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Africa » Namibia » Windhoek April 27th 2019

Hi, Continuing in Swakpmund with our rejigged plan we had four nights in total. It is a big tourist coastal resort with colonial links to Germany so some of the architecture was different. It is in the desert,the oldest in the world, and the town is built on sand but because of the air flows across the Atlantic there are 300 days when there is a fog or mist. If you are lucky it clears if not it stays all day. To be honest it was bliss , an escape from the relentless heat. I am not a person who is too bothered about their looks, makeup is a rarity for me and I have my hair short and an easy style but the time in the tent had made my hair like straw. I had ... read more
Can you see Rio?
More sand
This way

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek April 25th 2019

Hi and welcome to a bumper edition of my blog, a lot has happened since I last wrote and the delay is because we have been off grid for a while. I want you try and picture the scene of where I started writing this. It is 6am and the full moon is bright in the sky and in about 30 minutes the sun will start to rise. We are camping in an area called Damarland and the site is in the middle of nowhere. I drove about 30k on a gravel road, well gravel is not as you would expect it was compacted mud, sand and stones. The scenery is harsh with huge rocks and boulders punctuated by miles of sandy scrub and hardly any wildlife. We had power last night from sunset at 7 ... read more
Etosha lioness
Chris with Braai version 2

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund December 1st 2018

Day 13: Picked up a car and blitzed 3 hours NE to Waterberg national park. Plenty of Timon's Pumba's on the road side. Speaking of roads, their straights are so long - I could see the mirage fade into the horizon at one point. The park itself is a table mountain plateau, with rhino's on top, if I heard the guide correctly... I shan't lie, I did splash out a little, relative to the backpacker scene. But it was cheaper than any other solution I could conjure up. And the four-post bed with rhino-themed sheets shamelessly justified it. Venturing out, I did a 10km loop through the valley, reaching a spring surrounded by deer and baboons. Felt like a little scene from the jungle book. In saying that, the heat of the day led to a ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei November 26th 2018

Day 6: Up at 6am to enjoy the cool of the morning. Really enjoying that new Mumford and Sons album. Top notch stuff. Jumped on the Safari bus to begin the first errand to the distant attractions. Full bus, so plenty of people to yarn too as the hours of gravel roads passed by. Still getting called every name variation under the sun, but I can't claim I'm doing a better job in return. Especially with the African 'click' languages. I will no doubt repeat this, but there's something quintessentially beautiful about the Southern African landscapes. A bit like NZ, I get the sense the journey to places is half the adventure. We arrived in Soussouvlei after 6 hours on the road and set up the tents before a relatively early night. I get the sense ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Windhoek November 18th 2018

Decided to use this format because it's easier to put together on a phone. Day 1: A f*cking long flight. A constant stream of food. Good movies. A cheeky 4 hour nap. Doha airport is huge. Day 2: Still flying. This time over the Horn of Africa for a sunrise and no one on my row of seats. Arrived in Namibia to a rather nonchalant international airport. Got off the plane thinking "it's too hot" - a stance I hold passionately by between the hours of 10am to 6pm. A hairy shuttle to the Windhoek, weaving between cars and trucks at an average of 120km/hr and briefly thinking, 'maybe it's over before it's begun'. Got to the quaint backpackers at midday, and started browsing the options for the days ahead. Went for a stroll to the ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Etosha National Park November 6th 2018

We have been driving our Motorhome now for a month and have driven over 7,000 kms. about 1000 kms has been on gravel roads. The road conditions have been some of the worst I have ever seen and it’s amazing these vehicles can take the constant vibration and shaking. In our group there have been shredded tires ,bent rims and water tanks coming off. We have been very lucky and have not had those problems nor have we been stuck in the soft sand like a few unfortunate others.All that driving in snow over the years sure helps as its very similar. I have had blisters on my hand from the vibrating steering wheel and the motorhome is full of dust from the roads. Its been a great experience and we are sad that we are ... read more
Potholes really means potholes!

Africa » Namibia November 5th 2018

The last ,few days have been rough on our vehicles but we are nearly through the rough roads. One camper had a flat tire and stuck in sand all in the same day. Actually we were lucky to get through the surprise sand patch but about 5 motorhome did getstuck. Went to Fish River Canyon which they sany is the third largest canyon in the world not sure but it is big. Also along the way went to a cool roadhouse with lots of car parts used to decorate the place. Tomorrow we cross back into South Africa. One more border crossing.... read more

Africa » Namibia November 2nd 2018

Today we headed into the Namib Desert. we hiked Dune 45. I think it was 325 ft high. Way higher then the dunes in Morroco. It was a great fun with beautiful views and interesting bugs. After we took a 4x4 to Sossuvlei Dunes where the Big Daddy dune is and these dry pans. Very eerie looking. At night we had a braii at our campsite and to bed early as want to rise early to go hike a dune to see the sun rise.... read more

Africa » Namibia November 2nd 2018

Up at 5 am to get back to Dune 45. The sunrise was amazing. The colours spectacular. The were a lot of people trekking up it reminded me of the well known photo on the Chilkoot pass during the gold rush. After we headed to Betta. Ok that was the worst road. 3 flat tires. Not us yet!... read more

Africa » Namibia October 30th 2018

Ok, I thought Etosha was bad and it was. But the drive from Swakupmund to Solitaire was beautiful but rough. 280 km and about 200 was washboard. We started at the ocean when through the desert then through canyons and am now in Solitaire which you can’t really even call a one horse town. However they have an awesome bakery. Tomorrow we head to the big dunes!... read more

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