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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn May 30th 2019

The day has started our brilliantly fine and in fact we should have got up to the breakfast lounge at sunrise as the woman running breakfast showed us photos she took of the most magnificent sunrise you could expect to see with sun rising out of the ocean in the east. A check of the expected temperature today at our destination inland from Mossel Bay was to be 29C and a decision had to be made as to whether shorts would become the order of the day. In the end opted for light hiking trousers which are still cool enough to wear even in the high 20’s. Breakfast was again delicious and would provide enough to keep us going through the day We had plenty of time on our side to make the relatively short journey ... read more
A dassie at Mossel Bay
Not too cold for swimming !
The path to the lighthouse which I decided against taking

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn August 6th 2018

Had to leave our really nice accomodation in Cape Town to start our road trip. We were going to try to do the cable car to Table Mountain this morning but the clouds were dirty and the winds even worse. The web site said closed and we knew we weren’t going to get there. Correct, so off he headed into the direction of Outdshoorn. Route 62, major highway but before long we were stopped by roadworks. The traffic coming into Cape Town was just like home, Monash car park material, but for 20 kms. Finally out into the bush and open roads, oops, stopped again for road works. This time 40+ vehicles in front of us. Waited about 10 minutes then the line started moving. Understand now why the hold up. Had to travel about 2 ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn August 27th 2016

Geo: -33.5928, 22.2025Mainly a driving day for our driver, we just sit back and enjoy the scenery. We were amazed! We didn't expect to see the mountainous terrain, the gorges, etc. The pictures don't do it justice. We said we could be in Colorado or other place with typical mountain driving. Didn't expect it. The route was called "62". Expressways are doing the same to this route as 66 in the states. Glad we did this route.In the afternoon we stopped at an ostrich farm. Very interesting. Sharon was able to sit on one. There is a 70 kg limit so I was just over! For the kids, you can ride one too. There was a family from England and two of the daughters rode so I recorded one.We also had ostrich for dinner. It doesn't ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn January 26th 2016

Up at 6.30 am, and already my first bug bites of the trip. Breakfast at 7 am and whilst we were breakfasting our suitcases which had been put outside the doors were collected and loaded onto the coach. Jeff made sure that we started the day with a lovely breakfast of eggs, tuna, salads, cereals and fruit and of course bread. But much to the chagrin of one of our party - no yogurt. Eventually Jeff managed to rustle up some. This turned out to be a daily occurrence. We made a lunch, boarded the coach and set off. By the time we were underway, we were getting to know each other and there was much chatting and exchanging Jewish geography. The entire group was only 21 people including the AACI tour leader (Miriam) and mashgiach ... read more
Wilderness coast on the Garden Route
Railroad bridge at George
Cango Caves in Oudtshoorn

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn March 10th 2015

Last week's visit to the poort, the pass and Prince Albert included a visit into the belly of the earth, to the Cango Caves near Oudtshoorn (the ostrich farm region) That was quite a visit. First because I had to rush to catch the start of the guided tour.... it's not a DIY kind of place. That meant I had 2 minutes flat upon arrival at the reception area, to buy a ticket then run up three levels of long sloping inclines to the start point at the entrance to the caves. I was out of breath and barely breathing but I got there just as the young woman, our guide, started her introduction. It was a well thought out tour..... It begins with all lights being switched off leaving you in a pitch black hole ... read more
Downflow formations are formed directly off the cave walls
Columns form when water drips freely from the cave roof, and deposits  sediment on the cave floor, the two points eventually meet to form a column, after millennia.

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn March 7th 2015

As an impromptu event this morning, we stopped at the Sedgefield Craft and Farmers Market. The air was cool with the sea mist enveloping the landscape. Hundreds of people were parked in the large market area, and most seemed to have come to eat at the many food stalls. Even the vegetable stalls mostly seemed to have bagged and processed foods, like jam and chutneys. The craft market was much more interesting. Booths ranged from semi-permanent artists’ shops to plastic tarps on the ground. At one of these latter I glanced at the stone carvings and spotted a tiny hippo. Immediately my imagination put it with the other tiny souvenirs at home. The carver’s larger works were elegant, unusually textured and lightly abstracted. As we chatted, he revealed that he had toured from Vancouver to Toronto ... read more
Wilderness Beach
White Ostrich
Baby Ostrich

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn February 17th 2015

Tuesday 17th February 2015 - Oudtshoorn. Oudtshoorn part of route 62 and is just North of the town George ( the N2 - the main road out of the Western Cape heading to Durban eventually )and the start of the very tourist "Garden route" - that Judith and I will be following in a few days. But first it's time to explore and a little adventure!! There are many attractions surrounding this strange town, the name of which everybody pronounces differently! One of the main attractions are the Congo Caves about 30 miles North of town. There are three ways to view the caves.....most people would be content with the traditional tourist or tourist guided tour, but not Judith and I!!! Adventure tour for us. To 'qualify you have to practice squeezing through a 'letter box' ... read more
Bottoms up!
Now that's tight!
The letter box - you had to slide down on your back to exit

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn February 16th 2015

Monday 16th February - travel to Oudtshoorn. If you haven't got it by now - I guess it's best to add a few thoughts and observations at this point .... Route 62 is the old route through Africa.... Not so easy as there would have been no cars or lorries just carts with horses - but mainly ox and carts! It would have been a rough time. The topography would have been amazing - trying to find the least 'tough route' through the mountains but at the same time finding the best direct route.... Have no idea how they did that, but then the Romans did it in the UK and Europe so I guess there is a precedence ! Enough of that: It had been interesting travelling through the Little Karoo and then the mountains ... read more
Buffelsdrift Game Lodge
Meal over the Lake watching the wildlife

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn September 23rd 2014

Geo: -33.5928, 22.2024Nach einem reichhaltigen Frühstück starten wir um 09.00 Uhr die Motoren und fahren auf der R62, vergleichbar mit der Route 66 in den USA, jedoch von Cape Town nach Port Elisbeth, in Richtung Oudtshoorn. Oudtshoorn, unser heutiges Tagesziel ist die Hauptstadt der Straussenzucht in Südafrika.Zu Beginn tanken wir unsere Maschinen voll und dann fahren wir über die R62 und die R60, resp. über Ashton nach Swellendam, wo wir kurz auf die N2 wechseln. Als wir abfahren, ist es drückend und warm und als wir auf dieser Seite der Berge ankommen, ist es kühl und bewölkt, der Einfluss des Meeres ist spürbar und das Wetter ist hier nicht berechenbar. Von der N2 biegen wir ab, um auf der R345 über den schönen Tradouw Pass (303m) nach Barrydale zu fahren, wo wir wieder auf die R62 ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn September 11th 2014

Geo: -33.5928, 22.2025It's not often the invention of the automobile, womens fashions, and ostriches find themselves in the same conversation. And even more unlikely that Oudtshoorn South Africa would be the epicentre of this unlikely collision. During the mid-1860s Oudtshoorn experienced a boom time and the main reason for the surge in prosperity was the ostrich, whose feathers had become fashionable accessories among my Princess'ancestors in the European nobility. Feather exports saw a sharp increase from the Cape Colony and between 1875 and 1880, ostrich prices reached up to $1,600 a pair. The value of ostrich feathers, per pound, almost equaled that of diamonds. The farmers of the region, realising that ostriches were far more profitable than any other activity, ripped out their other crops and planted lucerne, which was used as feed for the ostriches. ... read more
Cango Caves
Covering The Left & Right
Cango Caves

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