Day 11 - There is Hope for us Yet

Published: August 5th 2018
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Another early start as we are trying to beat the other tourist buses to our places this morning. We are off the the Cape of Good Hope. Along the way we stop at Chapman’s Peak. The road is windy but the views are great. We see all the rich beach suburbs, and some not so rich. At one point we pass a beautiful beach, then just up the road is a shanty town.

Finally into the Cape Reserve where we see some Elands and Babboons. Then turn the corner and our guide is elated. We are the first bus to the car park. He ushers us to Cape of Good Hope sign boards for photos just before other buses turn up. Lucky as they swarm to the spot. The water is flat so he says we are really lucky with the weather as well.

After that we head up to the Cape lighthouse. This is no longer in operation it was built so high that it spent most of its time in the clouds. They had to build another light on the edge of the cliff which was mor visible to mariners. Took the funicular to the base of the light station, then had to walk the remaining 100 steps. Great views, and just as I got there I noticed a whale doing tail slaps off shore. Pics and told others so everyone was busy at the edge trying to get snaps.

Walked down the cliff walk and had great views of the surrounding beaches, cliffs and walking trails. A good stopover. Walked back to the funicular, looked in the shop, bought some stuff and the car that was there left. No problems, the next one will be here soon, and we still have time. Shop takes forever to open the till to get stamps we had bought. Next car goes. Oh oh. Now we are late. Finally get to the bus 10 minutes late. Apologies, do the walk of shame and we are away. Tour guide isn’t too concerned.

Next stop is lunch and penguins. Not for lunch but to look at. It is decided we will do penguins then lunch. BIG mistake. We leave the bus, walk about 400 metres and it starts to rain persistently (pissing down). Get shelter under a tree, Chrismunder a shop awning. While waiting with one of the other women, we notice a solitary penguin waddling down the road. Ha ha, pics required. He then slips into a bush and disappears. Rain slows and then stops. We finally get to the entry gates. The tour guide is there and apologises for getting us wet. Balanced out now.

Penguins are plentiful and doing penguin things. Some swimming in the surf, others preening themselves or their chicks. After a while we have had enough and decide to get back to the bus early. The headcount shows that 2 people are still not on the bus. Someone asks if it was the same 2. I pipe up and say no, we are well and truly here this time. Giggles from most.

Lunch is an included job today. Set sort of menu, but sounds good. It was, and a few frothy’s to go with it so all good. Back to the bus for our trip back to Cape Town. Lots of pretty beaches, richer suburbs and a view of the cricket ground where the tests are played.

The rest of the day is free to do what we please. We go for a walk around the waterfront. Nice afternoon, sun shining but a bit chilly. Back tot he hotel to do a few things then decide on a place eat dinner. We end up back at the same restaurant we ate at last night. Food was good and service even better. Now back to the room to pack for tomorrow’s long bus day. Yuk.....


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