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Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP June 5th 2006

Na twee dagen genoten te hebben van al het moois dat de Masai Mara te bieden heeft was het tijd om verder te gaan op weg naar Lake Nakuru. Dit meer staat bekend om de meer dan één miljoen flamingo's die het hele meer helemaal rose kleuren, we zijn erg benieuwd! Maar voor we in Lake Nakuru zijn hebben we nog een lange rit te gaan over de geweldig hobbelige wegen van Kenya. De reisafstanden vallen op zich mee maar door deze slechte staat van de wegen duurt een trip van 250 km toch bijna 6 uur!!! Eenmaal bij onze lodge aangekomen blijken de bedden erg klein te zijn. Aangezien ik toch al snel een halve meter met mijn benen uit bed stak hebben we bij de receptie gevraagd of er ergens ook wat grotere ... read more
Lake Nakuru NP
Ruth Giraffe
Ruth Giraffe

Africa » Kenya » Nyanza Province » Kisumu June 5th 2006

pics from our drive from Nairobi to Kisumu... read more
a sleeping beauty?!
Road to shinyalu

The first thing I noticed was the trash. We’d made our way into the Democratic Republic of Congo - past the cheery Rwandan border guards, the painfully indifferent Congolese border guards, the swarms of motor-bike taxis, and pushy guys who wanted to show us around. But we were determined to do this on our own, and our obstinacy led us right into the filthy center of town. The amount of trash was striking, especially compared from Rwanda, which lies literally just a few steps away. In Rwanda the first, second, and third things you notice are the bright green hills. And the fourth thing is the profusion of colorful flowers everywhere. Then you notice that the people are warm, the food is good and cheap, the lakes are stunning, and then maybe, after a few days, ... read more
Never should have opened those gates
These folks don't seem so bothered by the trash . . .

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor June 4th 2006

After a 10 hour train ride (during the day with air-conditioning working only sometimes) we arrived to the train station with literally 20 men wanting us to go to their hostel, and as we were the only tourists on the train they all came over to us. We had already decided on a place so that made it a bit easier but the problem was that we had no idea how to get to the place so had these men following us pointing out their hostels saying that theirs were so much better etc. We finally found it and were so happy to be in air-conditioning again. The owner had told us that the rooms were LE35 a night but we managed to get him down to LE10 and had breakfast thrown in. Nicely done I ... read more
Colossi of  Memnon
Valley of the Kings
Writings on the Wall

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP June 4th 2006

Vanmorgen moesten we vroeg op voor onze eerste ochtend gamedrive. S' ochtends is het nog niet zo warm waardoor dit een perfecte tijd is om wild te spotten. Met name roofdieren zijn nog actief voordat de zon op komt en het snel warmer wordt op de savanne. Ook nu hebben we weer veel geluk. We komen meerdere groepen met leeuwen tegen waaronder weer een aantal kleintjes van slechts een paar maanden oud en we zien voor het eerst de koning van Afrika: een mannetjes leeuw! Deze lag helemaal verscholen in het hoge gras. Hinga wist de leeuw tot op twee meter afstand te benaderen. Ik kan je vertellen dat het toch wel erg indrukwekkend is om de koning van Afrika van zo dichtbij te zien, wouw!!! De koek was echter nog lang niet op. Zo ... read more
Lion roar
Lion roar
Lion roar


Africa » Namibia » Etosha National Park June 4th 2006

even before the first rays of light begin to emerge, a friendly and sing songy "good morning" seeps in from somewhere outside the canvas walls of my tent, penetrating the cool blackness and confirming to me, in my sleepy haze, that the time has come to fully awake. using the light of my head-torch, i pull on a few layers of "safari" clothing and rummage around for the spot that i strategically laid my toothbrush and face soap...always a morning scavenger hunt, no matter how prepared i attempted to be the evening before. after a quick trip to the facilities and a blissful cup of hot, steaming coffee, i pull myself up into the open top safari jeep and slide onto one of the bench seats, joining the rest in our group. we are all still ... read more
"this is the life"
oryx, zebra, springbok
giraffe chewing on bone

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone June 4th 2006

Well, I had some issues with my last entry, and probably could have just combined it with this entry, but figured since it was all finished, and I hadn't done and update in awhile I'd just start this one fresh for Zambia. We were dropped off at the border and caught a ferry across the Zambezi river, the overland group on board wouldn't really acknowledge us in their hot shot truck and thus upon reaching the other side just sort of took off even though we were going to ask them for a ride into Livingstone. We managed to get into a minibus packed full of bananas after quite awhile negotiating, and even though we had a shuttle from the Hostel coming to the border it was about 6 hours later and this particular border crossing ... read more
Zambezi River
Vic Falls

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier June 4th 2006

Made it to morocco and arrived around midnight local time. Not a good time to be landing in Tangiers. Everthing is closed, you are in a muslim nation, 3rd world country, dont speak the language, havent exchanged monies yet, dont have accomidation, oh and a riot on the boat has broken out by everyone trying to get their passports stamped. Not even kidding. I guess 'lines' have not made their way to Morocco yet. Because once the guy set up a table to stamp passports, he got mobbed. So he moved to the other side of the boat and it just happened again. Everyone pushing and arguing, crowding around a small table. And they all didn't smell too nice either. Finally got stamped after over an hour, and went to leave, but they had moved the ... read more
Yaaa we finally made it to Tangiers
Bag Tag, You're IT.
Night train + linens=

Africa » Morocco June 4th 2006

Well the 2 week tour of Morrocco (named Magical Morocco) with Kumuka got off to an interesting start for me. I missed my intended ferry from Algeciras (Spain) to Tangier (Morrocco) and then had to wait for 4 hours for the next one - rough seas were involved in that. Thankfully, Morocco is 2 hours behind Spain so I still managed to get to my hotel in time for our group meeting at 6 pm. I therefore did decidedly better than the tour leader who was still not there at 7pm. The 6 of us who were waiting for him went and got some dinner at a local seafood restaurant and met Mr Rachid when we got back. All was fine. This is Morocco! Highlights of day 1 included seeing some interesting countryside between Tangier and ... read more
Sahara sunrise II
Sahara sunrise III

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast June 4th 2006

Last night as I lay on top of my sheets, striped of everything except my boxers, I awoke in the middle of the night with to the most glorious sensation in the world: I was shivering! It was ever so faint and I was barely cold, but none-the-less, shivering! We're down at Cape Coast for a weekend break from the camp and I was enjoying the undescribable joy of sleeping under a working fan. The past week I had given up on the idea of even trying to remember what being cold felt like. Trying to get to sleep in our house in the camp is torture sometimes. No current (electricity) means no fan, and when there's no fan the air is dead still...not a breath. Usually as i lay in the feverish heat drifting in ... read more

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