boat, a “VIP” bus and another boat later we were on Don Det and it was smaller than we had expected. We were dropped off at a small beach and as soon as we got to the road everything was right in our face: Guesthouses, bars, restaurants, tour companies. It seems rather cluttered until you find the bungalows. The reason the main part of town seems so cluttered is because all the bungalows and restaurants have the better riverside locations. The bungalows are all pretty ... read more
Village on another island
Nice view
Typical Lao house on stilts

Asia » Laos » South » Champasak January 31st 2013

From Tad Lo we continued on to Champasak. It was a fairly straightforward journey but not really what we had expected. We were able to get a bus from Tad Lo to Pakse easily enough but then we ended up taking a Sorngtaaou (Truck with benches in the back) to Champasak. The tuk-tuk driver in Pakse wouldn't take us to the proper bus station so we paid our 20,000 Kip and made it to Champasak in about 40 minutes. From Tad Lo we continued on to Champasak. It was a fairly straightforward journey but not really what we had expected. We were able to get a bus from Tad Lo to Pakse easily enough but then we ended up taking a Sorngtaaou (Truck with benches in the back) to Champasak. The tuk-tuk driver in Pakse wouldn't ... read more
Path leading to Wat Phu
Stairs to Wat Phu
Wat Phu 2

Asia » Laos » South » Tat Lo January 26th 2013

We always have a very hard time writing about places like Tad Lo. It tends to be that way with our favourite spots. Needless to say, we found another gem!! Due to the lack on information available for Tad Lo we will write this blog a little differently in order to aid future travellers. GETTING THERE: From the Pakse bus station we hopped on a bus to Salavan. We told the driver we only wanted to go to Tad Lo so we only had to pay 30,000 Kip. Depending on how many stops the bus makes for riders getting on or off the time will vary. We were expecting a one hour bus but it took about two hours. From the drop-off point, catch a tuk-tuk, minibus (or if you show up after dark like us, ... read more
Tad Suong
Us on the edge of Tad Suong
Gold Buddha's view

Asia » Laos » South » Tha Khaek January 24th 2013

We were really looking forward to the challenge of taking a local Lao bus. In Indonesia and China we took plenty of local transportation and loved it. Our hopes weren't set to high and expected a crowded, hot, long drive. We were able to barter with a few tuk-tuks in Vientiane to get a good enough price for one-way to the south bus station which is about 10km out of town – our alternative would have been to catch a local city bus for much cheaper but we would have needed to walk a kilometre or so with our packs. When we arrived at the bus station we were able to get a bus right away and it was not at all what we had expected. It was a real sized bus (compared to the mini-buses ... read more
Huge tree
Town center at sunset

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane January 24th 2013

The bus ride from Vang Vieng to Vientiane was one of the shortest rides we had in a while, it was just over 3 hours and for once we actually got dropped in the city centre (most of our other buses have wanted to drop us off at the bus stations that are several kms out of town or charge us extra to get into downtown). Once we got oriented we started looking for a guesthouse, there are a few city blocks that have guesthouses scattered around so it took a bit of leg work. Eventually we found an acceptable place to stay for a decent price. Having left Vang Vieng later in the day, it was well into the evening when we were settled in our room. For a late dinner we walked around the ... read more
Tuk-tuks parked under a tree
Riverfront under construction

Asia » Laos » West » Vang Vieng January 15th 2013

From Luang Prabang we took another long, windy, mountainous, beautifully scenic bus ride to Vang Vieng. Vang Vieng used to be Laos' party capital with bars set up all along the river so tubers would stop for a few drinks before continuing along the lazy river. All of those businesses were demolished a few months ago for a couple of reasons. First of all there were about 22 deaths last year alone from the unsafe zip-lines, “death slide”, tarzan ropes and other ways of jumping into the – very low during dry season – river. Secondly, Laos hosted the most recent ASEAN conference and needed to create a better image. When tourists are dying due to your party scene it doesn't look good to the rest of South-East Asia's tourism counterparts. That being said the town ... read more
Welcome to Vang Vieng sunset
It's a rickety bridge
Nam Song

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang January 15th 2013

From Luang Nam Tha the bus ride was long and windy but truly beautiful. The mountains were covered in green jungle with villages poking out once in a while in between the trees. Our stop for lunch was on a perfect viewpoint that showcased the many mountains we had come through and what we could expect from the rest of the ride. This blog is being written more than a week after our visit. Sorry for the brief recap, it's hard to remember details of each day when we've had so many in between. However, we really loved Luang Prabang and hope that shows! Finding a hotel in Luang Prabang was more difficult than we had anticipated. With Tyler's foot not yet in full working order, Paul and Rebecca went off in separate directions enquiring at ... read more
Night market from above
Shady lane in Luang Prabang
Sunset from Wat That Chomsi

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