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August 6th 2018
Published: August 6th 2018
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Had to leave our really nice accomodation in Cape Town to start our road trip. We were going to try to do the cable car to Table Mountain this morning but the clouds were dirty and the winds even worse. The web site said closed and we knew we weren’t going to get there. Correct, so off he headed into the direction of Outdshoorn. Route 62, major highway but before long we were stopped by roadworks. The traffic coming into Cape Town was just like home, Monash car park material, but for 20 kms.

Finally out into the bush and open roads, oops, stopped again for road works. This time 40+ vehicles in front of us. Waited about 10 minutes then the line started moving. Understand now why the hold up. Had to travel about 2 kms in a single line to get to the end of the works, where a line up of similar proportion was waiting to go the other way. Only thought this happened on our roads. They also have stop go people here, but they wave red flags at you here...........

First stop is at a service station for a pit stop. Cofffee, toilet and chat before we are go..... Then we head to our winery tour. On the back roads to a tiny boutique winery where we have a tasting of 3 wines comparing different vintages. Lost of most of the crew, and the guy doing it had no control, but the reds at the end were ok. Bit of a waste of time due to the lack of interest by lots, pity.

Back onto the highway and to our lunch stop at a roadside cafe. Intereating looking place but they had their shit together and we had food and drinks as ordered in no time, and it was a good feed. Over to the dodgy souvenir shop across the road where the guy tried to sell us zebra cushion covers that would be allowed through immigration in any country according to him. No thanks.

Eventually get to our place of sleep. A really nice manor house that we have to ourselves, luckily As our group can be very noisy - not me for a change....... Greeted with canapés and wine in the garden arbour. Very civilised. Dinner is at their restaurant tonight. Full white table settings and a really nice dinner. Ostrich steak for some, or lamb cutlets and fish for others. The ostrich steaks are like their provider, bloody big, but this time I had the lamb. Done uitena fe of the local animals so thought it might be nice to eat something else for a change.

A long day in the bus but sleep for some, and lots of interesting rock walls for others. Tomorrow is meerkats and elephant day - waiting to see the results.

No more trivia until later......


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