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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza July 20th 2011

Hi all we will pick up from where we left off - in puno peru. after finally getting a flight from cusco to juliaca we picked up a local mini bus from the airport to make the short one hour trip to puno (at the side of lake titikaka), it was a good job we managed to get onto a bus before they all departed as there was quite literally nothing at the airport!. We even managed to get the mini bus driver to drop us off outside our hostel, hostel was nice with a big bay window and views of lake titikaka (albeit somewhat distant!). the first night we spent strolling the bustling streets in search of something to cook for dinner - deciding to pass on the delightful looking carcasses hanging outside many shops ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza July 4th 2011

there I was, walking the railways at last, hoping for a train with empty wagons to roll past for me to jump on and meet Dean Moriarty . Just to sit back, chew some coca leaves and chill all the way to somewhere. Sadly this dream failed on two levels. Firstly, he is a fictional character ( or possibly not) and secondly there was no train. It could be argued that walking along railway tracks is a dangerous hobby and not to be encouraged. Luckily on this particular line, there are only two trains a week and one was the day before. The only danger is that in South America the next train could be the day after. In fact our biggest danger was sunstroke and the circling eagles. I kid ye not. When walking here, ... read more
a deserted street - locals hiding from eagles
Wendy finds out that statues tend to be taller than her
heading into the hills

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza July 4th 2011

Wednesday is the 5 year anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis. I can’t let it go un-recognised, but we will be incommunicado, as we are about to head off on a 4 day tour of the salt desert in Bolivia, in a 4x4! What better way to celebrate!!?!? Those of you who remember the period between 6 July 2006 and the end of my treatment in March 2007 will agree that whilst it wasn’t great, it could have been worse! Lots of you have been around even longer and would agree that Gordon and I have had our share of bad luck! In fact, I remember Gordon saying years ago that we were getting other peoples share of too because we were so good at dealing with it!! Whatever, for the record, I want it noted ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza June 28th 2011

Bolivian Border Crossing Before we got to Tupiza there was a fairly hefty multi-legged journey, including the border crossing - I will begin with that. Our bus from Cafayate arrived in Salta in the early evening, where we initially planned on spending one night, before making a bolt for the border in the morning. Our plans changed when we realised that there were night buses and so we spent a few hours wandering around Salta and speculating over how low the temperature inside a bus, during the night, whilst the altitude is increasing, would drop. As a result we all boarded the bus to La Quiaca, the Argentinean border town, wearing too much clothes. It wasn’t long into the journey that I took off my extra jacket and Ciaran did the same, the bus was too ... read more
Mark and Sarah´s Ridiculous Leggings
Rustic Bolivian Roads
Riding into the Valley

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza May 27th 2011

We started our day not too early today and headed on our drive to Tupiza. Our last stop in Bolivia. All looking forward to heading down to lower altitudes in Argentina we boarded the bus. Unfortunately there wwere 3 more ppl that were sick today. Almost everyone now has been sick with the same bug - bleugh!! It was meant to be a 5 hour drive but when we stopped for a firewood collection in some random bolivian lady's backyard (it was big and could have been mistaken for free land) she lost it! we had sticks bashing the truck, rocks being thrown at it and a lil lady swearing her head of with our driver throwwing rocks at her and swearing back at her! Very entertaining until a guy who could speak english turned up ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza May 27th 2011

Our hostel in Humahuaca had excellent heating. As good as it was it had left us unprepared for how cold it was outside – cold enough for me to consider a jumper. Here, though, adversity is a business opportunity – the hot empanadas the lady at the bus station were piping hot and fantastic, if perhaps a little salty for some. Getting the bus to La Quiaca, the last town on the Argentinian side, was pretty straightforward. 28 pesos (around $7) for a 2 hour trip. Once there it was a simple matter of grabbing a taxi to go the couple of ks to the border itself – it can be walked, but... we took a taxi coz we're lazy. It took a little while to get out of Argentina – the queue wasn't huge, but ... read more
Sunset over Tupiza
Peace out....
Ready for riding.

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza April 16th 2011

After 2 months of sharing noisy dorm rooms, having cold showers and being constantly busy we decided we needed to have a rest and a bit of a treat. So in Turpiza we booked into a hotel with a swimming pool and a private spacious 4 bedroom. It was even better by being only £5 each a night (which is £5 less than most hostels we've been in before - think I'm going to like Bolivia pricing!) Due to the pool we spent a few days relaxing by the edge with our books and enjoying the sunshine. We made the most of being able to afford to dine out and visited different local markets. Typically we couldn't rest for too long and booked ourselves onto a triathlon day tour. This is where we spent the day ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza February 19th 2011

We're in Bolivia. This is how we got here from Buenos Aires( sorry for the spelling mistake last blog): 20 hr bus to Salta from BA, 2 days in Salta then 7 hr bus up to the Altiplano(3000-4000m plateau that spreads north to Peru) and the town of La Quiaca,1 night there. Walked across the Rio Grande Bridge into Bolivia and the town of Villazon. Half hour wait then 3 hour bus to Tupiza 70km north. Two weeks learning Spanish hasn't really done the trick,we're still struggling and to make matters harder they(Bolivians)pronounce letters differently. It was fantastic to get away from the city and make our way north to the small city of Salta(1400m) with less fumes etc. But it was even better to climb even higher to La Quiaca(3400m)where we started to feel the ... read more
Salta Plaza
Tupiza Plaza Cathedral
El Canon Walk

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza February 12th 2011

Tupiza near the Bolivia Argentinian border is Butch Cassidy Terratory, It´s where he spent his last few days and where the infamous last stand took place. You can imagine that very little has changed since he went round holding up banks. There is of course only one way to experiance the surroundings as Butch and Sundance did and that is on horseback. The landscape is red and mountainous and it has fantastic names like diabalo de puerto (the gates of hell) Green interventions are provided by the cactus which are dotted around. I´m undecided whether I identify more with Butch or Sundance but what I do know is that after five hours of riding I am walking more like John Wayne!... read more
flowering cactus
our gallent steads
what a couple!

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza January 11th 2011

Back to Salta We left Puerto Iguazu on the morning of the 9th on a 24 hour bus to take us to Salta. The bus had an impressive run of English language films including one starring Chris Brown (because a hit record is evidence you can act), one starring 50 Cent (ditto) and a final starring the only action star of the 80´s and 90´s not to get a bait for "The Expendables", Steven Seagal. Seagal got his revenge though - wrote and produced his own film, "Born to Raise Hell" in which he seduces a woman half his age and a quarter his weight but does so (thankfully) without ever taking his rollneck sweater and leather jacket off. Despite the quality of film on offer, I used the time to knock over "The Good Soldiers" ... read more

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