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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza January 8th 2011

Dnesny den zacal krasne, nikto nas nebudil tak sme sa mohli poriadne vyspat a tiekla tepla voda tak sme si obidvaja dopriali poriadnu sprchu. Dneska sme sa rozhodli na dalsie objavovanie krajiny okolo Tupizi. Nasim prvym cielom bola Quebrada Seca. Cesta k nej viedla cez slnkom vysusenu krajnu, nikde ani najmensi tien, len kde tu kaktus. Postupne sa okolo nas zacali tycit skaly erodovane do roznych tvarov a my sme sa pomali dostali k dedinke Toroyoi, kde sme presli cez most ponad rieku. Tu sme museli nasledovat po pravom brehu az k dalsej dedinke. Popri rieke bolo vsetko zelene, vsade same stromy a policka miestnych ludi, vyzeralo to ako v oaze. V agenture nas varovali pred rozburenou riekou, ale mi sme cely cas kracali popri malej riecke a jej polosuchom pieskovom koryte, az na maly skalnaty ... read more
na ceste/ on the way
na ceste/ on the way
na ceste/ on the way

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza January 7th 2011

Na 9 jsme meli zamluveny vylet na konich, tak jsme se trochu dele vyspali. Na koniky jsme vyrazili vcas v sestave - Kacka, ja a nas mlady pruvodce. Cesta vedla udolim lemovanym cervenymi skalami, erodovane vodou a vetrem do neuveritelnych tvaru. Kolem dokola spousta kaktusu, trnitych keru a silene vedro. Nejdrive projet Puerta del DIablo - Dablova brana, 2 skaly s prujezdem uprostred, pak Valle de las Machos - jakesi skalnato-hlinite veze a konecne do Canon del Inca (Kanon Inky). Kacenka byla ve svem zivlu - moc miluje kone, ja zase takovy fanda nejsem a konik to asi nejak vedel... Kdyz jsme minuli Puerto, chtel jsem si z batohu na zadech vyndat fotak, ale uz pri rozepinani bederniho pasu u batohu se nejak zblaznil a zacal sebou hazet atd. Ja radsi seskocil hned jak to slo ... read more
na ceste/ on the way
Puerta del Diablo
Puerta del Diablo

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza January 6th 2011

V Tupize na hlavaku jsme se ocitlo ve 4 rano a jako uz klasicky, kdyby jsme se nezeptali spolucestujich, nikdo by nam ani nerekl, ze jsme dojeli. Do 7 jsme cekali na stanici spolu se spoustou mistnich, kteri si znalecky ustlali ve i pred nadrazim a pekne si pospavali - ne my, ale oni :-) my koukali na batohy...Pak vyrazili najit hostel a docela rychle jsme jeden a za slusnou cenu nasli. V Tupize to vypada jako na divokem zapade, kolem dokola cervene skaly, vsude sami prach a hodne koni a samozrejme vedro na padnuti. A vecer jsme tady narazili na temer vyhynuly druh - Cesi v Jizni Americe. Holka s klukem projizdejici na motorce asi na dva mesice - bylo zase prijemne se s nekym bavit cesky - slovensky. We arrived to Tupiza main terminal ... read more
Tupiza - autobusova stanica/ bus station

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza December 16th 2010

Police Reports At the urging of the police at the bus station, we spent another day in Potosi so that they could find my laptop and return it to me, otherwise they would give me a report of the theft the next night. I wasn´t overly confident of either of those things happening, so the next day I went to the Potosi police department to make a report. Despite the language barrier, we got through the reporting process and I was sent to the room next door where I had to buy a B$10 certificate if I wanted a copy of the report. I know it´s not much to pay but having to pay anything for a police report was still pretty scabby. I took the report through to the cop and he told me it ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza July 25th 2010

We'd booked a bus in Uyuni to Tupiza for the following morning at 8am although it did not leave until after nine so we had an hour of waiting around in the freezing cold. An hour out of Uyuni on the desolate dirt road to Tupiza, we stopped to change a tyre as seems to be the norm on all Bolivian bus trips but this one had a new surprise- there was no spare tyre or inner tube. We were annoyed at their sheer stupidity in not being prepared but had no choice but to sit and wait for an hour while they cobbled something together. We set off again and got 10 minutes further down the road before, predictably, their bodge failed and we were stuck in the middle of now where again, with the ... read more
Main Plaza
Chocolate Strawberrys

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza May 31st 2010

Imagine if you will the following 11 hour bus journey... • no toilet • baggage falling from the overhead storage area all night (down to some crazy driving skills) meaning we had to keep everything on our laps, • incomprehensible issues with seating numbers resulting in us having to move seats twice and give up our functioning reclining seats to two of the most selfish travellers we’ve met who then proceeded to put the seats back so horizontally that their heads were in our laps, made worse for us both due to the fact my newly assigned seat didn’t go back at all and Ian had a woman with a small child on her lap behind him so couldn’t put his back anyway, even if he wanted to, • windows that flew open all night (again ... read more

jueves, 6 de mayo As Madonna once sang: "Don´t cry for me Argentina. The truth is I never left you." Well, we did. This morning in fact, into Bolivia. Our midnight bus from Salta (including Mendoza Dan) arrived in La Quiaca at 7am. Holy cr*p was it cold. We were not prepared for that. Blood immediately left the extremities, apparently the altitude is pretty high up here which would account for the shock. Oh, it´s also pitch black which made the walk to the border all the more fun. We stamped out of Argentina for the second time in just over a fortnight, fighting with the South Americans who have literally no concept of the queue, to reach Bolivian customs at its opening time of 7am. Except that it´s 6am because the clocks went back here. ... read more
The Inca Canyon
Billy the Phalid
Graceful mounting...

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza April 18th 2010

So After leaving the south well behind we had arrived in Mendoza, this is the wine capital of South America, so when we arrived and saw we could go on a tour later that day we jumped at it and started to look forward to having a few wines and a good night out. This didn't quite go to plan as we were picked up late then when we did it was full of 60-70 year old's, not exactly what we had expected! Anyway we made the most of it by drinking there wine as they were doing the proper thing of just tasting, so we finished off their glasses. Together with this we past the time by flirting with or tour girls. James got me with a classic though by putting a sticker on my ... read more
Mendoza, wine tour

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza April 11th 2010

Avec traduction en français Nach der schoenen, aber anstrengenden Tour nach Uyuni ist wieder einmal ausspannen angesagt. In Tupiza erholen wir uns einige Tage, wollen aber dennoch die Umgebung erkunden. Am besten geht das hier mit dem Pferd, was sich nach zweimal sieben Stunden Reiten nicht nur als Erholung herausstellt! Wir starten unser zweitaegiges Abenteuer am Ostersonntag, genau an dem Tag, an dem in Bolivien nationale Wahlen stattfinden. Ueberall - auf Steinen, an Telefonmasten, an Mauern und Haeuserfassaden - sind Wahlempfehlungen zu lesen. Besonders zahlreich sind die weissblauen Parolen der regierenden Partei von Praesident Evo Morales. Von Ostern bekommen wir deshalb nicht viel mit, auch weil fuer die Leute hier der Karfreitag wichtiger zu sein scheint. Am Freitagabend laufen wir an eine Openair Prozession heran, wo Kinder in verschiedenen Bildern die Jesusgeschic... read more
farbige Huegel...
Stefan auf dem Pferd
Tupiza von oben

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza March 6th 2010

Oh dear, I am very behind! Sorry! I have finally been able to find a place that will let me upload pictures and they are added to the last 4 entries - I´m On A Boat, Bariloche, Mendoza and Salta & Tilcara. Tupiza was my first stop in Bolivia. To get there I had to get a bus to La Quiaca on the Argentine side of the border and then another bus from Villazon on the Bolivian side - it took all day. The journey to La Quiaca was gorgeous - the hills looked like they were made of sandpaper and powder paint. Exiting Argenina took about 5 seconds. Entering Bolivia took about 2 hours. And I felt like I nearly died. Whether it was from the old pizza I had eaten for breakfast or from ... read more

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