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Africa » Namibia » Etosha National Park September 24th 2019

Dieses Drama zieht sich jetzt schon seit Anfang August hin, und ich kann nur hoffen, dass es jetzt ein Ende fndet. In den Usambara Mountains fiel ich um (wie immer im Stehen, ich wollte Paul auf unebenem, steilen Gelände wenden). Nachdem ich mich unter ihm herausgewurstelt hatte, nutzte ich gleich die Gelegenheit, seinen Bauch zu inspizieren. Und siehe da - da war ein Ölfleck auf dem Kardan. Also zu BMW nach Dar es Salam, wo sie nett waren, aber fast keine Erfahrung mit Motorrädern haben und keinerlei Ersatzteile. Alles muss aus Deutschland geschickt werden, das dauert 2 Wochen. Immerhin machten sie einen Ölwechsel im Kardan, und ich fuhr weiter. Neben BMW Dar waren eine Vielzahl von Leuten beteiligt an Pauls Schicksal, die alle versprachen, in Kürze die Ersatzteile zu haben, oder die genau wussten, was zu ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Caprivi September 23rd 2019

Der Caprivizipfel (englisch Caprivi Strip) ist eine zipfelförmige Ausbuchtung im Nordosten des Staatsgebiets von Namibia. Grenzziehung und Namensgebung nach Leo von Caprivi gehen auf die koloniale Vorgeschichte des Landes zurück. Die Entstehung des Territoriums geht auf den Vertrag zwischen Deutschland und England über die Kolonien und Helgoland vom 1. Juli 1890 („Helgoland-Sansibar-Vertrag“) zurück. Das Deutsche Reich verzichtete in diesem auf zukünftige Ansprüche auf Witu und Sansibar. Dafür fiel die Insel Helgoland an Deutschland, und seine Kolonie Deutsch-Südwestafrika erhielt Zugang zum Sambesi. Die Fahrt war eher langweilig, abgesehen von der Tatsache, dass ich wieder selber fuhr, allerding niicht auf Paul, sndern auf Julias Motorrad. Die Dörfer ganz im Osten sind von einer weißen Sandfläche umgeben, dann kommt ein Zaun aus langen Steppengräsern, darin die Häuser... read more

Africa » Namibia September 1st 2019

Day 9 and the longggg journey back to Knysna begins. Away from the lodge by 6:30 and heading south on the B8. A pretty uneventful beginning to the journey except for a great unexpected sighting of 2 Giraffe at the side of the road, looked like mother and baby and baby hid behind the tree when we stopped the car. The scenery didn't change for around 2 hours, seemingly endless settlements of Mbunza people. In around 4 ½ hours we reached Otavi and joined the B1. Heading further on and desperate for a coffee after around 6 hours we came into Okahandja spotted an oasis, a Wimpy. Wimpy have been our saviour this trip with the early starts as they're always dependable on quality and are the few people who actually serve a decent Cappuccino. Rita ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu August 31st 2019

Day 8 really was a rest day; we did next to nothing so todays blog is short and sweet. After breakfast we took a quick trip into Rundu to find a craft market because we wanted to make some dangling ornaments for back home. For those who don't know the area Rundu is the capital of the Okavango region of Namibia and to be frank it's tatty and extremely dusty. The roads are busy, and the drivers aren't terribly good. We did find the craft market, but it was very busy and didn't look terribly appealing, so we abandoned the idea for today. Then headed back a little way East and found a nice riverfront lodge but unfortunately the Cappuccino I've been searching for for several days now was a little lacking. Nice spot though right ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu August 30th 2019

Day 7 was a bit of a rest day but as usual we both got itchy feet and needed to get out and do something. We started by taking the short bird walk around the lodge before breakfast and saw some beautiful birds and then went for breakfast. After breakfast we scoured the Internet and I came across a museum, a living museum. Never heard of this before so Googled it and found that it is a group of people showing how a tribe in Namibia lived and worked. Figuring the hotel must know something about it we asked the reception, no clue, we asked a waitress who had heard of it so she called their "tour guide" and he had no clue so we figured it must be good and decided to go find it. ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu August 29th 2019

Today was a little sad but also exciting to move on. The drive isn't a really long one to Rundu in the Okavanga region of northern Namibia. Headed out at 8 after breakfast. The route takes us back down the A33 from Kasane to the border post at Ngoma Bridge. Another great sighting of a very large Giraffe crossing the road right in front of but unfortunately didn't have the camera handy. Reached Ngoma bridge in about 45 minutes and began another exciting interaction with border immigration. Botswana side wasn't an issue, well not for us, but the lady who was supposed to be manning the desk but was outside sunning herself seemed a bit put out that she had to come and stamp our passports. Namibian side was a bit more interesting although it's the ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Caprivi July 23rd 2019

Travelling by car from the Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe to the Botswana border took only around two hours. We were soon at the Pangolin Lodge in Botswana where we had time for a coffee and Ron a beer, before being taken to a small boat to cross the river to the Namibian border, the border control was a small hut on the river bank. After obtaining our Namibian Visa we travelled down the river to join the Pangolin houseboat, our accommodation for the next three nights. We were lucky to be sharing the ten person houseboat with only one other couple, the Pangolin houseboats are set-up for photographers and our small camera and iPhone looked a little out of place against the other couples cameras with large lens. The next three mornings saw us at ... read more

Africa » Namibia June 24th 2019

Our last full day has been very full. We started out on a cheetah walk experience where we had the opportunity to walk up to cheetah on the wild. We got about 8 meters from them and got to see them do some natural behaviour. They were a pair of females who usually are together but when we found one, she was on her own. She made this chirping noise to call the other one while we watched. She seemed quite distressed so we walked away to find the other one hiding under a tree. She startled when she saw us and the two of them reconnected. We left them napping together. As a bonus, on the way there we saw a leopard who came right up to the car. We also got to see one ... read more

Africa » Namibia June 22nd 2019

This morning started at 3:30 am for us so we could catch our flight out of Cape Town at 6:00. Our driver was late picking us up (he slept through his alarm) so we started off in a bit of a panic. But we made our flight okay and arrived in Namibia about noon. The security was more complex here but we made it through and met our guide Elvis. Elvis drove us the 4 hours to our current resort. We got here just In time for the afternoon game drive. The game drive was different because this is a private reserve so the animals are all tracked. It’s a big reserve 11000 sq km (bigger than Singapore ourvguide said) but it’s still a reserve. All of the other passengers on our Jeep spoke french which ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek May 26th 2019

Yes, folks, you read that exactly right, 100th nation visited to date, and still counting.....! On the basis of the symbolism behind the nature of the experience, the 100th country visited to date just had to be somewhere of a sufficiently other-worldly and memorable nature to make it stand out at least in a couple of ways from the rest of the pack - take a step forward Namibia! Prior research had revealed Namibia to be a relic of a German colonial era, which had left a legacy in some fascinatingly positive way. Arriving at Windhoek international airport and picking up a rental car (for the entire week away), the plan of action was a typically widescreen ambitious plan which attempted to condense the highlights of one entire sizeable nation into one neat-looking package. Passing through ... read more
Brandberg mountain
Swakopmund building
Christ Church Windhoek

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