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Lesley & Don Nadel

Two retired travellers continue roaming the world after our first great adventure.

Middle East » Israel » North District » Tiberias July 29th 2021

This was the last day of our break and we did not rush to leave. We had a leisurely brunch and went back to the room to pack. Check-out was simple and we put our bags into the car. A final bug bit Lesley as we walked out, as a goodbye remembrance? The drive home had a little more traffic than our outbound ride, but still not bad. Now being Thursday afternoon perhaps people were starting to travel before the weekend. Don was not paying enough attention as navigator, so even with Waze he suddenly told Lesley to change roads. Unfortunately that was the wrong turning and added 25km to our journey. Upon arrival home we unpacked and undertook another birthday tradition: laundry! Rather than end our break at this point, we determined to make a ... read more
garden path near our room

Middle East » Israel » North District » Safed July 28th 2021

Today was Don's birthday with some treats in store. Of course the first was Lesley singing Happy Birthday and giving him a birthday card. After a rough night with muscle cramps in both legs he slowly got his act together as we went to breakfast. Lesley showed him some helpful leg stretches and suggested that he have a massage so that was booked for the afternoon. As a benefit of membership in the Isrotel Sun Club, the hotel gave additional birthday discounts for his spa treatments beyond the usual member discounts which applied to everything in the hotel including the spa. Don found that moving helped his legs and eased the pain, so he casually walked around the area for a while. He also got up frequently when sitting and reading or sunning. Then the massage ... read more
Happy Birthday toast
never seen a meal like this
live stalk as kebab skewer?!

Middle East » Israel » North District » Safed July 27th 2021

After breakfast Don planned to investigate Alma Cave. This is north of Safed, about 20km from the spa. He expected to be gone for several hours. Meanwhile Lesley was free to lounge around the hotel, read her book, enjoy a facial treatment in the spa, to do whatever she fancied. Don describes his experience: Despite the hot weather (33C and above) I dressed in classic denim bluejeans and a long-sleeve thick cotton shirt. I also removed my sandals and put on hiking boots over thick socks. From what I had read, the terrain around and within the cave warranted reasonable skin protection and climbing leverage. I drove along a winding mountain road and passed Safed toward Rehaniya, following directions in an article I had read about caves in Israel. As directed, I turned onto an unpaved ... read more
signs on approach to Alma Cave
sharp foliage amongst rocky landscape
Alma Cave is down there, but …

Middle East » Israel » North District » Safed July 26th 2021

We had a late breakfast. Breakfast is open until 11 and the buffet was constantly being replenished. As expected a wide variety of fresh produce, cheeses, baked goods, omelettes (pre-prepared or made-to-order), juices, coffee, etc were available. We sat outside and ordered coffee. Then we browsed the buffet and found lots to choose. The salads and some of the dairy products are produced on the farm here or by other local establishments. After breakfast we drove half an hour north to the Ramot Naftaly Winery. This is located within the Ramot Naftali moshav and is owned by our friend Shivi and her husband Yitzhak. High quality wine grapes have been grown in the area known as the Kedesh Valley since ancient times. Yitzhak began making wine there in 2003. For nearly two decades the winery has ... read more
labelling Chardonnay bottles
home of the winemakers
premium Barbera grapes

Middle East » Israel » North District » Safed July 25th 2021

This was the second year of the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic and again our summer vacation options excluded travels abroad. (Although to be truthful, we took advantage of a temporary window of opportunity in June to visit our daughter in England after 16 months apart.) As we did last year we are enjoying more places in our own wonderful country - see our 2020 blog about the Kfar Blum area. Here we were spending 5 days in the northeast Galilee around Rosh Pina. Our base for 4 nights was the Mitzpe Hayamim spa hotel. Normally the venues in Israel are heavily booked by foreign tourists while many Israelis fly elsewhere for their holidays. This year the local population are filling the properties, which is good to help resuscitate our tourism business. In fact it was challenging ... read more
our room with balcony
good sized room with walk-in shower

Middle East » Israel » North District » Tiberias July 16th 2020

This was the last day of our break and we did not rush to leave. We had a leisurely breakfast and went back to the room to pack. Check out was simple and we put our bags into the car. All the closures since the virus outbreak meant that we had not made our usual spring trip to the Golan. In previous years the water level in the Kinneret lake (also known as the Sea of Galilee) was significantly down due to lack of rain. Seeing wide dry banks all around the lake had not been encouraging. Fortunately this winter had broken that drought cycle spectacularly. The Kinneret was filled and the authorities had even released some of the water to prevent overflow. We wanted to see the lake in its fullness. So we decided to ... read more
homebound lunch at Pagoda on Decks lido

Middle East » Israel » North District » Kfar Blum July 15th 2020

Today after breakfast we drove up to see the border with Lebanon. Less than 20 km north from our hotel we arrived at the Kibbutz Misgav Am Visitors Centre. Misgav Am is a kibbutz northern Galilee. Its name means Fortress of the People. It was founded by Palmach members in 1945 and has served as part of the protection of Israel ever since. It is located on a high hill with the Lebanese border surrounding it on three sides. Toward the east you can see the Hula Valley, Golan Heights and Mount Hermon, while north and westward you can see directly into southern Lebanon. It is a working kibbutz with income from farming, tourism, and inevitably some Israeli entrepreneurial business. One of the long-term kibbutz residents met us at the Visitors Centre (masked of course) and ... read more
masked Misgav Am guide describes the kibbutz situation

Middle East » Israel » North District » Kfar Blum July 14th 2020

We spent the day relaxing, not feeling any pressure to go anywhere. The back glass door of our suite opened to a small private patio garden. This was shielded from the outdoor spaces of neighboring rooms by shrubbery, for a good feeling of privacy as well as security from potential virus. During the morning we used the efficient hotel internet to access some classes in a summer program in which we were enrolled. We each used our headphones with our iPads to avoid generating noise that might disturb our neighbors while sitting on the patio. The weather was ideal for lounging and reading on our private patio. We took a simple lunch break with a snack we had collected from the breakfast offerings. Don decided to wander around the hotel environs for a bit in the ... read more

Middle East » Israel » North District » Kfar Blum July 13th 2020

In the morning we went to breakfast and hoped to find the mask situation improved. One change we made was to go slightly off schedule so that we might be between dining waves. That helped somewhat purely by dint of fewer diners. Unfortunately otherwise it was not much better. After the meal we complained about the situation which went against the virus mask regulations. The management promptly agreed with our point and indeed when we went back to dinner in the evening more staff were supervising. They politely admonished people to keep their masks on when not sitting and eating at their own tables. We felt much happier from then on. Before leaving breakfast we made sandwiches for our lunch; frankly this was not encouraged but we were subtle and only took a minimum of food ... read more
along the path of Agamon Hula Park lake

Middle East » Israel » North District » Kfar Blum July 12th 2020

Summer was well underway with sunny and increasingly warm weather at our home in Israel. Unfortunately the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic was also well entrenched here as elsewhere around the world. We had been stuck in various degrees of restrictions or lockdown for 4 months since our last festive gathering in March. Even worse it was 5 months since visiting our daughter in England, with no obvious end to the travel ban visible. In fact we had booked a vacation trip for August but that was cancelled in the spring. As readers of our Travel Blog can imagine, we really wanted a holiday break mainly for a change of scene. Flying anywhere was clearly off the menu. But our beautiful little country offers many interesting options, so we considered a number of destinations within Israel. Always fans ... read more
hotel main building bar lounge
Kfar Blum located in the middle of our touring area

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