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September 2nd 2019
Published: September 2nd 2019
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Didn’t sleep well. As lovely as the location of the farm was the bed was a bit hard for me and at 4:10 I gave up and got up and dressed. Had some breakfast, Nutrific with lovely organic milk bought from the farm the night before, and a coffee. Decided to load up and get on the road and by 4:45 Rita was up and dressed and we got ready to leave. By 5 we were away and heading for the B1.

The first 45 minutes were busy, loads of commuter traffic heading north to Windhoek for the start of the working week. The traffic continued until we got though Rehoboth. Another 30 minutes and were saw ahead what seemed to be a fire. As we neared it it was a hay lorry that was completely ablaze. Stopped to make sure the guy was OK, turns out someone sent the Fire Service to him, they rocked up with a bakkie and decided they couldn’t help so left. He said he thought the main guys would be there shortly afterwards but after we left him there was no sign of any fire service heading his way so I can only assume his trailer was completely destroyed.

The next 5 hours were long fast driving hours. Once it go light we were on 160kpm constantly trying to make ground. If you haven’t been to Namibia you won’t understand the vastness of the desert south of Windhoek, it seems to go on forever. The car never flinched, and we made fantastic progress and by 12:30 we hit the border. It was a bit sad as really that’s the end of the holiday even though we have another full days drive ahead of us to get back to Knysna.

The usual border entertainment wasn’t lacking. On the Namibia side we had to fill in a form to exit and one of the questions was “how much money do you plan to spend in Namibia during your stay”. Leaving the Namibian side, we took a lovely shot from the bridge over the Orange River and then we hit the South Africa side. These guys never fail to lighten your day. At the first checkpoint the guy was very excited about my number plate. He must have read it aloud 3 times to his partner for her to write down for my entry ticket. The plate is PARTO-WP. We headed for immigration and the as always, they ask how you are before doing anything. When you first experience this it’s quite unnerving as somehow you feel you’ve done something wrong and they’re trying to trip you up. That’s not it a all, every law enforcement office will greet you in the same way, it’s actually very refreshing. So, we go our passports stamped and headed for the entry. We get to the gate and the next guy was just as excited by my number plate and we went through the same process again. We got that out of the way and his next question was “can I borrow your passports?”. I couldn’t resist, obviously the response he got was “only if you promise to return them when you’re done with them”. He was suitably amazed and then shock took over as my car engine cut out. I don’t think he’d come across a Stop/Start system before. He askes “is your car off” so I have to explain yes and why, next minute because it’s hot the AC kicks the engine back on and he’s just as shocked again. Next he asks what’s in the boot, “luggage” was the reply. Lastly he asks if we have any meat or dairy, “no” we reply and sat on the back seat of the car is our 12v cooler box with butter, cream and milk in. Got our passports and were on our way.

The last hour to Springbok is beautiful as you head through the mountains. The road is quiet, seems no one really wants to go into Namibia, I’m sure that’s really not the case but that’s what it seemed like as we didn’t see a single car headed towards the boarder for about 30 minutes. Springbok is what I expect is a typical Northern Cape town. Mostly Afrikaans farmers and coloured’s. Found the hotel and went into town to get a new phone cable because inexplicably neither of our phones would charge. Found a lovely little restaurant called the Herb Garden. Very accommodating given Rita’s Veganism and the food was really good. The lady was really nice and we chatted for a while.

Breakfast then on the road in the morning for the final leg.

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