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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn March 24th 2011

Hi everyone, we are trying to get a bunch of pictures up.. they will be not be in order, but we hope you enjoy! Hope everyone is doing great...Send a message and let us know!!!:) This first bunch of pics are from Cango Caves in Oudshroon..and thanks to Grandpa and Grandma we did the adventure tour! Wow some of those spaces were tight... ekkk Love, Randi and Quinn xo... read more
R and Q 3 133
R and Q 3 134
R and Q 3 135

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn July 24th 2010

Sunday (11/7/10) The World Cup Final After another amazing sleep in, (it wasn’t for lack of sleep that we weren’t kicking this bloody flu), we headed out in the rain for brunch. Being a Sunday and rain continuing in relentless fashion our choices were limited so we took the closest option the Swiss Bistro warming up with hot choccie and coffee, toasted ciabattta’s and pizza. Stuffed we returned to the backpackers for an afternoon of Formula One, to watch Mark Webber win ('not bad for a number two driver') and Cadel Evan’s don the yellow jersey on the tour ... what a day for the Aussies! We left the comfort of the couch and warmth of the wood fire for dinner at the recommended Paljas for some local Karoo Cab Sav, fried camembert and combo of ... read more
Let the adventure tour begin!
Checking for size!
Impressive mites!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn June 21st 2010

As we enter the pen, the guide says if the male gets aggressive just dive to the floor and he'll run over you or sit on you. But don't worry I have a thorny stick to hopefully prevent that... We are at Highgate Ostrich Farm in Oudtshoon, they breed Ostriches for their meat, feathers and skins. We are visiting the breeding pens, these hold a male and female pair who mate for life. These are the lucky ones as their job is to breed and bring up the chicks. Other fields have groups which will also breed but their eggs will be taken away, hatched in incuators then given to the breeding pairs amongst their own young. The ostriches can't tell the difference between their own young and anothers so this works well. Not only do ... read more
the making of a feather duster
What ostriches have eaten!
Feeding time

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn June 7th 2010

I purchased a ticket for the South African hop on hop off backpacker bus service, which will allow me to get on and off the Baz Bus anytime I wish over the next two weeks. This morning I will begin to travel the Garden Route between Cape Town and George which is the jumping off point for Outdshoorn pronounced Oatsweren. The trip was long and a bit boring, taking most of the day - the countryside was very similar to rural South Australia so it wasn’t overly interesting to me, although I did see a troop of baboons, a few elephants and numerous ostriches which was pretty exciting. Eventually we arrived in George around 4.30pm and were met by a shuttle which would take me through the mountains to Oudtshoorn which means Old Horn in Dutch. ... read more
Crossing the Mountains to Outshoorn
Elephant Painting in the Cango Caves
The pipe organ

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn May 20th 2010

NOW I MISS TECHNOLOGY I have to phone the Fraud people in Australia and because of time difference have to do it e-a-r-l-y, well before 0800 anyway. Because the only place I can get phone coverage is in the one spot in Reception I head up there at 0645, but it’s closed. I walk around for half an hour trying to get my phone to work, I must look like a complete technology city geek walking and looking at my phone waiting for any sign of life. Eventually get 2 bars, hallelujah! Get through the right department (should add here that I’m standing half way up the hill in the middle of the road), I kneel down to get information out of my bag and bang - disconnected, that half a metre obviously makes a lot ... read more
More Meerkats
One BIG snake!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn May 19th 2010

THE GOOD Got up bright and early to go and see the Meerkats. We met Devey on the side of the road and then followed him 8km to the sight. We/I had a cup of hot tea while Devie talked about everything. Really interesting guy, has done so much in his time, everything from trapping game for reserves to starting up the first rodeo in South Africa. Then we walked a bit until we came across a few mounds of dirt. Devey set up 2 chairs for us and then we waited. After another gorgeous sunrise, the first Meerkat popped it’s head up, then another and another. Eventually we had 13 in total. Devey explained their behaviour and mannerisms. As they warmed up we followed them as they started to make their way across the reserve. ... read more
The landscape seems surreal at sunrise
The Meerkat man
Great way to start the day!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn May 18th 2010

We left after breakfast for a 535km drive to Oudtshoorn (pronounced outs horn) along the famous Garden Route. We got stuck in a road works traffic jam for about an hour so that slowed things up a bit, okay a lot! But no signs to say so until you actually got to the spot. MONKEY HEAVEN We stopped at a place called Monkey Town (it only involved one u-turn to find it so we were happy with that). It was a sanctuary for mostly rescued monkeys that people had as pets and then abandoned. It was set up really well, with you walking in a cage tunnel and all the monkeys out in the open. They weren’t interested with us until they heard Tim’s chocolate wrappers then they were interested! DRIVING - RULES? NOT SO MUCH… ... read more
Carmen the Garmen
Great roads
Monkey Town

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn March 11th 2010

Headed back inland this morning to the Little Karoo region. This is a scrubland area famed for its farming of lamb and Ostriches. It took about an hour and a half to get to Oudtshoorn, the last 30 minutes or so past fields of ostriches. Along the way we saw a sign warning us of tortoises in the road, I told Tim to be careful but just around the next bend he ended up having to slam the brakes on to avoid squishing one which was ambling across the middle of the highway! Oudtshoorn is the Ostrich Capital of the World (although I'm not sure there were that many contenders) and was made rich on the sale of feathers in the 1800's. According to the Ostrich Museum in 1871 a day old Ostrich chick was worth ... read more
I am going to get pecked!
He is eying us up!
Standing on the eggs

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn March 1st 2010

Ok time to catch up! With our Argentinian friend in tow, Nico, we headed out on the N2 and passed the Cape Flats which is all the shanty town of Cape Town. Beautiful in its own way. Most of the houses are built from sheet metal in a variety of colors. It was funny to see that some of the houses had satellite TV... We decided to do the drive along the scenic route 62. It's an area of magnificent landscapes and towering cliffs, crystal clear streams and an abundance of trees and indigenous flora - all contribute to make Paarl, Wellington, the Breede River Valley, Klein Karoo and Langkloof some of South Africa's most diverse regions. Majestic mountains, scenic passes, rivers, vineyards and orchards, as well as the multitude of attractions, provided us with an ... read more
garden route

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn January 3rd 2010

Hi everybody I'm behind again, as usual but it's not so easy to get hold of a computer or of internet. We only have one adapter that works for all our chargers and we have to charge two cell phones, two computers, two cameras, a video camera, two Nintendo DS's and other stuff!!! Anyway.....yesterday was my worst day of vacation but probably Rick and the kids's best! There has been some kind of stomach bug floating around and I was the lucky recipient yesterday. The night before, Taylor had snapped off one half of her fence appliance in her mouth (at 8:30pm) and I spent two hours trying to find a dentist so she wouldn't be stabbed by the razor sharp piece of wire that was left protruding. Trying to find a dentist at 8:30pm in ... read more

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