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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza February 15th 2009

Today we have a much needed rest and chill out while in the small town of Tupiza. Tupiza has similarities to the American wild west as it is surrounded by red coloured mountains, rocks and canyons. This small place is famous for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as it was around here that they met their end. We had hoped to do some horse riding in this area but we are too tired and need a day resting. We spend the morning typing up our blogs for the past few days but unfortunately the internet cafe felt like it had slowest connection in the world and we were unable to upload them. The weather was really warm so we relaxed and had lunch on the hostels roof terrace. Late in the afternoon we have a ... read more
Hostal roof terrace

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza February 14th 2009

Day 20 - Tupiza After an awful night sleep we have another early start so we can get out of this horrible place and hopefully recover in Tupiza. The bus again was full of locals and we were the only westerners on the journey. It was a very interesting trip and we were glad to take the day bus this time. After about an hour of tarmac we finally hit the dirt on bumpy un-felted roads. There were several river crossings along the way, one of the river crossings took us about 30 minutes. One bloke jumped out to throw rocks under the tyres to try to get us across. The next stop was at the service station where in Spanish we were all told to get out and find a bush if we needed the ... read more
River crossing
River crossing
Journey to Tupiza

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza February 13th 2009

We are dedicating this blog to Pete because he keeps popping up in John's dreams and saving the day. Thanks for subconsciously always being there for John, tall guy. We have really weird dreams while we're travelling. Sometimes, when our days aren't too full we are very busy all night with math tests, waiting on tables, places to go and stuff to do. Other times people from our past pop up with people from our present. It's a weird inner world on the road and even weirder while sleeping. We wish we could say we just hopped a bus to Tupiza, no problem. But, of course, we were in Bolivia and things rarely happen so simply. Our bus stopped after 2 hours (of deafening Andean flutes) and it became clear we were meant to get off. ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza February 6th 2009

Tomorrow I am leaving for the Salar de Uyuni. After checking out a few of the tour companies in town, the French couple and I decided on El Grane de Oro. They all offer more or less the same trip; 4 days and 3 nights through Southwest Bolivia and ending in the Salar, but the receptionist at El Grane de Oro seemed the most honest about everything. Bolivia is a gorgeous country. Tupiza makes me think of the old west, it dry and dusty and very poor, but the mountains are magnificent. Yesterday, after a bit of a rain storm in the afternoon, we hiked into a canyon just a couple of km from town. The mountains are mostly a deep red color and the formations are very dramatic and look like great big slices of ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza February 4th 2009

I decided not to stick around Tarija any longer and took a bus out of there yesterday morning. I took the same bus as teh French couple and we are still together in Tupiza. The bus ride was about 8 hours long over a dusty, narrow road carved into the Andes Mountains. It was a beautiful ride and definitely worth taking during the day, despite that fact that for most of teh ride there was nopthing seperating the bus from the bottom of some valley, and the only signs of any recent human activity in the were the numerous crosses erecteed along the side in memoriam of whatever unlucky vehicle happened to go over the side. For a while it was quite scary. Other a few small hamlets along the way there is nothing between Tarija ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza January 22nd 2009

Hola We last left you at the bus station in La Paz, ready for our 3 hr journey to Oruro - Well, the journey turned out to be 5 hrs in the end and resulted in a sprint to the train station once we arrived (The plan was to arrive and be lucky enough to get train tickets for that evening to Tupiza)....20kg pack, and 3500m altitude made things a little difficult, so it was more of a demented wobble than a sprint! Anyway, (inevitably only 45mins before departure) all the tickets were sold out. The clerk was insistent that the only tickets left for the following day were in 3rd class and we couldn´t buy tickets until the morning, but somehow in my pigeon Spanish I managed to convince him to sell them to us ... read more
Street seller
Lady selling Coca leaves
Referendum parades

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza January 8th 2009

A lot of people had told me that Bolivia and Argentina were 2 completely different countries but I really was not prepared for the vast difference just by crossing the border. I caught the bus from Himuaca which is a wonderful town in the north of Argenitina. By this point I was only 2 hours away from Bolivia so I thought that catching a bus at 10am would get me to Bolivia in plenty of time for the 3.30pm train that I needed to my first stop. Luckily I met a nice group of Argentinians just as I was leaving my hostel and I did the trip with them. The bus was half an hour late to start with but again that was ok. When we reached La Quiaca (the last stop in Argentina) we had ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza December 27th 2008

TUPIZA Not much to say about this place really, it was just an over night stop on our way to the salt falts... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza December 18th 2008

Day 620 (09.12.08) We arrived in Tupiza, right in the South of Bolivia, at the inconvenient hour of 4am and after waking a poor chap found some beds in a hostel and crashed out for a few hours. We'd met up with James, a guy who'd stayed at the same place as us in Potosi, and together headed out to explore the town and book up a tour to the Salar de Uyuni, a must-do trip touring the south-west of Bolivia. It turned out that there were a couple of people booked for the following day and with the three of us that would fill a jeep. It was a little earlier than we'd planned to go as we'd wanted to spend some time exploring the surrounds of Tupiza but it worked out cheaper to have ... read more
Cowboy country
Cowboy country
Cowboy country

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza December 7th 2008

I met up with Russell, my friend from high school who is traveling throughout south america just like me in Salta. We played music for a soop kitchen in a really poor part of town and it was super intense. the kids were constantly grabbing us, but it was fun too, we played soccer and took photos. Yesterday we took a bus up to Tupiza, BOlivia which is a small town surrounded by the same hills of infinate shapes and colors I found south in Argentina. Everything is much cheaper and the people are beautifully indian. all the woman dress in traditional skirts and top hats and even though were are way closer to the equator its chilly cause we are so high up. LOve everyone, chou. ... read more

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