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Africa » Egypt July 1st 2006

Always wanted to go to Egypt and what better time to go then on your birthday! I literally mean on my b-day because my sister and I flew on the day of our 27th b-day!!! Fortunately for us we celebrated before hand!!! The idea of this holiday, as opposed to holidays where your constantly moving, we wanted to just chill and relax! Luckily we managed to that! We were by the pool at 7-8am, saved a sunbed, went to breakfast, went back to sunbath, slept on the beds, took an afternoon nap, went back to sunbath, went back to our rooms to shower and change, then went out to eat and smoke on top of the "Camel Bar". It was absolutely fantastic!!! We met and spoke to half of the people in our hotel including most ... read more
First day by the pool
Pyramids from Far
The Great Pyramids

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 1st 2006

Hello everyone. So after surviving horrendously painful trapped wind which I had to endure on the flight and what seemed like a life time waiting around at Dubai airport I have made it to South Africa and it feels like I was meant to come here now. I actually started to feel like a local in Dubai because I was there for so long, I grew my beard, wore a white dressing gown whilst making a miserable looking suppressed female carry my bags 3 paces behind me. As you know I am not an experience traveler and I have seen people sleeping in the strangest positions possible in the airport lounge, and tourists taking pictures of luggage trolley’s and the like or old middle aged white men with young Malaysian women. I bought some new socks ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 1st 2006

P.S Yes I did manage to watch the football in horror (only in South Arica with a beer, werid) but they are so crap. Bye ... read more

Africa » Namibia July 1st 2006

Ciao! Am morgen im Oranje River gingen wir als erstes Kanu fahren. War supertoll, der Fluss ist zwar sehr breit, jedoch recht ruhig da es viel Wasser hat. Zu zweit teilten wir uns ein Kanu und es war einfach wunderschoen. Sahen einige Adler kreisen und sehr viele Fischreiher. Nach zwei Stunden kamen wir doch bereits wieder am Camp an und wir mussten rasch alles zusammenpacke da wir schon wieder den wunderschoenen campingplatz verlassen musst. Nach einer ca. 3 stuendigen fahrt kamen wir im Camp HOBAS an, welches in der naehe des Fish River Canyon war. Selber Prozedere: Zeltaufstellen etc. Dann gingen wir die Canyon anschauen. Diese sind die 2 groessten auf der Welt (nach Grand Canyon). War absolut atembreaubend! Nach einem fantastischen Sonnenuntergang und einem sehr feinen Znacht wurde es wie immer bitterkalt. Immhin konnten wir ... read more
Fish River Canyon Craig
Fish River Canyon - me

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Blantyre July 1st 2006

Over a year after starting to apply for jobs in Africa and hundreds of emails later we've finally made it. We're not quite in the middle of nowhere/small district hospital or clinic as we origionally intended but are in a big busy hospital in a fair sized city full of ex-pats and bars. In true expat form we are now the employers of a gardener, maid and several guards- shared with our neighbours (obligatory apparently unless you enjoy being burgled repeatedly). We're installed in a house that has more bars on the windows/doors than most prisons, and have bought a car the size of a tank. We have taken to drinking gin and tonic to complete the image but have yet to obtain a pith helmet aka Livingstone et. al. - its only a matter of ... read more
Traders, Blantye Market
The Gang
Kids in Lujeri


Africa » Morocco » Tadla-Azilal » El Kelaa des Sraghna July 1st 2006

Harassment is always a popular topic when I get together with other volunteers. It is always an issue here, especially for the women. I bet we had more sessions on harassment than anything else during training. Since it seems to be such a big deal here I thought I’d share some of my opinions and experience on the subject. It all started in Philadelphia almost a year ago when, during one of our pre-service training sessions about harassment, somebody said that people in Morocco would yell "fish an' chips" at us. I thought this was incredibly funny at the time, wondering how anybody could think that was harassment. I had heard some strange phrases thrown at me by people in Cambodia. I always assumed they had no idea what they were saying and that it was ... read more

Africa » Congo » West » Point Noire July 1st 2006

This will be my last entry in my little West Africa journey. The city I've been at for just under a week is Point Noire, in the Republic of Congo, or Congo-Brazzaville. To sum things up in a sentence: I've had one hell of a fantastic time here and I already miss it. I've spent my nights drinking with many new friends and dancing till my feet are sore all throughout the night. The local beers, Mutzig and one other with a crocodile on it are very tasty as well! Everyone speaks French and I more or less am able to communicate with everybody even though my french skills are not that good. I was amazed at how much hidden knowledge resides deep in my noggin as well. I guess it pays to have paid a ... read more
Souvenir stand
Point Noire
Point Noire

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 1st 2006

Well we made it to uganda after a very interesting bus experience. Apparently in Africa they don't give you directions, they just unload you off the bus in the middle of the night and drive away! Luckily we were able to follow the people in front of us because otherwise we would have never found our way! We're now in a small town outside of Kampala called Entebbe working at the Uganda Wildlife and Education Centre. It's a really neat place because they have created a zoo, but entirely from animals that were orphaned or rescued from poachers. It's much hotter here than in Nairobi. We're sleeping on top of our sleeping bags because it's way too hot to sleep inside. I couldn't even imagine what their summers are like because it's winter here right now ... read more

Africa » Ghana July 1st 2006

I can’t tell you about the trip to Mole National Park without telling you about the bus, or was it the road...or maybe it was the bus and the road. Whatever it made my butt completely numb! Let’s just talk about driving on what some people would call a road, but I call it rocks and red clay between two ditches. Seriously, it was a horrible ride. We went from semi-nice road to completely horrible road. That poor little bus...full of luggage and people, it was struggling. Three cheers for Nissan...they rock, because we would still be on the side of the road trying to get the transmission back in a Ford. The bottom line...the road to Mole is not paved. But it was worth it!!!! It was raining when we arrived at Mole, and ... read more
Green is the color of...
Our Third Roommate
Good morning warthogs!

Africa » Kenya » Nyanza Province » Kisumu July 1st 2006

Bonjourno! Another VERY long one, but it has been two weeks, so lots to cover, and I promise you it’ll make you think in places. It’ll also definitely make you laugh at me. Enjoy the photos - the connection here is good, and the photos are low quality so it really didn’t take long to upload them. Thought I’d treat you near the end of my travels, especially after the blog length. But it’s quantity over quality. Have fun. I survived Nairobi! Quite chuffed by this statement I am, especially as I went back through the city and stayed a night in the doomed River Road district. I would have normally bypassed this place, but Afsan had kindly dropped in from Boston, and having got on well climbing Mt Kinabalu together, a catch-up drink seemed the ... read more
Lake Naivasha view while cycling
Jon's tent at Fish Eagle Campsite, Naivasha
Crater Lake

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