Dave Partridge


Dave Partridge

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Knysna September 3rd 2019

Can't believe this is it, the last journey of our epic voyage. We were booked into the Springbok Inn for B&B but at 5:30 we were both up and decided to make an early start, again. We were on the road by 6 heading south down the N7 towards Cape Town. The roads were pretty quiet, and we made decent progress. The Northern Cape is very sparse but also beautiful at the same time. As we watched the daylight appear on our last road day it was quite emotional thinking back over the last week and a half. We got into the Western Cape and the scenery became more and more familiar with a real hint of spring in the air with the rapeseed fields coming into colour. We stopped for fuel just before Clanwilliam and ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Northern Cape » Springbok September 2nd 2019

Didn’t sleep well. As lovely as the location of the farm was the bed was a bit hard for me and at 4:10 I gave up and got up and dressed. Had some breakfast, Nutrific with lovely organic milk bought from the farm the night before, and a coffee. Decided to load up and get on the road and by 4:45 Rita was up and dressed and we got ready to leave. By 5 we were away and heading for the B1. The first 45 minutes were busy, loads of commuter traffic heading north to Windhoek for the start of the working week. The traffic continued until we got though Rehoboth. Another 30 minutes and were saw ahead what seemed to be a fire. As we neared it it was a hay lorry that was completely ... read more

Africa » Namibia September 1st 2019

Day 9 and the longggg journey back to Knysna begins. Away from the lodge by 6:30 and heading south on the B8. A pretty uneventful beginning to the journey except for a great unexpected sighting of 2 Giraffe at the side of the road, looked like mother and baby and baby hid behind the tree when we stopped the car. The scenery didn't change for around 2 hours, seemingly endless settlements of Mbunza people. In around 4 ½ hours we reached Otavi and joined the B1. Heading further on and desperate for a coffee after around 6 hours we came into Okahandja spotted an oasis, a Wimpy. Wimpy have been our saviour this trip with the early starts as they're always dependable on quality and are the few people who actually serve a decent Cappuccino. Rita ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu August 31st 2019

Day 8 really was a rest day; we did next to nothing so todays blog is short and sweet. After breakfast we took a quick trip into Rundu to find a craft market because we wanted to make some dangling ornaments for back home. For those who don't know the area Rundu is the capital of the Okavango region of Namibia and to be frank it's tatty and extremely dusty. The roads are busy, and the drivers aren't terribly good. We did find the craft market, but it was very busy and didn't look terribly appealing, so we abandoned the idea for today. Then headed back a little way East and found a nice riverfront lodge but unfortunately the Cappuccino I've been searching for for several days now was a little lacking. Nice spot though right ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu August 30th 2019

Day 7 was a bit of a rest day but as usual we both got itchy feet and needed to get out and do something. We started by taking the short bird walk around the lodge before breakfast and saw some beautiful birds and then went for breakfast. After breakfast we scoured the Internet and I came across a museum, a living museum. Never heard of this before so Googled it and found that it is a group of people showing how a tribe in Namibia lived and worked. Figuring the hotel must know something about it we asked the reception, no clue, we asked a waitress who had heard of it so she called their "tour guide" and he had no clue so we figured it must be good and decided to go find it. ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Rundu August 29th 2019

Today was a little sad but also exciting to move on. The drive isn't a really long one to Rundu in the Okavanga region of northern Namibia. Headed out at 8 after breakfast. The route takes us back down the A33 from Kasane to the border post at Ngoma Bridge. Another great sighting of a very large Giraffe crossing the road right in front of but unfortunately didn't have the camera handy. Reached Ngoma bridge in about 45 minutes and began another exciting interaction with border immigration. Botswana side wasn't an issue, well not for us, but the lady who was supposed to be manning the desk but was outside sunning herself seemed a bit put out that she had to come and stamp our passports. Namibian side was a bit more interesting although it's the ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane August 28th 2019

Sad to say it's our last day in Kasane, travelling to Namibia tomorrow morning for the next leg of the adventure, but what a last day it was. We headed into the reserve at around 8 hving heard so much about it but not knowlking what to really expect. Got to the gate and sorted the day permits out and got ready to go in and noticed all these people letting their tyres down. Normal behaviour when driving in sand but why would they do it here I thought, we'd find out later. The first 10km was pretty uneventful with a few sightings of Impala, some beautiful brds and a few Baboons. Once we got to the river trail though it all changed. Rafts of Bufallo all over the river banks, Impala and Water Buck everywhere. ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls August 27th 2019

Day off from driving today but we headed east into Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls. Nice later start, picked up by a guide at 7:30 before heading to the border. Another interesting experience and you realise that actually getting into Botswana wasn't as interesting as it felt at the time when you compare it to Zim. The visa fee for us is $55US each (ironically the only peolple who it's dearer for is the Candians but everyone else pays 30. I only had Pula so the conversation went along the lines of how much is that in Pula? The imigration guy thought about it, got out a calculator, chatted to two of his mates then looked blankly at me. So I merely "suggested" I could pay by credit card and his eyes lit up and said ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane August 26th 2019

Day 3 started with a cheekly little lie in until 5. Away from Palapye by 5:45 and heading north again, this time to our final destination in Botswana, Kasane. Leaving early gave us an opportunity to see another amazing sunrise and within a couple of hours we were tucking into a Wimpy breakfast in Francistown. After Francistown the landscape became more and more African with endless grassy savanahs either side, absolutely stunning. The traffic was extremely light with the majority of other traffic being intermittent lorries heading south presumably back to Gaberone and South Africa. Reaching Nata after about 4 hours we stopped for fuel and a wee in probably the least disirable toilets you've ever seen, fortunately though Reet had bought wet wipes, a flannel and soap. After Nata the A3 trurns west and we ... read more

Africa » Botswana » Central » Palapye August 25th 2019

So day 2 started the same as day 1, at 4am. Found a great coffee stop en route (or so we thought). A brand new gas station with an OK Supermarket, sadly though they don't sell coffee on a Sunday, the lord must be detoxing or something. On the road heding north through the Northern Cape and into the NW Provice got us to the Botswana border for 8am. I have to be honest the process was a little daunting at first as noone really tells you what you have to do. There's a few things involved and yep at one stage you have to part with cash surprise surprise (vehicle permit and insurance aparently). It's the first time I've been in a proper no-mans-land and it was qute an experience. All in all the guys ... read more

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