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Africa » Namibia October 30th 2018

Ok, I thought Etosha was bad and it was. But the drive from Swakupmund to Solitaire was beautiful but rough. 280 km and about 200 was washboard. We started at the ocean when through the desert then through canyons and am now in Solitaire which you can’t really even call a one horse town. However they have an awesome bakery. Tomorrow we head to the big dunes!... read more

Africa » Namibia October 29th 2018

Went kayaking this morning. It was great fun as we were surrounded by sea lions ( seals??). Pelican Point has no pelicans just sea lions and flamingos. In the afternoon just enjoyed our camp site as the next few days we will be on washboard roads and no cell coverage.... read more

Africa » Namibia October 28th 2018

Up early this morning ( which has been the norm for this trip) to go on a Dolphin Cruise. We actually saw dolphins and flamingos and seals. Also had a bit of sherry,champagne and beer befor 11am so we think we saw all those animals. In the afternoon Mark and I walked around town. It is a very nice resort town and could be a nice winter place to go to. Had dinner at the Brew and Butcher. Which is a craft brew place. Great dinner... read more

Africa » Namibia October 27th 2018

Another rough road day and still no flat tires. However Mark had a little mishap leaving the campsite. He kinda tried to take part of a pergola with us. The wood log got jammed into the motorhome and after a sawing a piece of it off we got out. Part of me kinda of saw it as revenge as he has teased me about the time I was in Tasmania and hit a stone fence with my car rental. Driving on the wrong side of the road does have its moments. Anyway we got to the coast and we are now in Swakopmund. It is a pretty sea side resort with German architecture. The campground we are in is very swanky with our private washroom,braii and stone patio. I want to stay here for a awhile. ... read more

Africa » Namibia October 26th 2018

Today we were hitting the rough roads and we have teamed up with 2 other campers because of the possibility of flat tires. Luckily none of us had one. We stopped at Brandberg Mtn to see some petroglyphs. The site in called a White Lady which has nothing to do with a lady but a male medicine man. They were well preserved. We had to walk into them about 2.5 km and it is hot, over 40C. It was good though to get out and walk.... read more

Africa » Namibia October 25th 2018

Namibia has German roots and you see it in the names of places and even hear German spoken sometimes. Stopped in a town call Outjo for groceries. It is fun shopping for groceries and usual takes longer then normal. We are leaving the salt pan of Etosha and heading into hills and valleys. Stopped at a site called Vingerklip ( finger rock). Felt like we were in Arizona with the mesas and views.... read more

Africa » Namibia October 24th 2018

We finally are at Etosha. The weather is a bit cooler and it has rained a bit. We are staying in the park for 3 nights. The roads are getting worse and supposedly we have not seen the worse yet. For us the difference in Etosha is the numbers of animals. We are seeing large herds of Zebras,wildebeest,springbok and impalas. Also have seen a few rhinos and of course giraffes. The campsites are good and we have had a couple of braiis. Also have tried kudo steaks and springbok stew.... read more

Africa » Namibia October 24th 2018

Left Etosha and its very washboard roads. Stayed at a really cool camp that had the nicest washrooms I have ever seen in a camp ground. Went to dinner in the restaurant and had Springbok steak which was very good. They also had a band playing which was very good. One of the musicians was playing an oil can guitar.... read more

Africa » Namibia October 21st 2018

Darlene has worked hard at blogging when wifi is rarely strong, power fluctuating and cell signals sporadic . She gets a break and you get my take for the next part In the first 4 days I was zapped by an electric fence when putting our go pro on a fence. banged my head 4-5 times on the pass tour to the cab,banged my head again when pointing out a root at night and smacked a tree on the same sore head! then, bit by a wasp when plugging in power. Then it all smoothed out... Driving on the wrong side of the road in a Motorhome is one thing but to do it on such a variety of road conditions is really fun. We have had some of the best and worst roads I have ... read more

Africa » Namibia October 20th 2018

The last couple of days we have been heading to Etosha NP. We are traveling along the Zambia and Angola border. We have stayed st a couple of great camps. Two of which have been on rivers. The Zambiize and Okavango. Did a boat ride and saw lots of hippos and elephants. Raining today which is a relief from the heat. ... read more

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