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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope October 24th 2014

We discovered that being on a night flight and arriving at Cape Town for 8.00am means you're the only flight in the terminal and security and baggage reclaim gets over and done with in 10 minutes - if only all airports were like this ! After navigating the car rentals and the Cape Town rush hour we arrived safely at 52 De Wet Road Bantry Bay. If you wish for opulence in your life look no further than here and if your particularly prescient spouse also arranges a massage on arrival after the 11 hour flight then this is the place. A frustrating low cloud and cold wind meant that we couldn't make it further up Table Mountain than the hotel itself. So instead we drove to the spectacular Hout Bay and Chapmans Peak Drive - ... read more
Hout Bay peaks
Hout Bay
Flora along Chapmans Peak drive

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope March 14th 2014

Monday March 10. Most big cities we have visited have a Hop on Hop off double decker bus and I am here to tell you that we LOVE checking out cities on these buses. We have been on a few now and they are such a great way to see the sights that the particular city boasts as their best! Very touristy for sure, but the beauty of the bus is that you can take the bus tour, and just like the name says, if you find something you would like to explore further, you can jump off the bus, go exploring and then jump back on the next bus that stops, or the next, or the next. Also there is typically some sort of tour guide. Sometimes a live person, but here it was an ... read more
Africa Moonie touring us through the Township
They call these walkie talkies (I call them disgusting)
the township of Imizano Yetho

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope February 26th 2014

Well there has been a lot of 'playing tourist' in CapeTown. I have contemplated and meditated while walking the old labyrinth at St George's cathedral, gone to the disturbing museum of slavery and stood on the very southernmost tip of Africa: Cape Point, where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet the entire continent sprawling northward above me in all her glory. There have been restaurants that served kudu and springbok, ostrich and of cause the ever popular Smiley or roasted sheep's' head split in two. (Needless to say I had only a brandy to steady my nerves!) There have been costumed little girls dancing for the tourist dollars or more accurately rand and always jokes with the brothers as I barter for some silly trinket ending in a belly laugh, them with my money and everyone ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope November 8th 2013

Today will be our last day in South Africa and we have an ambitious itinerary. We head out early for the Cape of Good Hope. This is not the southernmost point of the continent but is the place named by Portuguese explores trying to find a sea passage to the far east. It is a lovely day and we drive along the coast admiring some of the priciest homes, vacation homes, rentals and hotels in the county. The road is narrow and the structures climb up and down the cliffs on either side. It is a traffic nightmare in the summer. Now it is a pleasant drive and we stop along the way to enjoy the scenery. The place names have a familiar ring; Clifton (Ireland), Scarborough (England) and Bantry Bay (Australia). Our first stop is ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope October 22nd 2012

This Saturday Katie and I signed up to do a full day tour of the Cape Peninsula. It is probably the most popular tour to do when visiting Cape Town, for it is marked as a "can't miss" activity. It was a day filled with gorgeous views of the ocean and the more scenic points of Cape Town. In full honesty, I did get a tad bored of looking at rocks and the ocean, but I was able to cross a lot of points of interest off of my to-do list. We started the day with a quick stop to the neighborhood of BoKaap, which is a small area that is completely made up of extremely colorful houses. I'm talking vibrant versions of all colors! It looked very much like something I would expect from a ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope October 12th 2012

CAPE TOWN is one of my favorite cities in the world. Table Mountain is the most important landmark of the city, standing right in the heart of it, surrounded by patches of forests and beaches. From the top of Table Mountain, we’re drinking in a 360-degree panorama of the City Bowl and bay area. This is after all 1,086 meters above sea level, high enough to see the Twelve Apostles running for miles towards Cape Point, and the bay disappearing into the horizon. On the 3km-long plateau, we even spot an outrageously cute dassie(a myrax that resembles a guinea pig) scuttering across grey rocks. I laugh when I learn that the dassie’s closest living relatives are modern day elephants. From ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope October 10th 2012

WEST Coast and Cape of Good Hope, South Africa 10 September We picked up our hire car at 9.30am and started our drive down to the Cape of Good Hope and across the Garden Route and back via Route 62. As the day was a bit overcast and we couldn’t see the top of table Mountain, we decided to drive down the Cape of Good Hope. We successfully navigated our way through Cape Town, down to Fish Hoek and then to Simon’s Town for lunch. Simon’s Town has a large naval base which is the largest in SA. We then went onto Boulders Beach near Simon's Town which is known for its colony of African Penguins. They were so cute and flourishing in numbers apparently. We then drove down to Cape of Good Hope and saw ... read more
3. Boulder Beach African Penguins (33)
3. Boulder Beach African Penguins (34)
3. Boulder Beach African Penguins (35)

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope October 5th 2012

Cape Town really seems like a sister city to San Francisco, the weather, cold water, great white shark breeding grounds, prison (Alcatraz/RobbenIsland), wine country within an hour from the city, etc etc. Today Owen took us on a private tour of the cape. We went to Cape Point, Bantry Bay into Clifton, Maiden Cover in Camps Bay and stopped for pictures. He then drove us through Hout Bay where he said the "stinking rich" live, people like Bill Gates. (Hout Bay means Wood Bay) Everything was incredibly beautiful. Owen speaks both English and Afrikaans which came in part from Dutch, the slave didn't want to speak the masters language, but still needed to be able to communicate with the master, so Afrikaans sprang up. We then took a boat ride to Seal Island, gorgeous! Then went ... read more
Clifton Bay
Boat ride to Seal Island
Seal Island

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope August 24th 2012

So, I have only been on a few international trips, and each time I am certain that I can beat jetlag. I literally convince myself that it’s a mind over matter thing – If I believe that I won’t get jetlag, I will make it so. So far, no such luck. On my second night, I was wide-wide-wide awake at about 2:30 am. I wasn’t able to go back to sleep until about 5:30. Because of this, I had a lazy morning. We didn’t get going until about 11 or 11:30, when Yi Jiun and Roy picked me up. I decided that I would stay the next few nights with them in their apartment in Circa Hotel. We will be leaving on Sunday for a 7-day tour of the Cape, so that means 2 nights with ... read more
Penguin Artist
Chapman's Peak
Noordhoek Beach

On one of our days in Cape Town, we rented a car, which we would be using to head east and went on a drive down towards the Cape of Good Hope. Like most of our days in Cape Town, we were blessed with good weather, which is a bit unusual at this time of year. Although it was quite windy. This drive first took us to Hout Bay, which we drove past but stopped to take some pictures of the view. We then drove on towards Chapman's Peak. This is a 9km route, which has 114 curves, sheer drops to the sea below and mountains rising above. We then drove into Table Mountain National Park and towards the Cape of Good Hope. The flora and fauna in this area is remarkable as is the rugged ... read more
Boulders Beach
Me at Hout Bay

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