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Africa » Congo » West » Point Noire July 1st 2006

This will be my last entry in my little West Africa journey. The city I've been at for just under a week is Point Noire, in the Republic of Congo, or Congo-Brazzaville. To sum things up in a sentence: I've had one hell of a fantastic time here and I already miss it. I've spent my nights drinking with many new friends and dancing till my feet are sore all throughout the night. The local beers, Mutzig and one other with a crocodile on it are very tasty as well! Everyone speaks French and I more or less am able to communicate with everybody even though my french skills are not that good. I was amazed at how much hidden knowledge resides deep in my noggin as well. I guess it pays to have paid a ... read more
Souvenir stand
Point Noire
Point Noire

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 1st 2006

Well we made it to uganda after a very interesting bus experience. Apparently in Africa they don't give you directions, they just unload you off the bus in the middle of the night and drive away! Luckily we were able to follow the people in front of us because otherwise we would have never found our way! We're now in a small town outside of Kampala called Entebbe working at the Uganda Wildlife and Education Centre. It's a really neat place because they have created a zoo, but entirely from animals that were orphaned or rescued from poachers. It's much hotter here than in Nairobi. We're sleeping on top of our sleeping bags because it's way too hot to sleep inside. I couldn't even imagine what their summers are like because it's winter here right now ... read more

Africa » Ghana July 1st 2006

I can’t tell you about the trip to Mole National Park without telling you about the bus, or was it the road...or maybe it was the bus and the road. Whatever it made my butt completely numb! Let’s just talk about driving on what some people would call a road, but I call it rocks and red clay between two ditches. Seriously, it was a horrible ride. We went from semi-nice road to completely horrible road. That poor little bus...full of luggage and people, it was struggling. Three cheers for Nissan...they rock, because we would still be on the side of the road trying to get the transmission back in a Ford. The bottom line...the road to Mole is not paved. But it was worth it!!!! It was raining when we arrived at Mole, and ... read more
Green is the color of...
Our Third Roommate
Good morning warthogs!

Africa » Kenya » Nyanza Province » Kisumu July 1st 2006

Bonjourno! Another VERY long one, but it has been two weeks, so lots to cover, and I promise you it’ll make you think in places. It’ll also definitely make you laugh at me. Enjoy the photos - the connection here is good, and the photos are low quality so it really didn’t take long to upload them. Thought I’d treat you near the end of my travels, especially after the blog length. But it’s quantity over quality. Have fun. I survived Nairobi! Quite chuffed by this statement I am, especially as I went back through the city and stayed a night in the doomed River Road district. I would have normally bypassed this place, but Afsan had kindly dropped in from Boston, and having got on well climbing Mt Kinabalu together, a catch-up drink seemed the ... read more
Lake Naivasha view while cycling
Jon's tent at Fish Eagle Campsite, Naivasha
Crater Lake

Africa » Mali » District of Bamako » Bamako July 1st 2006

Reuters does a great job of covering trouble spots around the world. They pay attention to things that major US media hold in their blind spot. So read the latest on the situation in north Mali with the Tuareg nomads. BAMAKO, June 30 (Reuters) - Mali has reached a peace agreement with Tuareg rebels seeking greater autonomy for their northern desert region, a senior government official and a spokesman for the insurgents said on Friday. The light-skinned, nomadic gunmen attacked army camps in the Saharan trading town of Kidal last month, looting vehicles and arms before retreating to mountains near the Algerian border, raising fears of a full-scale desert rebellion. "The demands for autonomy, special status, or the creation of local governance structures have been abandoned," a senior official from Mali's Territorial Administration Ministry told Reuters, ... read more


Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel June 30th 2006

245am is really a time for sleeping I've decided. Unfortunately this was not to be today, but we were headed for Abu Simbel which was about the only place I was willing to get up for at that time of morning. We were up and packed and on the bus by 330am and were given our little breakfast boxes to eat later on the bus. We then made our way to the area where our convoy of buses met to all make our way to Abu Simbel which is a 3 hour bus trip there, and then 3 hours back to Aswan. So, we dozed for a while on the bus until we pulled up at Abu Simbel just after 7am. It had to be about 35 degrees already and we sat down in front of ... read more
Abu Simbel II
Sunset at Kom Ombo

Africa » Burkina Faso June 30th 2006

Heya everyone **This is an older entry I had avoided posting cuz of picture problems but enjoy the text and I'll work the pics out later** Things here in Burkina are good. I'm up at site right now, living in a tin can in the desert. It actually sounds much worse than it is, but compared to other camps this place is quite hospitable. A little story about the tin can housing... We live in "villas" (I find the name ironic to the point of being cheeky) that are basically big metal containers. These are actually former storage containers used to ship things overseas, but it was so expensive to ship them back empty that they stayed. I'm pretty sure they're from about 1980 or earlier... Anyway, these big metal boxes have been transformed into cute ... read more
African Sunset

June 26 - July 1 We flew to Casablanca Monday morning and caught a 3hr train from the airport south to Marrakech. It was a neat town. We hung out there for 2 nights. They have this large square that is wild at night with performers, snake charmers, fortune tellers and food stalls. The place was packed. The cool part was almost all of the people visiting the square were natives - they didn't target English speaking tourists... We also walked around through the souqs, which are vendors lining in narrow streets. Then we went on a desert safari. We weren't sufficiently informed of the trip details. Getting to the Sahara required about 9hrs in a hot land cruiser (windows down) over the mountains and across the entire width of the country (in one day). ... read more
marrakech mosque
marrakech 2

Africa » South Africa June 30th 2006

6/28/06 Yesterday we went to Bethlehem like we do every Tuesday but this week was particularly busy. We had a lot of things that we needed to pick up, we wanted to drop off the new mailers at all of the interested businesses, and we were taking Shalom and Cornelius out as a reward for all that they do for Meh and Unedati, particularly the folding of the 2800 mailers that we will disperse this month. We went to the lion park where they had 13 lions, 2 lynx, 2 other cat like things with spots, and a Bengal Tiger. Inside they had little white tigers that you could pick up and pet. They make a sound that is rather uninviting but they are cuddly cute. On the way to the farm (down this bumpy dirt ... read more

Hello avid readers, So I leave Morocco early tommorow morning. Hve just spent the last few days on the beach at Mirilift. A nice spot with next to no other tourists. I would wake up in the morning and head to one of the 5 beaches for surf or to just chill out. Before finally returning to watch the frst world cup game in the afternoon. Surprisingly, for such a small place, Mirilift also had a bar. A European bar in fact not one of those dingy tobacco encrusted stale beer smelling holes in the wall with a 500 pound landlord scowling at you from the other side of the bar. The bar in Mirilift was surprisingly normal. Had planed to head on from the beach but I just got stuck for a bit. Next time ... read more
Main Street Mirilift
Mirilift Sunset

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