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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn November 9th 2008

8 Nov - drive to Outshoorn. We have lunch at the Cango Caves then have a guided tour of the caves which have interesting stalagmite and stalactite formations. Outshoorn is famous for its ostriches - they're everywhere. There are lots of ostrich farms in the area with hundreds of birds on each farm. Some of the group go to visit a farm, but the rest of us visit Cango Wildife Ranch. As soon as we walk in, the first animals we see are...MEERKATS!!!! Soooooo excited, it was great to see my fave animal in the wild a few days ago but now I can see them up close too, they're gorgeous (did you know that they no longer have meerkats at Edinburgh Zoo??!!). I am transfixed for ages watching the wee guys. It's a colony, complete ... read more
Keeping watch
Meerkat facts
Soooo cute

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn November 7th 2008

Sorry we have not had access to internet for a while..... We had a good journey from the most southern tip of Africa into the heart of the Karoo area. The roads were good and it didnt take us long to get to our next stop - The amber lagoon. This was litterally in the middle of no where, a mad german woman packed up an sailed on the Amber Lagoon to SA and set up a little retreat in the middle of a desert. We arrived in good time and chilled out by the pool before going on a tour of the neighbouring Ostrich farm. It was excellant. We should have stayed longer..... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn August 24th 2008

Getting posted in Cango Caves Well it has to be said that when it comes to Lake Pleasant Living size isn’t everything. It may have provided us with the largest room but it probably was the worst food and only near the bottom of the top five best views. We left after breakfast and headed yet again along the N2. We passed through a place called Wilderness so named because the wife of some fella when she married him said she wanted to spend the first year of their marriage in a wilderness so he bought some land, put a hut on it and called it Wilderness - ta da! At George we turned onto the N9/N12 and headed up through the Outeniqua Pass, which gave us fantastic views over green rolling hills. You’d see some ... read more
More Cango Caves
The Letterbox
Tunnel of Love

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn July 18th 2008

July 16, 17, 2008 Cape Town - Oudtshoorn, S.A. Wednesday morning we began our exploring of the Cape area of South Africa. We met our guide, Carles, and drove today north and east to Oudtshoorn. This is a very nice drive through some beautiful mountains to an area of farms and past many small vineyards and fruit growing areas. The landscape changes to semi-desert ( very similar to Arizona ) and a few beautiful green valleys in the mountains. There are big sheep farms and as we approached Oudtshoorn many more farms. Our stay in Oudtshoorn was at a very, very nice place called Rosenhof Country House. Maybe the nicest place we have stayed at on our whole trip. Oudtshoorn is a small city of 100,000 or so and the Country House is on the outskirts ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn July 15th 2008

We heard reports of poor weather for the coast, so we decided to head inland away from the Garden Route and take the alternative Route 62 from Oudtshoorn to Robertson. Oudtshoorn is the Ostrich capital of the world and is also the gateway to the Cango Caves. The caves were cool and the Ostrich was delicious. In Robertson we treated ourselves to a wine-tasting tour where we visited four wineries and it was probably a good thing that we didn't have to drive. The best part about Route 62 is the beautiful landscape of the Klein Karoo.... read more
Cango 3

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn June 11th 2008

West of Capetown from Mossel Bay to Plettenberg Bay lies "The Garden Route." You could make months of holidaying out of just seeing this bit of coastline which boasts the world's highest bungee, whale watching, shark diving, famous surf beaches and heaps more stuff that I can't be bothered listing. However, I only had a few days to spend in this bit of the world and needed to choose one place. After surveying the bar at the hostel I decided to get the "Baz bus" (backpacker travel bus) to Outdtshoorn - the ostrich capital of the world. Turned out to be a riot. I learned a lot about Ostriches. I even rode one. Unfortunately, I have no evidence. (This is what happens when you leave a pom in charge of the camera - sorry El) I ... read more
Quad biking
Horse Riding

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn May 30th 2008

Von Kapstadt geht es mit dem Bus weiter nach Swellendam. Ich haette es fast bereut, hier einen Stopover zu machen. Im Dunkeln musste ich das Hostel finden, welches irgendwo am A... lag. Stunde... passt. Aber dafuer habe ich zwei suuuuper nette Israelis getroffen, die mich prompt - hungrig wie ich war - zum Essen einluden. Sie sind juedisch und zu Hause veranstaltet die Familie jeden Freitag ein Festessen, um den heiligen Tag, den Samstag zu feiern. Sie haben mir ein wirklich leckeres Menue serviert... holla. Als Ausgleich bin ich morgens frueher aufgestanden (der Supermarkt ist ne halbe Stunde weg), um Fruehstueck zu holen. Itais Grossvater ist Deutscher und vielleicht kommt daher die wirklicherstaunliche Charakteraehnlichkeit. Mit denen waere es echt nett gewesen, weiterzureisen, aber leider kamen sie aus der anderen Richtung. Um weiter nach Oudtshoorn zu kommen, ... read more
Nur downhill... alles klar
Ostriches geben ein super Steak ab... Zart im Biss, aromatisch im Abgang
Mein neues Haustier... leider herrscht Leinenpflicht in allen Bereichen Suedafrikas

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn May 16th 2008

Today was the day Jill had been waiting for nearly a year - the Meerkat Safari! The Safari was to take place where the Discovery Channel film Meerkat Manor and because of this we couldn’t do the evening tour, we had to meet the guide at 6:40am for the morning tour. Not too bad I hear you say, but when the meeting place is 80miles away over a mountain pass then you won’t be surprised to hear that it entails a 5am start! So up we got and off we drove before dawn even thought about cracking. Jill checked her texts after 70miles on the road at about 6:30am. It turns out that the guide texted us yesterday at tea-time saying that the trip was cancelled!!! Slightly shell shocked we managed to get a local Wimpy ... read more
Morning Mist on way to Oudshorn
Kango Caves 1st Tour
Ostriches everywhere

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn April 12th 2008

Geo: -33.5928, 22.2025First thing on the day's busy agenda was to visit an ostrich farm. This area has many ostrich farms. First we fed them, which was a bit scary to have the huge birds stabbing their beaks into my hand. At the same time as they took the food they also managed to slobber saliva onto my hand in return for the food I gave them! I thought the baby ostriches would be more gentle than the old ones- wrong! They were mean and nasty, so I gave the rest of my food to the older ostriches. After that we learnt about what they do at the farm with the ostriches, such as sell the feathers and the skin is used to make (very expensive) handbags. We then went to another part of the farm ... read more
02 Head
03 Feeding
04 Cautiously

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn April 3rd 2008

The drive to Oudtshoorn (pronounced oats-horn) was absolutely beautiful. It’s located in the Swartberg mountains, and the views as we drove through them were incredible. We ran into a little bit of accommodation trouble, because there was a huge Afrikaans festival going on and everywhere was booked so we ended up staying in a different hostel each night we were there. The first night was at Oasis Shanti, which was really nice. Oudtshoorn is famous for its ostrich farms, and they fed us ostrich eggs for breakfast (well, one egg between a bunch of us - one ostrich egg is equal to about 18 chicken eggs). They also organized transportation for us during the day so we could hit up all the things we wanted to see. The transport was actually through another hostel, Backpackers Paradise, ... read more
Loved it
Neo and Bash

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