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Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP June 21st 2006

"Privileged are those who get to travel to Kenya. Blessed are those who get to share the adventure with their children". We were quick to rise and prepare for our new day in the Mara. The lodge served pastries, coffee and hot chocolate before the game drive and it was appreciated. We would bring to-go cups in the van to warm our hands and sip. The kids are not ‘morning’ folk, but somehow the game drives wakes you up in a really good mood. I just loved watching the boys and their reactions to the day and the adventure. How lucky they are I thought, and how lucky I am to be sharing this with them. What a very special memory and a very special way to bond our family even closer. It is day ... read more
Masai Mara Morning views 3
Morning Masai Mara Elephant
Brit and Spencer

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo June 21st 2006

Saw the parthenon and all that jazz, went to a greek island swam got sunburned, then caught my flight here. Totally different world here. We caught the scariest taxi ride of our lives from the airport to this hostel. This hostel is very cheap, and is good im sure compared to egyptian standards. I think it is pretty nice, have a really nice view of a big egyptian road, and part of the Egyptian Museum, we are on the 7th floor. Anywho, I will update more later, I need to find an internet cafe because this keyboard is driving me NUTS!! That and I need to move my pictures off of my camera. Later!... read more

Africa » Ghana » Northern » Tamale June 21st 2006

...And then I got Malaria... but I still managed to ride a crocodile, go on a safari, and have a baboon come up to the table where I was eating, grap the black bag out of my purst that contained all of my cash, and chase him until he dropped it... So yeah, we left for Bolgatanga on friday and our bus left late, broke down and needed another car to drive 2 hours up to where we were to bring us a spare part, then a tire blew just south of tamale and had to be fixed, and we finally arrived 12 hours later (should have been 6). Our hotel of choice was also full so we went to another place and I went to bed... wierdest thing about malaria is that I woke up ... read more
Riding a crocodile

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor June 21st 2006

We woke up early this morning to sail to the town of Ferris to transfer from our Felucca to our van that will take us to Luxor. We traveled along a desert highway past small poor villages and people going about there daily life. There were people farming, childern playing, and people traveling to their jobs. We drove to the Temple of Edfu which was filled to the brim with tourists. There were bus loads of people going thru the temple. This temple still had its roof and the temple was just hugh. At this point in my trip all the temples have been amazing but now they are starting to look similar but how can you not enjoy them. After the Temple we joined the police convoy of three vehicles to Luxor. Our driver depending ... read more
The God Horus at Edfu
Wall Carvings at Edfu
Inside the Temple of Edfu

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi June 21st 2006

We made it! Wow, it's been quite the adventure so far but we made it and hopefully once we start workign it will get better. No major problems or anything just a really long trip! The place we're staying is ok. Not quite what I expected but it's clean and quiet (so far) and seems to be very safe (it's gated with a 24hr guard) so hopefully it will work out ok. It's run by a british guy and his wife and they've used it the last few years for global vets so I think it will be good. It's certainly different here first impressions are that it seems like there's definitely lots of poverty but the people are very friendly. Jetlag is a major issue as we're dealing with a 7 hour time difference! Well ... read more
Eiffel Tower
A Begging Dog


Africa June 21st 2006

Nikki Beach Club How to describe Nikki Beach Club? We arrived around 4PM in attempt to escape the sweltering African afternoon heat to a high white painted wall with two white directors chairs and table in front of the entrance. There was a modern floral display of white calla lilies and grass on a table covered in a pristine floor length white tablecloth. Five men all clothed in white smiled at us as we handed them the invitation card from our riad. It was all screaming South Beach. “Oh yes please welcome” Ok, I don’t know what Heather is thinking but I am thinking we are way out of our league. Gone are the days when we used to sneak into 5 star hotel pools in places like Bali. We are actually guests, but I can’t ... read more
So South Beach
Another shot of the pool

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi June 21st 2006

Finally in Nairobi after 600 hours on the plane - saw Mount Kilimanjaro out of the plane window - it's absolutely enormous, I was very impressed! It's 27 degrees here so gorgeous and warm even though it is winter!! Got picked up and driven to the hotel which was hilarious, the roads are full of mini bus taxis heaving with people waving out of their windows at you, and loads of guys with a death wish running up and down the lanes of traffic with cars flying past them selling random things like tea towels and footballs. The funniest thing was seeing a man with no legs shuffling along on his bottom oblivious to 4 lanes of traffic with flip flops on his hands waving at us too... Have just had a 'mild' curry which nearly ... read more

Africa » Ghana June 21st 2006

On the 1st day of June I was teansfered from Koforidua to a village of about two and a half journey from was preety dark when I got there at about 8:30pm so I didn't get the time to walk through the town,so I had a rest that night and woke up the next morning raedy to go out and "proselyte".Whiles proselyting I a good number of church members and also had a contact with a good number of new peoplewe are suppose to teach. we then boarded a taxi to a nearby village:infact when we got down out of the taxi I thought we had arrived at the place,to my surprise we were now comming to walk for about half an hour to get to the next village to go and teach. on ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha June 21st 2006

In 1992 when we decided to move to Tanzania we did it in a matter of 8 months. Not, that we would have done it differently at the time, but it was a learning experience. What TO DO … and what NOT TO DO. For example, DO plan better and with more notice. DON'T pack everything in moth balls!!! DO plan on being without your stuff for a few months while it clears customs and DON'T pack macaroni and cheese in the same box as soap!! But through all of the shortcomings, we managed wonderfully and were blessed above measure and it made the greatest impact on our lives. If it hadn't, I doubt we would be starting this all over again! This time, however, with experience and knowledge in tow, we are being more methodical. ... read more

Africa » Sudan » North » Khartoum June 21st 2006

Well, today was an early morning being blasted out of bed to Muslim prayers on a loudspeaker from (I presume) the local Mosque. Needless to say, given my lack of sleep the night before...I was quite bitter. After a breakfast of crummy eggs and this bread akin to pita-bread, most of us set out for the West (the Darfur region therein). I got alot done during the day actually. I vox-recorded 14 interviews (w/ an interpreter of course, as I dont speak any Arabic, yet anyways..), and we got to film another 4 short ones right around the time that we left. We drove East after we ate dinner (rice and cooked fish, courtesy of Raymond {a freindly sec. guy from Kentucky}), and had planned on stopping in this town and staying in this one town ... read more

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