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Wasn't all that disappointed leaving Tanger. Unfortunatelly all the couchettes in the night-train to Marrakesh were full. Choosing between going back into Tanger and staying another night or buying the unreserved seats for the 11 hour train to Marrakesh, we chose the train. Worked out good at first, but only lasted one station untill there were enough pasengers to fill up every last seat. Finally arrived in the morning after a night without much sleep at all. It's hot here, EuroWeather says it's been 39 degrees most of the day and I don't doubt it. After sleeping a few hours at an hotell (with AC!) we've spent the day walking around in the medina amongst all the markets and sales people. There's a never ending labyrinth of paths to walk along and merchandise a plenty everywhere ... read more
Marrakesh #1
Marrakesh #2

Africa » Botswana July 15th 2006

Nachdem wir am morgen imOkavang Delta alles zusammengepackt haben kamen und sie Makoros wieder abholen und brachten uns zum glueck sicher wieder nach Maun zurueck. Nach einer wunderschoenen heissen Dusche ging es weiter und wir kamen gegen Abend bei den Makgodikagadi Pans an. Auch dort sahen wie einen wunderschoenen Sonnenuntergang. Das Camp war dort ziemlich ueberfuellt und wir hatten muehe einen Platz zu ergattern. Zum Abendessen gingen wir ins Camprestaurant wo es ein riiiises Buffet gab.... read more
Sunset 1224

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City July 15th 2006

Well, here is what has happened in the last five or six days. The second last night in Kendwa, Ryan got a fever followed by other symptoms of Malaria. When we got back into Stone Town it was confirmed by the doctor that it was Malaria, and that he needed to take meds. It was only 50 cents Canadian to visit the doctor, and about $5 for the meds... makes me wonder why im paying $6 per anti-Malarial pill (Malarone) which I take one every single day Im here. Anyways, after getting settled back into the Pyramid hotel in Stone Town, we met up with Jordan for dinner, along with his mom (Georgina) and her husband (Maurice) who are traveling with Jord for about a week. They had flown in, in the afternoon, and were staying ... read more
Town Top
Resort Sunset
Palm Trees

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar July 15th 2006

It’s relatively expensive but local buses are inconvenient to track down. I am on a tourist minibus driving across the island of Unguja, commonly known as Zanzibar, to the east coast. Blame the Omanis. Before I first set foot in Africa I once worked in the Sultanate of Oman. In centuries past, Arab dhows traded in ivory, slaves and later in spices up and down the Swahili coast. Zanzibar fell under the control of Oman in 1698 and grew to become a great seat of power in the region. Out of this shared history, modern Oman has gathered a high percentage of Swahili people. These ‘expatriate’ work mates convinced me that Zanzibar was the place to go. So off I went, without Lonely Planet and no Yellow Fever Vaccination, not quite sure what to expect, to ... read more
For sale
Norwegian castle
Black man’s castle

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 14th 2006

Well-off we went to our long awaited Safari. There were six of us and we had the best time. We started out by flying into Nairobi on a Friday evening. Once there, we stayed in the Safari Park Hotel for the evening and were off around 0800 the next morning to the bus that was scheduled to take us to Aursha, Tanzania. This trip took about 5-6 hours. That evening we stayed at the Impala hotel and woke Sunday morning to be driven to Sunni Safaris (our tour giuide for our safari). Hence our vacation began. Our safari lasted three days (Sunday through Wednesaday). We went to the Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti, Hippo Lake and some other places. The hotels (lodges) were incredible. Watching the native dancing was interesting as well. There was one occasion on ... read more
Massai warriors
Native dancers


Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 14th 2006

“RROOWW!” “HARRD” “HARRDERR!” Panic sinking in, nine oars thrusting into the foamy, white, roaring water, we row for our lives right into the thick of a Grade 5 rapid, and the impending doom that I somehow seemed to get a front-seat view of, stupidly volunteering to go up front. It’s fair to say I’m well and truly bricking it! “RRROOOWWW!” “HHHHAARRRDDDERR!!!” The noise is deafening, we’re drowning in the raft with 12ft mountains and valleys of gurgling water all around us. Rocking about in a washing machine, we all row as hard as possible into nature in its most powerful expression. Extreme chaos. An aqua-hurricane. Then, with a simple parting of waves, we see it, the G-Spot, the heart of the rapid and a huge hole with no visible escape, surrounded on all sides by 5m ... read more
All of us going into Easy Rider
Making it through the 1st rapid!
The aftermath of the 1st rapid

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi July 14th 2006

Once again I composed an entry and had it dissappear... suffice it to say not much has happened except that I learned to make batik and spent a day doing construction on the new school... and now for some pictures. ... read more
Mom reading to my class
Women from the village fetching water from our well

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Selous Game Reserve July 14th 2006

I have been to some of the great wild life areas of Africa like the Kruger National Park, the Okavango delta and many others. I had even visited the Serengeti plains, the Ngorongoro crater and Lake Manyara but I had never before been to Selous. Selous is a massive park, bigger even than Kruger and 2 years older. It is pronounced ‘se loos’ and was named after an English soldier, Frederick Courtney Selous, who was shot in the park during a skirmish with German soldiers in World War One. Just like many of my destinations of the past few months, I arrived in Selous quite by accident. I was speaking, on Skype, to my mother about my plans for the next few weeks. It turned out she would be in Tanzania (working for the breweries here) ... read more
Selous from the Sky
Elephant from the Plane!
Welcome to Selous!

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo July 14th 2006

Cairo is more hectic than Bangkok and possibly dirtier than Delhi but no one really goes to Egypt to visit Cairo...its Giza they want to see... My driver was a bohemith 6'5" 275lb boy of 20 years old who boasted that he had only been in as many accidents as his age. This was a fact that he was legitametely proud of which naturally scared the hell out of me. His car was something out of an Adam Sandler song with no radio, no working seat belts, no working windows, no rearview mirror or sideview mirrors, and the seat was pushed so far forward that I was practically sitting in the fetal position grasping onto whatever I felt wasn't going to break away from the car's frame if we were to suddenly swerve. Mohamed picked me ... read more
Sahara Sunset
EVIL Camel!!!
Statue of Zoser

Africa » Zambia July 14th 2006

If you’ve ever been on a long bus ride in Africa on a nice coach, you’ve probably seen some Nigerian films. These soap opera-ish English-language films are produced by the third largest film industry in the world, Nollywood. Filled with African actors, poor sound, awful lighting, and scandalous plot lines, these films are wildly popular here in Zambia. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out how people could enjoy these films so much. How could you prefer to watch these low budget pictures over slick, expensive, perfectly lit, sharp sounding Hollywood flicks? At first I thought maybe the plot lines resounded better with Africans, or they preferred to watch movies with black casts, or these movies where simply more affordable. With a bit more time I have come to think that it is probably a ... read more

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