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June 18th 2021
Published: July 13th 2021
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We are home! You may not be aware of the situation around here, so just go on internet on ENCA. Basically...the province is getting looted by ten of thousands of people. We are not moving out for now hoping for the best. Army has only started to be dispatched but I'm not sure if they will reach this area any time soon. Our direct vicinity is for the moment calm...but it could change anytime as we live 600 meters from one of the 2 big shopping centers in the region. Places are burning left and right less than 10kms from here. Once the calm will be restored...the worst will come. Most of Durban warehouses are under fire and looting...you saw it in films only. So food and supplies will be scared in the coming few days. Current unemployment rate in South Africa is at 32%...it will jump big time in the coming days and millions will starve! Let's hope and pray for a little of humanity!

So now, how do I write a blog looking at the television and huge areas being destroyed as in a war zone...from KZN to Gauteng!

Well, we had an amazing trip in peaceful Namibia. I was 10 years ago in Namibia and had gone to Sesriem and Swakopmund and Walvis bay, but this time we are taking the dirt road all the way....crossing also at one of the easier point the Kuised River Canyon. This drive is simply stunning...4 hours of pure joy and very few cars!

Last time I stay in Swakopmund, this time we have a nice little suite in Walvis Bay. The two little cities are just 50kms apart on a beautiful road with one side the Ocean, and the dunes on the other side. You go behind the dunes, and it's 30 degrees by 10am...with a beautiful sunny blue sky. You look to the Dunes and you can see the mist.clouds on the Ocean....this is the result of cold ocean water on warm desert air....truly stunning!

Swakopmund is the place to have a decent round of golf at the Rossmund course 5-6kms inland. I also play the 9 holes of Walvis Bay. That was a fun experience....there is grass only on the tee boxes and the green...everything else is dirt...and they even managed to dig sand bunkers into the dirt...pretty cool...happy I'm not playing on this every day too!

Swakopmund is the more touristy place, while Walvis Bay is the big industrial port. Swakopmund has so much left of the German area too...so we had a lovely german lunch! Last time I walked in the place, it was packed with german seniors....today...the place is quiet....it's Covid time!

Food in Walvis Bay started from average...to super nice. The oysters must be the bext I had ate for a long time...and the best one I must have tried in Africa....we will be back!

Next blog will be about a gorgeous place a little North-East! Hope you enjoy the pictures of this blog....more to come...and for now let's hope the next few hours/days and weeks will be a little more peaceful.

Stay safe, and pray for South Africa!

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15th July 2021

Walvis Bay
G'day. Been discreetly following your blogs for a while now. Thanks for posting about the situation in SA. Was in Walvis Bay about 4 years ago and wasn't impressed. If you haven't already discovered him, you might like to read this guy's blogs: [blogger=118034] (Timgray). Also from SA and very observant about what is going on at the moment.
17th July 2021
The best oysters I had in Africa! Locals from Walvis Bay...

Nice dinner.

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