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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza September 16th 2018

When you think of Bolivia, the first thing that comes to mind is Salar de Uyuni salt flats or Lake Titicaca, but there is more to Bolivia than you may think. We had no idea that there was a western style landscape sitting in the south of the country and it is definitely a place to visit with its incredibly red mountain backdrop and quiet feel. We wanted to come to Tupiza as the tours to Salar de Uyuni go a different route and are a lot less busier than going from Uyuni town plus the landscape around peaked some interest. We arrived to Tupiza from Sucre, on our final night bus of this trip, at 4.30 am. Luckily the hostel was only five minutes walk away from the bus station and that someone was able ... read more
Tupiza Square
Horseback Riding
Tupiza Landscape

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza June 7th 2014

beinahe habe ich mich durchgesetzt - ich wollte heute gar nichts tun… doch markus motiviert mich dann doch noch für den cerro jesus und eine kleine canyon-wanderung. wir schlendern also, mit reichlich wasser-proviant durch die stadt, am weg zum kleinen hausberg, dem cerro jesus mit obligatorischem kreuzweg und riesiger jesusstatue inklusive leuchtendem heiligenschein. unter dem arm ein trockenes brot und einen halben käse, der bessere tage gesehen hat. der plan ist, die reste an die zahlreichen streunenden hunde zu verfüttern. gut möglich, dass tupiza gleich viele vier- wie zweibeinige einwohner zählt! wir finden also einen gemütlich rastenden köter und entledigen uns der mitgebrachten mahlzeit, als eine frau ums eck kommt. die zierliche, klassisch in tracht gehüllte, alte frau, plappert auf uns ein und anfangs denken wir, sie schimpft mit uns, aber dann sagt sie :“no lo ... read more
für schwiepa und opa
el esposo
sabado futbol

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza June 6th 2014

wenn viet nam am besten mittels moped erkundet wird, dann ist wohl das pferd die beste wahl um die canyons boliviens zu besuchen. nur wir zwei mit einem caballero, braven pferden und zu beginn herrlichem wetter beginnen den ritt entlang der bahngleise, bevor es in die roten felsentäler geht. mächtige sandtürme zu beiden seiten zwischen trockenen grasbetten. leider scheint ganz bolivien ein, durchaus mit afrika oder asian zu vergleichendes, müllproblem zu haben. sämtliche wege und abwege sind gepflastert mit teils jahrzentealten plastiksackerl-“mülldeponien”! sehr schade! der blick wird also etwas höher gerichtet, zu bergspitzen und kreisenden raubvögeln. die vormittägliche sonne wärmt schnell auf, von trab und galopp kommen wir fast ins schwitzen. kurz bevor die mittagspause ansteht kommt ein fast orkanartiger sandsturm auf, der uns ehrlich zusetzt. als kontaktlinsenträgerin reite ich ... read more
per pies
termiten land

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza June 5th 2014

für nur circa 5 euro fahren wir heute spektakulär entlang der bergkanten über die anden. rechts und links teils gefährlich steile abhänge - die hoffnung auf gute bremsen und einen erprobten fahrer schwelgt in uns. uyuni, die stadt in der es nicht allzuviel zu tun gibt außer die tracht der frauen zu bewundern, verlassen wir etwas unorthodox. vor unserer bus agency werden wir in vierer-gruppen in kleine bolivianische taxis gequetscht und damit geht es erstmal an den stadtrand. unsere rucksäcke werden, wie man es sich eben so vorstellt, auf dem dach des kleinen, sehr einheimisch anmutenden, busses verzurrt. wir nehmen im gemein kalten, vor dreck starrenden innenraum platz. nur gut eine stunde später als geplant setzt sich der bus über durchgehend unasphaltierte straßen richtung tupiza in bewegung. zwischen uyuni und tupiza wird dann noch einmal bus ... read more
Pequeña iglesa

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza December 9th 2013

Our 4 day tour began in the town of Tupiza, which is surrounded by mountainous, jagged red rocks. The town depends mainly on agriculture and mining. Due to it standing at 2,950m above sea level the temperature can drop to freezing at night, but was late 20's in the day. We then drove in the jeep up the narrow mountain paths until we reached an incredible view point. The mines can provide minerals such as silver, lead and gold. We then chased some llamas across some fields and headed to a little village where we had a kickabout and some lunch. It was so hard to breath as we were then 4,500m above sea level and the air was so thin. After lunch we headed to the Ghost Town which was used for mining but is ... read more
The Team
Ghost Town
Cheeky Llama

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza November 3rd 2013

Thursday 20 June to Sunday 23 June The trip to La Quiaca (Argentina) took around 2.5 hours through more arid landscapes, spotted with Stipa Grass (or Needle Grass) and a few parched looking bushes. La Quiaca itself was very plain – made up of straight roads, residential property, restaurants, a bus station and truck parks. I got the impression it existed predominantly as a border town. Finding a taxi, I took the short journey across the bridge to the Bolivian border. Despite warnings it could take a while to get through passport control, I crossed into Villazon (Bolivia) about 10 minutes later – simplez! The next priority was changing some money and searching out the bus station to travel on to Tupiza. Bolivia felt immediately different to what I’d left behind. It seemed more authentic and ... read more
Seeing Red
On Track
Cradled by Mountains

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza October 18th 2013

October 15 Was glad to move on from Uyuni, not the most pleasant place I've visited. Almost didn't make it out of town though, as I couldn't get out of my hotel! Everything was locked up tight & it took me a good 15mins of yelling to wake someone up to let me out! Luckily, still made my bus, but not by much!! Uneventful bus ride through great desert scenery with a "breaky" stop in Atocha on the way. Great people watching at the stops too. Arrived mid afternoon and hooked up with a French couple who offered to share a cab with me. For once hadn't done my homework so wasn't sure where I was staying, so accepted with gratitude. Turned out we could have walked in less than 10mins. Joined them at the Mitsu ... read more
Breaky stop in Atocha on the way to Tupiza
Locals waiting to board the bus
Snack Shacks

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza October 9th 2013

C'est à 4 heures du matin que nous arrivons entiers mais épuisés à Tupiza. Après une grasse matinée, nous passons l'après midi à faire le tour des agences pour réserver le tour salar d'Uyuni/sud Lipez. Mais avant ça, une journée triathlon nous attends autour de Tupiza. Au programme, Jeep, équitation et descente en vélo. Nous partons de Tupiza aux alentours de 9h pour explorer les environs. Nous profitons de cette matinée pour découvrir canyons, montagnes et rios. Le midi nous déjeunons dans une très belle clairière au bord d'un village. Après nous être relaxés dans ce cadre agréable, nous retournons en ville où nos chevaux nous attendent pour partir en balade à travers des paysages rocailleux et désertiques. Nous trottons jusqu'à un canyon avant de faire demi-tour pour entamer la dernière étape de la journée: grosse ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza August 11th 2013

A 36 hour bus ride........... ouch! I started to forget what the outside world was like. We arrived in a place called Jujuy, said ´who who-ey´, a small town in Northern Argentina. It was pretty much non-descript, but we decided to mix it with the locals and ended up eating some really good food there. Very much needed after the bus journey. After a night in Jujuy it was another bus journey, only a 6 hour one this time..... piece of cake. Our eyes were on a new country. It was sad to be leaving Argentina as we´ve seen so much, but we were looking forward to arriving in this new country..... Bolivia! It was early afternoon when we arrived at a little border town called La Quiaca. The first thing I noticed is how hot ... read more
Town of Tupiza surrounded by what looks like superimposed mountains!
Our horses Gaucho and beef steak!
Craig the horse whisperer

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza August 9th 2013

After a rubbish nights sleep caused by otherwise friendly room mates in La Paz I finally buckled and shelled out the ten bucks for my first own room on the trip with a double bed, private bathroom and balcony directly overlooking Lake Titicaca. Money well spent, even if the walls were a hideous shade of peach and the electric shower has wires poking out of the top. Dad would be horrified. This massive lake is mistakenly called the highest navigable lake in the world and is so large it is shared by Bolivia and Peru. The Bolivian jumping off point is the original Copacabana, a sweet little town that has Victorian age attractions on the waters edge like swans pedallos, and some newer attractions like those weird plastic bubbles you can run across the water in. ... read more
Machu Picchu, Peru
Me, obviously
A llama hanging out at Machu Picchu, Peru

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