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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope November 19th 2019

Today, our guide Jenny picked us up early and drove us all the way around the peninsula. I’ve attached a map of the peninsula. The coastline of this area is like Yosemite but with even more fabulous mountain peaks and they are right at the ocean. There are many sandy beaches and most of the coastline is a national park and therefore has not been developed. We drove to the most southwestern point of the African continent, The Cape of Good Hope. We also rode a tram up to a lighthouse which gave us amazing views of the coastline and the vast Atlantic Ocean where we lunched there at a very nice restaurant. We saw a colony of penguins, an Ostrich farm, a huge eland (a very large antelope) and a mongoose. There are several tribes ... read more
Ostrich, antelope, you name it.
a very sleepy penguin.
lots of penguins.

As we had hoped, the day has dawned fine and sunny again and as we have pre booked a coach trip to the Cape of Good Hope we have our day planned for us and Table Mountain will have to wait until tomorrow. We could make our own breakfast but with meals out in a café half the price or less to what we would pay back home in NZ why bother buying in. This morning we chose Bootlegger which has several cafes around town but two in close proximity to us at Green Point and the closest to us opened at 7.30am which suited us with a 9.30am start on the bus to the Cape. Coffee was rich and hot to start with after I had decided against a red Cappuchino made from a local ... read more
Housing on a hillside
Gretchen taking in the white sandy beach below
Aloe plants on the steps to the lighthouse

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope December 21st 2018

Driving south from Simon's Town the entry to the Good Hope Reserve section of Table Mountain National Park is just over half hour and costs non-residents ZAR303. We spent the entire day exploring the park and could have spent more - walking trails, spectacular views, wildlife spotting, delicious food, historical sites. Platboom Road past Dias Cross gave us sweeping vistas along the coastline with no other soul in sight. The south western most point was obviously a must do stop for all tourists, they jump out take a photo at the Cape of Good Hope sign and head off. We explored the rocky beach, climbed the track to get a view from above and spotted seals, terns, lizards and a snake. We also took a photos at the sign 😊. We then headed up to the ... read more
The Cape
Seals,  cormorants,  gulls.
These guys are everywhere.

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope August 5th 2018

Another early start as we are trying to beat the other tourist buses to our places this morning. We are off the the Cape of Good Hope. Along the way we stop at Chapman’s Peak. The road is windy but the views are great. We see all the rich beach suburbs, and some not so rich. At one point we pass a beautiful beach, then just up the road is a shanty town. Finally into the Cape Reserve where we see some Elands and Babboons. Then turn the corner and our guide is elated. We are the first bus to the car park. He ushers us to Cape of Good Hope sign boards for photos just before other buses turn up. Lucky as they swarm to the spot. The water is flat so he says we ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope September 29th 2017

Deuxième journée qui sera elle aussi bien remplie... Nous partons ce matin pour une journée complète vers le Sud... Le Cap de Bonne Espérance ! Le cap de Bonne-Espérance est un promontoire rocheux sur la côte atlantique de l'Afrique du Sud, à l'extrémité de la péninsule du Cap située au sud de la ville du Capet qui ferme à l'ouest la False Bay (traduction anglaise du terme signifiant « fausse baie » ou Valsbaai en afrikaans). Ce promontoire rocheux se termine à url= read more
saludos a los amigos argentinos de Punta Tumbo y de Ushuaia...

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope September 27th 2017

The last entry was a lot of words.. this one will be a lot of pictures. Steve and I rented a car and drove down the Cape Peninsula. We stopped off at several points along the way. I’ll try to put a map on this post to show where we went. In total, the journey took us about seven hours. The Cape peninsula is so beautiful. The oceans surrounding are both tranquil and violent. I’m not able to upload videos to this site so I have included links below to some videos we took. You may want to turn the volume down on your computer as the wind is really loud. Did you know that Africa has penguins? We got to see them. Unfortunately, we couldn’t touch them but they were very close. Due to the ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope March 24th 2017

An unserem letzten Tag mit dem Mietauto (hier in Südafrika ein Feiertag auch wenn uns niemand so recht sagen kann welcher) haben wir uns den Klassiker jeder Südafrikareise vorgenommen: Die Strände der Kaphalbinsel und ihre berühmte Spitze: das stürmische Kap der guten Hoffnung. Leider hatten außer uns noch ein, zwei Südafrikaner die super Idee an diesem unfassbar heißen Dienstag aus Kapstadt heraus und an den Strand zu fahren. Als wir uns Muizenberg, dem Kapstadt am nächsten gelegegenen Strandbad mit seiner endlosen Sandbucht, den bunt gestrichenen Umkleidehäusschen an der Promenade und seinen hippen Surfshops nähern, schiebt sich eine Autokolonne vor uns her, die unser Tempo auf ganze 2 km/ h drosselt. Alle suchen einen Parkplatz an der Promenade, verstopfen die Kreisverkehre, bleiben in zweiter Reihe stehen, blockieren den Gegenverkehr mit ständigen Wendemanövern sobald ir... read more
Cape Point
Cape of Good Hope Hike
Blick auf Hout Bay vom Chapman's Peak Drive

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope January 31st 2016

Up early and after a scrummy, samey breakfast onto the coach ready for our tour of the Cape peninsula. The route was southerly down the western side toward the Cape of Good Hope, around Cape Point, and back northerly up the eastern side back to Cape Town. To begin we were on our way to the Seal Colony in Hout Bay to see the Cape fur seals and the cormorants. . We passed some very exclusive properties set into the mountains with car parking on the roofs of the buildings. We passed through a town with pastel coloured buildings - blue, purple, lime green, pink, etc. Amos pointed out Camps Bay beach with its beautiful clean beaches. Every few meters all the way on the beach road were green rubbish bins. It was a Sunday morning ... read more
pastel buildings on the Cape peninsula
Fur Seals on Seal Colony in Hout Bay
Roadway under Rockslide zone

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope April 29th 2015

Its our second day and we are off. Today we are heading towards Cape of Good Hope National Park. On our way we drove through the quaint town of Simon's Town and noticed a sign for Robots. Jared and I seemed confused by this, as we had no idea what sort of Robot to look for. We quickly realized this is what they call stop lights. AHHH, makes sense. We also saw a ton of warning signs for Baboons. Next thing you know we are on a mission to find the baboons. Apparently South Africa has an issue with baboons and breaking and entering your home to steal your food. So if you are having a picnic be aware of the baboons, unfortunately we have yet to come across them. We finally reached our destination and ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope November 30th 2014

Finally a date was set to go to Cape Point, a place I've been wanting to visit for a long time. Id been warned to leave early to avoid the crowds of 'tourists'!! We left Stellenbosch at 07:15 and were at the gates to the Cape Point National Park by 9:00 after a quick stop to take the iconic photo of the multi coloured beach huts along the way. We saw bok and zebra and ostrich on our way to the point. Once we arrived at the point we put our trainers/tekkies/sneakers on to make the walk up to the first light house and onto the point. The day was perfect as there was no wind, no white horses on the sea and a clear clear day. We took a steady pace up the path, there ... read more

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