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Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park February 15th 2014

With no problems from the Swaziland roads and getting through both borders in about ten minutes we were very soon picking up supplies from the Komatipoort Spar before entering Kruger Park.First stop was going to be Crocodile Bridge which has always been one of our favourite camps as it has always been small and quiet.Not so any mo... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis February 15th 2014

About Mauritius... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa February 14th 2014

Ab und zu ergeben sich unerwartete Gelegenheiten. Eine davon ist mir am Valentinstag passiert. Von einem Kollegen wurde ich angefragt, ob ich in einer Jury mitmachen möchte, welche in einem lokalen Club namens Classic Billionaires Club "Miss Mombasa" wählt. Kann man da "nein" sagen? Erste Abklärungen hatten ergeben, dass die Gegend, wo sich der Club befindet, für Weisse unsicher ist. Dies hat uns natürlich verunsichert. Jedoch konnten wir dann mit weiteren Abklärungen die Situation klären und das Ganze neu einschätzen um schlussendlich doch zuzustimmen. Der Abend beginnt so, dass wir uns verspäten und unsere afrikanischen Freunde auf uns warten müssen. Normalerweise ist es umgekehrt ;-) Sobald wir den Club betreten, werden wir auf die Bühne gebeten um uns vorzustellen und danach gleich loszulegen. Die Jury besteht aus vier Mitgliedern: ein afrikanisches Paar, mein Kol... read more

Africa » Swaziland February 14th 2014

Arriving at Hlane Reserve we were met by some very pleasant people on the gate who welcomed us back when we said we had stayed here before.Our check in at reception was quite straightforward if somewhat leisurely, no one really rushes but it is difficult for us to get used to that pace of life. We were also pleased to see the campsite is still in very good condition with plenty of trees for shade, braais for cooking and picnic tables as well as stone built wash up and preparation areas with water dotted around the site. The showers are basic but clean and still have the oil lamps for lighting and a lovely old boiler out the back for hot water, feed it logs and you have a hot shower! The waterhole was the same, ... read more
Camp site
Wood pile

Africa » South Africa February 14th 2014

How many of us have sat next to total strangers on an airplane and either divulged our deepest secrets or been the recipient of amazing stories? In my case on the flight from Livingstone Zambia to Johannesburg South Africa I was gifted with an amazing real life story by my seat mate. Let us call her Mimi. As she sat next to me I noticed her no-nonsense natural haircut, capable hands, clean but inexpensive white shirt and lack of jewelry save for a large tigers eye ring on the middle finger of her left hand. (A gift she said). She had veiled darting eyes that hid all but missed nothing...curiously got the better of me....I spoke first. Throwing out a drag net I hinted at my adventures, New York, my fascination with Tanzania, the mysterious appearing ... read more
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Africa » Swaziland February 13th 2014

After leaving St Lucia we were expecting to play the usual game on this stretch of the road called spot the pothole. The trick is not to go so fast that you don't have time to slow down when you see the next hole otherwise you are in danger of damaging your tyres. However, it seems this stretch of the road has been fixed so it was a smooth ride. Approaching the South African customs border post and we were wondering what delights this would bring. However we were rather surprised to see there was a new administration block complete with air conditioning. I put the much more pleasant attitude of the staff there down to the fact that they were now working in a much nicer environment and not in a constant temperature of over ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Siyabuswa February 13th 2014

9 April 2014 It’s Sunday night and I had a great day...taught Gr 12 Maths Lit at 9 am and followed that with the start of my art program. Then I came home, finished a Jack Reacher novel, my latest escapist literature, (Lee Child’s sentences are ¼ the length of Charles Dickens’ (my previous escapist literature) fact Child doesn’t even use full sentences getting Reacher out of one impossible situation after another...but those impossible situations are fun to read about) ... then I called my Mom, heard about the snow in Seattle, and now I am writing this blog about the new school year and what it feels like to see “Close of Service” on this year’s calendar. I know I still need to write and post photos about touring South Africa during the 5 ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Western Province February 12th 2014

Here I am in Lyn struggling to get ready for my great adventure. I shall fly on the 21st with Ethiopian airways to Nairobi and hope to arrive just after noon on the 22nd. First stop is Addis Ababa (12 1/2 hours)!! Three hours on the ground and then two more to Nairobi. Ben insists that he is coming to meet me because he is afraid the taxi driver will mug me. After a night in a hotel we will have a ten hour bus ride to Bumala. What to take and how to get it there? I can have two 50lb. Cases on the plane but Megabus will only take one. There are so many wonderful clothes that the good folk of St. Paul's are giving me, and there are the gifts I certainly want ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa February 12th 2014

Utange liegt ein bisschen abgelegen von der Hauptstrasse und somit mache ich mich mit einem Tuk Tuk auf den Weg. Ich werde mindestens 20 Minuten auf nicht geteerten Strassen richtig durchgeschüttelt, bis ich Utange erreiche. Mein Tourguide hat ein Schulbesuch organisiert, bevor ich mit dem Verteilen der Kleider beginne. Wir besuchen jede Klasse im eigenen "Klassenraum" (ca. fünf) wo wir mit Gesängen begrüsst werden. Die Kinder aus den umliegenden Dörfern erhalten hier die Möglichkeit, sich wissen anzueignen. Dieses Mal habe ich sehr viele Babykleider (Danke an Jenny), welche natürlich sehr gut ankommen (und es evtl. auch am nötigsten haben). Mir persönlich gefallen diese Dorfbesuche sehr, da man sich weit entfernt von den touristischen Orten befindet. Man erhält einen Einblick in das richtige afrikanische Leben. So bin ich jeweils der einzige Mzungu (der Weisse) weit u... read more

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Saint Lucia February 12th 2014

We decided to take a drive into the Eastern Shores Wetland Park. This has been in existence for a while but this was our first time visiting it. With quite a lot of game having been introduced to the area we were keen to see what it was like. We were very pleasantly surprised. The roads are good and it is obvious hat a lot of effort has been put into making the area an enjoyable one for visitors. We visited the hide, the picnic spot and the aerial walkway which is a boardwalk at tree height with good views. But we opted to stop for our picnic at one of the waterholes with good views and plenty of shade, althouhg naturally we had to stay in the car. We weren't Lucky enough to see the ... read more

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