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So! Nachdem wir Córdoba schon nach zwei Tagen hinter uns gelassen hatten gings gleich ab Richtung Norden. Wir wollten erst noch einen Stopp in Tucuman machen, aber entschieden uns dann doch direkt nach Salta zu fahren, was insgesamt nur knappe 14 Stunden Fahrt bedeutete. Dort haben wir dann ganze fuenf Tage verbracht, was recht viel ist, aber wir waren an die Busfahrten nach San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) gebunden. Und diese Busse faehren nur 2-3 Mal die Woche. Aber wie die Ueberschrift ja schon dezent hinweist, sollte unser Weg nach Bolivien fuehren. Mehr dazu spaeter. Dienstag nachmittags angekommen in Salta bei gefuehlten 45 Grad mit unserem schweren Gepaeck bemerkten wir auch gleich den Unterschied zu Cordoba und Buenos Aires. Die Menschen sehen alle eher aus wie Indios und die Stadt sieht total kolonial aus, d.h. es ... read more
Party und Horacio

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza April 28th 2009

Ok so i decided to go on a 2 day horse tour in beautiful canyon country. Well you know how they always give you a donkey (a crap slow horse)... so i asked for a very fast horse, but one that listens... they asked me do you have a lot of experience, and i figured since i´ve been on a horse twice and learned to gallop by accindent, yes why not..... holy crappers!!! they gave me Rosita, and i should have figured something was up when the owner asked me three times, so you have a lot of experience? a lot, a lot??? ya ya sure..... i didn´t know a horse could run that fast, sure maybe on the track but in the bush??? we left the stable and calmly walked for half an hour until ... read more
nice rocks
could it be nicer?

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza April 22nd 2009

I really shouldn't complain considering that ALL the buses I've taken in Bolivia have been far better than any I had the pleasure of 'experiencing' in Africa or India. I mean in Bolivia I've not been on one where it seems everyone but me is puking (some into a receptacle, others not...), I've not sat next to a young girl with diarrhoea and a bus driver who refuses to stop for her (I'll let your imagination do the rest with that one....) and hey, I've even had a whole seat to myself! But you see Argentina and Chile have spoilt me. These days I'm used to smooth roads and 'semi-cama' buses - fold out leg rests, seats that recline so far you can almost convince yourself you were in a bed, empty buses that mean as ... read more
San Felipe Nery
The stunning scenery around Tupiza
La Casa de la Libertad

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza April 19th 2009

So I couldn´t sleep my last night in potosi, not just cause it was freezing (but it WAS)... I don´t know why. In any case I got to the bus station really early and bought my ticket for Tupiza, a secret gem in Bolivia. Totally resembles the wild west from old movies (in fact many american flicks were filmed here, go figure) with dry hills covered in sporadic low laying bushes and tall cacti. Really cool!! So as typical Bolivia, the bus was over an hour late to leave but thankfully we finally left. When I wasn´t sleeping I enjoyed watching the landscape dry out an cactuses pop up. In fact I loved in!! Once again I felt like I belonged here. I thought about a lot of things, as usual, and pictured myself out there ... read more
oh crap
guess we have to wait
getting out to wait

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza April 7th 2009

Hi folks, sorry for the delay, but we are on holiday! (and lack of internet access / electricity) Arrival in Corumba was surprising as it was still damn hot. We were expecting that further inland it would be cooler, so a few more pints of sweat were lost getting to the hostel. Our guide book suggests that Corumba is just a place to change between the Bolivian train and buses in to Brasil. As first this seems a reasonable assumption, but further investigation reveals a town that is waiting to happen. Corumba is set on a small hill overlooking the Paraguay River and the flood plain of the Pantanal. The views from the town over the plain are quite good. Walking to the old port, noting that Bolivia is landlocked (thanks to Chile) you stumble upon ... read more
Taxi Driver

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza March 31st 2009

Tupiza: 2 950 mètres Nous y voilà, au point le plus au sud de notre courte escapade en Bolivie. Le temps de choisir l'agence qui nous menera dans l'une des expéditions les plus courus du pays et d'économiser suffisamment de sous(question de ne pas se ruiner) en ce concoctant quelques délices culinaires dans l'immense cuisine de notre hôtel et nous voilà déjà, la veille, en train de refaire notre sac pour la centième fois! Jour 1, altitude maximum: 4 500 mètres 8h30 am, fidèles au poste, nous rencontrons Jamie et Rachel, deux anglais fort symphatiques, qui se joignent à nous pour l'excursion. Nous rencontrons également William et sa mamá Thalia de son nom touristique, notre guide et notre cuisinière pour les quatres prochains jours dans un circuit au sud-ouest de la Bolivie. Nous prenons soin de ... read more
Circuit du sud-ouest Bolivie, jour 1
Circuit du sud-ouest Bolivie, jour 1
Circuit du sud-ouest Bolivie, jour 2

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza March 31st 2009

Salvi and I took an early bus to La Quiaca, the border town with Bolivia. It was interesting in the bus seeing people leaving or boarding the bus in the middle of nowhere, no houses, no towns, nothing just desert. How far do they walk to get to the road? Crossing the border was interesting as both countries are separated by a river so in each side there was each of the border patrols. It was a slow process to get into Bolivia but we knew that anyway that here everything is very very slowly as otherwise you can get altitude sickness (or you can just chew some coca leaves!). As soon as we entered Villazon (the Bolivian town in the border) we could notice the big difference in both countries as Boliva is poorer than ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza March 23rd 2009

Bolivia, our good friend to the South, is my current stop. It´s like Peru but all the edges are tinged with crazy. Sort of like how there´s Superman and Bizarro Superman. But I think I like it more. La Paz is an really different kind of city. The highest capital in the world consists of a pueblito type look to it. It´s as if it started as a small Bolivian town and just oozed out over all the hills. And then they stuck a couple million people and all the major businesses inside to clash with it´s ancient style. The corporate glove doesn´t fit the Bolivian hand. What makes this foriegn land so crazy, you say? There are witches markets which sell dead llama fetus´s that you bury in the foundation of your house for good ... read more
Standing in the Sky
Puerta de Diablo

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza February 17th 2009

Day 23 - Jeep tour day 2 Alberto wakes us up early as we have a long day ahead. After Sylvia lays on breakfast we pack up the Jeep and head off to San Antonio a small ghost town that was once famous for its wealth in gold. It was very cold at this time in the morning so it wasn't long when we all jumped back in the Jeep for our next stop. We saw many lagoons including one where they extra the chemicals for making soap. The highlight of the day was stopping at the natural hot springs for a wash! The water was very hot (40 degrees Celsius) so we could not stay in too long but it was very refreshing. After lunch we see volcanoes and Laguna Verde and Blanca both coloured ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza February 16th 2009

Over breakfast we meet everyone joining us on our 4 day La Torre Jeep tour of southern Bolivia we are all mostly from England or Ireland. We load our bags onto the roof of our Jeeps (Toyota Land Cruisers) before climbing in and setting off in convoy with 2 other Jeeps. We share our Jeep with Emma and Eoghan from Ireland who were great company. Our driver was called Alberto and our cook was called Sylvia they did not speak much English so this was going to be interesting! As we drive out of Tupiza we see the surrounding red desert with impressive rock formations. After climbing out of town we see amazing views of the the valley below us and stop to take more pictures. We stop for lunch in the middle of nowhere surrounded ... read more
Tupiza canyon
The transportation
The first of many amazing views

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